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B&B's firsts

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I am having the opportunity now to watch the first 35 episodes of B&B which is just terrific. Here are some facts...

First character ever seen: Ridge Forrester, in his office.

First kiss: Ridge and Caroline.

First proposal: Ridge and Caroline.

First wedding: Ridge and Caroline (aborted).

First cheating: Ridge, slept with a model behind Caroline´s back.

First love scene: No one during the first 8 episodes at least. Will get back to that later. ;)

First ending: Ridge and Caroline kissing after his proposal.

First episode written by: William J Bell and Bradley Bell.

First secret acquinted: Margo & Bill.

First lie: Thorne telling Eric that Ridge loved his latest collection.

First confrontation: Bill telling Ridge to break up with Caroline (which ended with the proposal).

First shocker: Brooke returns home after almost getting raped.

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I'm watching them for the first time.

For those that don't know, here in Sweden the channel that aires B&B have taken a break from the new episodes now during the summer and instead they are showing the 35 first episodes.

Dang that's cool!, Why can't they do that for us in the USA ?, Soapnet would have been perfect for re-running old episodes of Y&R/B&B from the beginning. None of this disney crap!

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