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  1. Damn! Too bad Stefan has the R label linked to his character. I would have loved to see how Brash and Mansi played opposite each other.
  2. It's obvious the writers don't know what to do with the character of Brady but to throw him into one toxic relationship after another. I'm loving Kate Mansi! The girl has chemistry with everyone. I see why the writers wanted her back. Too bad Tony and Anna's visit was short.
  3. Well, I guess that's better than nothing, lol, because the story sucks. And the dialogue is awful. The Stefan character has been a flop from day he started obsessing over a mentally ill woman.
  4. LOL. Just silly. And why are they wasting Kristen with all these random characters? Nothing compelling about this story.
  5. At the very least Ciara should have been conflicted about her feelings for a serial killer. Hell she was even okay playing house with him for weeks. Never really any tension there.
  6. Not a whole lot happening right now. Since the show has decided to make Ben some hero, we need a real hardcore villain to come on an shake some things up. ( Clyde or Orpheus)
  7. Yes, I think Mansi is better at playing the crazy. She seem to fit that role better. I agree I think Marci is better.
  8. Seeing Deidre and Drake onscreen these past few weeks have reminded me how hammy they've become. Wow. The only time I can tolerate Marlena now is if she's in professional or mother mode. With SN gone, this would be the perfect opportunity to give Marybeth a meaty story. With an upcoming return, that could be so good. I hope it is him so I can quit hearing Sami whining about her rapist is the love of her life, and to stop AS from making those scrunched up ugly facial expressions.
  9. I'm hoping Will's and Sami's return will let me enjoy Deidre again.
  10. I think I'm going to enjoy Marci Miller's writing under Ron.
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