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AMC: Friday, January 21, 2011

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Still super upset about MCE.... :(

...but anyway.

Scott did his tie thing way too many times again today, but I do love me some Scott/Madison!

Jack/Erica/Rylee - blah.

Just not enjoying the nuMarissa. She's just about as weak as BAllen.

I do like Cara quite a bit... she just has this fresh, fun, and happy glow about her.

Overall though - not an exciting Friday.

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David's face when he told Erica he needed a 'favor' and Erica countered with "you mean blackmail"...VI is awesome! That smile he gave the phone...ah, I love this wicked David. To bad Monday he'll be back in Greenlee la la land.

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Say what you will about RPG, but this is the best he has EVER looked since joining AMC. His hair was pretty damn good on Friday


If done right, these 2 could be my new favorite couple. Loving them so far


Something about his face bothers me. Its too puffy. Oh and I dont trust him

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