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AMC: Friday, 11/14/08

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While I don't condone Di pulling a gun on Annie, I understand her anger at Annie for using her, and probably setting her up to take the fall for Emma's kidnapping. I don't have any sympathy for Annie, and I'm just waiting for everything she's done to blow up in her face. I thought that it was funny when Ryan said that he would put her in jail himself if he found out she was behind the kidnapping.

I detest Bianca. IMO she's annoying, self absorbed, and a spoiled brat. I didn't like how obnoxious and indigant she got with Reese for not telling her about her parents. Bianca's reaction towards Reese seemed a bit hypocritical considering the whopper of a secret she's keeping about Gabrielle. I also didn't like her jealously over Reese confiding in Zach.

I liked Jake and Taylor's scenes. I wish that they had been longer. I am enjoying these two individually and together.

I have a feeling that Brot and Colby might end up having chemistry together. I thought their scenes today were interesting and I would like to see them interact more together. IMO, he looks and acts closer to her age than he does Taylor's.

Petey was adorably goofy.

IMO, JR looked Hot today. I really like the way that he has been looking lately. I am glad that he's been looking really good again. I didn't really care for the way that he looked with the long hair a while ago and the way that it was styled at times. I'm glad that he cut it.

I don't really think that he and Amanda had that much chemistry the first couple of times they were together, and I don't want to see them become a couple again. I think that he and Natalia (who I would like to see sorased some,) would look good together, and possibly have chemistry together.

I don't want to see Amanda with David either. They look and seem more like father and daughter to me and I don't think that they fit each other well romantically.

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Wow, what an awesome Friday episode!

Whatever Tamara Braun & Eden Riegel are making, they're worth every penny. I loved the scenes when Reese opened up to Bianca about her parents and they're chemistry really exploded off the screen during the love scenes later!

Speaking of chemistry, Jake & Taylor brought it full force today. The show used the perfect song for their dance, too.

Of course Amanda couldn't pull off David's scheme since she was too drunk to remember not to hit on JR! I can't say I blame her since as xtr said, he looked hot. I liked them together the first time around so I hope she can convince David to let her try again. I also see great sparks between David & her.

I loved how persistent dorky Pete was toward Colby. I do wish they would recast her part with a better actress. The scenes with her and Brot didn't work for me due to her.

Yay for Di for standing up for herself even if there is no good way for this to end. I can't blame her for pulling the gun since she thinks Annie is setting her up, but I'm rooting for Annie to get out of this somehow. I thought the gunshot at the end was a great cliffhanger!

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Ooh big freaking deal, whitewashed once again, and I suppose Miranda was just on a 9 month long sleep over with Babe as well.

Bianca moved on too, doesn't mean people forgive or forget, so WTF ever. As long as it continues to be whitewashed it will be mentioned. Babe was still HATED till the day she died for what she did to Bianca.

You can drink all the "Babe is love" and "Greenlee is love" kool-aid you want

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If it's so whitewashed, why is what Greenlee did STILL brought up? Why was it brought up today!? Huh, huh, huh!?

No comment about your ludicrous comparison of what Greenlee did and what Babe did. Nine months vs. five minutes. There's no difference there!!!

But whatever. I think it's absolutely hilarious that you're appalled because Greenlee had the nerve to blast Annie for what she's doing, because Greenlee had the nerve to take Spike for five minutes. First of all, what Greenlee did and what Annie is doing are two different things. Annie is being a lot more devious and troublemaking than Greenlee ever was with the whole Spike thing.

Using your line of logic: What is even more hilarious -- and hypocritical -- is the naggy, self-righteous attitude that St. Kendall has been spouting for far too long. She judges people for their "manipulative" behavior, as if she's the poster child for all that is good and holy. H-E-L-L-O. Kendall was psychotic and devious when she first rolled into town. HAS THAT BEEN WHITEWASHED TOO??

But honestly, I don't care. I haven't been a Greenlee fan since 2003 and can't wait til the character is gone (and even though I don't like the character - it has nothing to do with Spike, obviously). Too bad she can't take CamMat and St. Coma with her.

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