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General Hospital: Night Shift

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General Hospital: Night Shift - Season 2 - July 22, 2008 - October 21, 2008

Executive Producer

Lisa de Cazotte

Head Writer

Sri Rao


Yolanda Lawrence

Tamar Laddy

Tracey Thomson

Michele Val Jean

Alex Hinton

Andy Wombwell

Karen Harris

Emily Barden

Emily Branden

Catharina Ledeboer

Michael J. Cinquemani

Christiana Miller

Supervising Producer

Richard R. Schilling

Coordinating Producer

Jeanne Haney


Peter Brinckerhoff (13 episodes)

Phideaux Xavier (1 episode)


Mark Teschner, C.S.A.

Production Designer

Chip Dox

Edited By

Tina Keller

Lighting Director

Randy Merager

Lighting Consultant

Kim Killingsworth

Costume Designer

Cara Giannini

Associate Director

Tina Keller

Stage Managers

Brenda Glazer

Cherie Wall

Music by

R.C. Cates

Dominic Messenger

Theme Music Composed By

R.C. Cates

Music Supervised By

Nathan Fissell

Dept. Head Make-Up Artist

Wendy Holz

Dept. Head Hair Stylist

Bobby Grayson

Art Directors

Daniel M. Proett

Andrew Evashchen

Set Decorator

Jennifer Elliott

Technical Director

Harold Reiser

Associate Casting Director

Gwen Hillier

Casting Assistant

Regina Bunye

Visual Effects By

Stargate Digital

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