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  1. DAYS: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm hoping Will's and Sami's return will let me enjoy Deidre again.
  2. Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    I think I'm going to enjoy Marci Miller's writing under Ron.
  3. DAYS: May 2017 Discussion Thread

    That hair stylist needs to be fired!
  4. DAYS: May 2017 Discussion Thread

  5. Dena's writing is just horrendous. There's not one compelling story on the show right now. I agree about the Theresa exit.
  6. LOL. Those scenes were smoking!
  7. This Lucas/Adrienne/Justin triangle is so stupid.
  8. After the writers decided to make Brady and Theresa a thing , that was scraped. lol
  9. Scandal: Discussion Thread

    I wonder how much longer will this show last?
  10. Scandal: Discussion Thread

    You're not kidding!
  11. Updated: Dancing with the Stars: Season 21

    Patti brought the house DOWN!! LOVED her tonight!
  12. Scandal: Discussion Thread

    Yeah, he owned this episode. The last scene was powerful.
  13. Scandal: Discussion Thread

    That's why her little over the top rant fell flat to me. She'll be back to screwing him in no time.