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Nightmare on Elm St 'remake' Casting News


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Jackie Earlie Haley is your new Freddy Krueger


Updated: Casting is now 100% official. Back in February the boys over at Latino Review had broke the news first that Jackie Earle Haley (watch a clip of him from Watchmen beyond the break) was in fact locked down as your new Freddy Krueger. While at the time they were wrong in the fact that it was a done deal, this afternoon Bloody-Disgusting learned exclusively that Haley is now locked and loaded to pull over that grimy red and green sweater, strap on the infamous razor glove and tip his fedora as the brand-spanking-new Freddy Krueger! Expect an official announcement as early as next week. Shooting begins under the watch of Samuel Bayer at the end of the month in Chicago on A Nightmare on Elm Street, New Line Cinema's reboot of the infamous franchise created by Wes Craven that followed Krueger, a serial child killer murdered by angry parents, who returns with a burnt face and a razor glove to terrorize teens in their dreams. Don't fall asleep on April 16, 2010.


Kyle Gallner for Johnny Depp's character


We've learned exclusively this afternoon that Kyle Gallner (The Haunting In Connecticut) is in final talks to play Quentin, the podcast host and Johnny Depp character in New Line Cinema's Platinum Dunes produced reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street. He'll be joining Jackie Earle Haley, who we announced a few hours ago will be playing Freddy Krueger. Watch for loads more casting in the coming weeks as shooting begins at the end of this month. Being directed by Samuel Bayer, the films' premise centered on Krueger, a serial child killer murdered by angry parents, who returns with a burnt face and a razor glove to terrorize teens in their dreams.


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Ok I read the script but remember the script that was on the internet was just A ROUGH DRAFT dated from January. Which means alot of stuff can change between January and April 26, when filming of the nightmare remake begins.

CONS SPOILERS but like I said alot of stuff can change from the script. IT WAS ONLY A ROUGH DRAFT

- -Didn't like how they turned Nancy into a loner with no Friends but yet she is a normal teenager who is sweet, cute and attractive. Nancy is SUPPOSE to be social, have friends. I am so glad the writers dropped her being goth which relieved me to no end.

- -The death scenes aren't very creative. The nightmarish surroundings get pretty creepy, but there are no cool death scene's like Glen's death from the original. It's basically just Freddy cutting them.

- -They do this thing where they lead you to believe that Freddy wasn't a child molester(for which the parents killed him for) and that the kids lied, and he's killing them for lying. But then they have the big twist(zomg!) and it turns out he did molest them, and he's always been a monster. I don't know, the whole "Always has been a monster" thing has been done a lot.

--How casually the characters fall into the idea that Freddy is killing them in their dreams. In the original, it was very un-nerving for the characters through out the whole film. At least for Nancy. In here, it's just like "Oh this guy is killing us." "I dreamed about Freddy again." "Golly gee, I had another Freddy dream."

--They cut out Nancy's dad.

--They don't really develop much on Nancy's mother. She's just played as a strait forward mom, instead of the alcoholic that she was in the original.

--All dreams focus on revealing the past just to explain where Freddy came from. As if nobody learned anything from the Halloween remake and other prequels, explaining the past does not make horror films better. The last 40 years have proved that the unknown is more horrifying. Not to mention, what’s explained is completely unoriginal and virtually makes the main characters even more unlikable. Suggesting audiences sympathize with a horror movie villain is auto-fail. Plus, none of the flashbacks were awesome the first time they did it in Part 6, what makes them think it’s awesome now? Also, where’s this teacher that let the gardener play with the kids…unsupervised?

--Scoring the fedora is pretty lousy. Setup was smarter in the original. No shock value here.

--Ending is literally an eye-roller. You’d think after twenty five years, they would have learned from Bob Shaye’s contradicting ending. Inconclusive endings that overturn the entire movie are the product of bad writing. It’s one thing to leave a movie open for personal interpretation, it’s another to consistently explain everything along the way, fail to initiate anything that’s even remotely thought provoking (no, whether or not the kids lied is not thought-provoking), and then have a senseless, sequel-suggestive ending. News flash! It's possible to have a real ending and still do a sequel. You don't need a blatant I'm-not-dead ending.

--Marcus' death. Just cut it out completely. PLEASE, this is going to be the worst kill in all of the nightmare movies.

I did like:

-The micro-naps. Basically, after being deprived of sleep for a long time, the mind shuts off while the person is still awake. While their eyes are still open and their just doing their thing. So it's not like in the original movies where a person would blink, or yawn, or shut their eyes for a couple of seconds, and you'd know, before they'd know, that they are in the dream world. In here, you find out, when the person finds out, so it surprises you a bit more.

-They have the begining of the script follow a character named Kristen, having you think that she is the main character. Then they pull a "Psycho" and kill her off, and from there it follows Nancy. I also found that opposed to the original, You are pretty invested in the characters. Im surprised, if they can pull it off the way you visualize it when you read it, it could be a pretty kick ass movie.

-I really like how they develop the Kristen character who is alot like Tina from the original but she is smarter and has more depth.

-Jessie’s escape sequence could be good, if filmed well and not with a shaky cam.

-Hospital sequence is interesting, but it won’t work unless they attempt to pull the same punch that the hospital scene in New Nightmare did.

-Dream sequences don’t require CGI

-The Nancy and Jessie's confrontation after Kristen's death. I loved that Nancy was in her panties, listening to her ipod. Loved it

1. They explain Freddy’s story in a different way, but in a good way.

2. They don’t go overboard w/ the party scene...they do it enough to not go UGH TEENS DONT ACT LIKE THIS!

3. Freddy does indeed not speak much. He only says a few words while his killings.

4. They kinda keep the same way to kill for Tina (or Kris). They also explain her character more...giving her a story and her memories.

5. After each kill they give you a little more info on what really happened w/ Freddy and the kids.

6. The dreams are very creepy! They are all in very weird places like in a boiler room (like in the orig) a nursery school, and more!

7. (My favorite part!) You don’t know when they are dreaming!!!! They do a little yawn or rub there eyes (like in the orig!!)

8. The dream sequences are not made to have CGI! They are all pretty basic and are not needed for any CGI!

9. The dreams kinda are the flashbacks. Whenever they have a dream...they learn more! Its cool

What I'm not sure about:

-They also dream alot in this one. More then the original. So, it could be a fun movie to watch, at least for all the trippy dream sequences, but it might take the suspense out of the film, if the dreams keep happening and happening and happening every other page like they do in the script.

-Freddy uses a *beep* homemade pitchfork at 1 point... but just for a sec lol, not sure how I feel about that tho lol

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Thomas Dekker joins 'Nightmare on Elm St' cast


There are still plenty of roles left to fill in the upcoming A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot. Jackie Earle Haley and Kyle Gallner are officially locked, the former playing Freddy Krueger. Tonight, ShockTillYouDrop.com has learned Thomas Dekker is in final negotiations to join the cast.

The star got his start in the horror biz as young David in John Carpenter's Village of the Damned, later he landed the coveted role of John Connor in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox. On the features-front, he appeared in From Within and will be seen in next week's DVD release Laid to Rest, directed by Rob Hall. He recently wrapped the horror-comedy All About Evil in San Francisco.

Platinum Dunes is overseeing the production of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Samuel Bayer rolls cameras on the film next month in Chicago. Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are producing. Warner Bros./New Line will distribute on April 16, 2010.


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