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Day of Days

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What is the camera guy doing...I do not want to look at these people who aren't on DAYS. Is Suzanne Rogers hidden in there somewhere??

I am watching the stream online, but does anyone know if it will be online later? I need to get ready for work! And I totally want to watch this!

I'm not sure if it'll be online later but I'll look into it

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Camila Banus and Casey Deidrick are being interviewed. I already see her having so much chem with Casey than she does with Chandler. Gabi/Chad all the way (if we can't get Chill).

Casey is great with everyone. I remember he was great with Ari Zucker. Chad/Nicole in two years! :) Imagine EJ's reactions. LOL

Watch out, Toups. Spoilers usually come out at these things. Proceed with Caution. :)

Crap! Thanks for the warning. Are they detailed spoilers, or big spoilers?

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