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AMC: Wednesday, 11/17

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Ohhh, I hope so!

Even if Griffin truly "stole" Jake's wife - that was years ago. If Jake were truly happy with Amanda, then he should be over it at least to the point where he won't spaz and punch the guy out at first sight! He's a disgusting character.

Jackson is PMS'ing! He needs to get laid - by Krystal! :D

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I think its time for Jake to go into a coma. I think Id prefer the Amanda/Griffin/Cara story without him in the picture. He is ruining it

OMG, Jake is such a little bitch!

Jake: "Babe, did you say that guy fixxed my car? Now we have to take it to the shop bc I dont trust that guy's work"

Surprise, Tad didnt blame Liza for Opal's heart condition. I really thought he was going to lay into her for that. I guess she gets the day off

Anyone think Liza might be sick and it isnt just the trial thats causing her to feel weak and fatigued?

Jack, STFU. Now he's starting to annoy me. WTF was up with that neanderthaal display?

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    • Matthew from NYC

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    • Yes, unfortunately, along with the neurofibromatosis storyline (which I liked), Pam became increasingly shrill and so did Victoria Principal. The writing was not stellar for the character of Pam and the acting followed suit, especially in Seasons 4 and early 5. Miraculously, halfway through Season 5, with that great twist of Pam assuming Christopher was for her, something just fell into place. Principal 'woke up', so to speak, and started to become better and better. With the significant improvement of writing for Pam in Season 6 came a calmer but stronger Pam. By Season 7, Principal was a solid draw, turning in consistently stellar, intriguing performances. She had relaxed. She was magnetic. Season 8 was a highlight. She carried Season 9. It's only when she was thrown back into the Ewing household that it somehow diminished but then she left. I haven't seen anything quite like it before. In my mind, it was a reaction to her material - either she didn't like it or did, and it showed.
    • While I agree the writing for Craig was atrocious, I think the bigger problem was casting Hunt Block in the role. Block was a one-trick pony, really incapable of conveying anything other than an all-consuming self-interest. Block was given plenty of material to use as emmy bait, and only netted one nomination at a period in time when ATWT was awash in them. He was good at portraying a smug belief in his innate superiority, but not the ability to care about anyone else. And it's not like Craig wasn't given those moments, Block either couldn't, or didn't chose to play them.  Meanwhile, Scott Bryce was able to give Craig a conscience in spite of even more atrocious writing.
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