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AMC: Friday, January 21, 2011

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He's to nice! Almost to perfect. I LOVE him with Kendall but yeah I'm starting to not trust him either. Something is up I think.

I like Madison/Scott as well. A LOT. And DC as Scott is doing such a great job, I don't even mind it when he twinges on his tie a lot. Lol at Scott not having an office and having to do his work on one of the hospital waiting chairs.

RPG/Jake really does look great

Cara/Kendall interactions were really good.

I like it to, I recall them using it one time last week as well. I like it a lot but I still want the dun dun dun to make a come back.

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I love Rev Ricky but I am afraid they might make him a bad guy and Zach's killer. I hope not, he's got much better chemistry with Kendall than Griffin does, IMO. I would rather see the writers pursue a romance with him and Kendall instead of putting her with Griffin who IMO would be yet another arrogant, controlling man that she would get romantically involved with.

She's already spent several years being paired with men like this. I'm not a fan of Kendall, but I enjoy her and Ricky interacting together, and think that the writers should do something different with her romantically.

I am also going to chime in about RPG looks lately. He is looking better these days. He got his hair cut again, he's dressing better, and acting more masculine than what he normally acts, especially with Cara in the flashbacks. He's not looking bad these days.

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