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AMC - Thursday 01/06/11

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OT, but former AMC Star Alexa Havins landed a gig on Tourchwood and will guest star on Greys Anatomy. Congrats to her.

I saw that and congrats to her. Im glad her career is finally starting to take off


Colby is still being an uptight bitch. Can we please kill her off?




I cant believe Im saying this but Im liking JR and Marissa together. These two actually have chemistry and seem more plausible than when BA was in the role

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UGH. JR wants Marissa again. Poor Annie.

Colby is such a drama queen. I wish she'd walk in on them getting busy on Liza's desk before he leaves. Would serve her right

Is it just me, or does Colby look really old today? Maybe it's the hair... I don't know. But she looks about 40.

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