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3D Movie rumor's - Which ones are they


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It seems that 3D is really starting to be the in thing. More and more movies seem to be done in 3D as well the regular viewing.

Both Toy Story 1 & 2 are going to be redone in 3D - I know my nephew, niece and great nephew will love that.

But I have read in recents days (and be buggered if I can find it now) that George Lucas is going to do the Star Wars films in 3D and if true it will be great.

Also it seem that the final Harry Potter Moive, which will be done in two part's will also be in 3D. Even though I can't imagine this one in 3D it would be the best one to do it in.

Now another question, which movie from the past would you like to see done in 3D.

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