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The Playboy Club: Discussion Thread


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I have a friend who inexplicably loves this show--and I do love Laura Benanti from her Broadway work, so saw the last two eps with her--I thought the second episode was an improvement. It helped we didn't have Hef arrogantly saying ridiculously untrue voice over statements about how the Bunnies were some of the only free women in the world, etc... Something's missing though. Pan Am has a lot of issues, and is no Mad Men, but it is damn stylish and nice to look at--and has enough for me to stick with. But Playboy Club's period design actually feels to me a bit lazy and underwhelming--the style of the piece doesn't seem ALL that clearly 1960s--especially next to Pan Am and Mad Men (which is still heads and shouldrs over the others--even Pan Am seems to have too much fond nostalgia for the era it shows).

I didn't realize Sam Maher, who I loved as Simon in Firefly/Serenity and have always had a tv crush on (and suspected was gay) has used his role as the closeted gay character married to the lesbian bunny to publicly come out. Good for him. http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/09/26/firefly-playboy-club-actor-sean-maher-comes-out-ga/

And yeah, I can't see this show with its poor ratings, off putting conept and low ratings lasting...

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And, I think even those who don't like Mad Men's style (or the show itself) it's done with much more thought--this feels just knocked out. The elements are there more or less, but the execution isn't. And yes, Mad Men would never work on a network, demanding network audiences. Many people who seem to like the look of Mad Men or the era don't even watch the show.

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    • Maybe I got carried away

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      I just hate this storyline so much. And I really, really hate when awful people keep getting rewarded for their awful behavior. Both in real life and in fiction. It’s not right. Say what you will about Sonny and Carly, but they’ve at least somewhat paid for their awful behavior. Not as much as they should but it was still more than this. How can anyone treat someone that they claim to care about so terribly? And then just not care at all about that person or what they did to them? Over at Days, I hated it when Ciara did it to Theo and I hated it when Craig did it to Nancy. But Joss is worse than the two of them put together. It’s like she not even human. I find her to be even worse than Carly. I know Carly has problems being a decent person too, but she would never treat the people that she says she cares about the way that Joss treated Cam and now to a lesser extent, Spencer and Michael. And honestly, I want Joss to suffer worse than any person on GH ever has.  I have absolutely no idea what the writers, or Frank are thinking with the way this storyline is being written. And do they seriously think that this consolation prize crap of Cam going to play soccer for Stanford makes everything better? It doesn’t. 
    • I hesitate to post Thompson, who is just a gleeful gossip hound. But this thread is instructive, even if much of it is stuff we all could've told the GOP and the NY Times six months ago.  
    • Sure. They've been sent to live on a farm with other not gone actors where they can run and play.
    • From what I can find, Tim was datie Evie but got a job offer out of town that was too good to pass up and left in Nov 76. No mention of Pam and no reason I could see that a marriage would be mentioned later. I just checked Soap Central and there is an entry stating Evie left town and Pam and Tim were married. Not so.This is not the first false entry I have come across at that site. Someone takes delight at posting false info.
    • She's under Ryan (I added this).  Pam married Tim at some point-- from what I read. If not, let me know.
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