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GH: Someone dies....eventually!

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This is a damn shame. I came across this website which had these 4 GH covers. Notice a common theme? Every other week SID literally has a cover hyping the death of one of its characters. Its usually the same lot, Carly, Sonny, Jason, Claudia, Liz, Sam, etc... Thing is NONE of them die. I dont even know how they manage to sell anything."Who Lives, Who Dies?" , "Murder!" , "Another Death!"






and theres more. Check out some other covers from the past year:










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I havent watched the show in ages and seeing those covers reminded me exactly why I finally gave up. I swear the promos for the past month have all been the same about some russians taking Jake's son. Saw the first minute of the show at the tail end of OLTL yesterday and they finally took the kid. More mob crap

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No GH thread?

I'm not a regular viewer, but just happened to see the tail end of Friday 10/5's show.

I totally understand the complaints about this mob-based show and all the violence.

But this was among the most riveting, well-produced action sequences I have seen on soaps. If you ignore Jason's kevlar status (no bullets can penetrate Stone Cold), the fast cuts and the enduring mystery of "Where is Jake?" (do we know?) kept me watching.

This isn't bad, is it?

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^^^ LMAO! And check out how many of those covers STILL hint at a GH death even when GH isnt the lead story

Boy this mag is pathetic! Did they really try and hint that Britney Spears was going to be a Babe recast? Anything to sell a rag I guess

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Yeah, okay. I get that. Not having watched most of the others, for me it was fresh and rather exciting.

SID-CBS is actually better, sometimes, than SOD in content. For example, the latest issue has the first of a two-part DETAILED interview with Paul Rauch and Maria Arena Bell of Y&R. Michael Maloney, who is not bad, wrote the piece. The paper is better, and so are the pictures. I'm not claiming this is The New Yorker or Newsweek. It's a soap rag. But when I have looked PAST the cover, I have sometimes been positively surprised.

I wonder if CBS and ABC versions are different--targeted at different audiences?

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