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AMC: Tuesday 9/2/08

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Okay, things have gone TERRIBLY wrong with the opening ever since Eden Riegel left. I always thought the last pic has been reserved for the sweetheart, the future of AMC, Bianca being the "next generation's" Erica (obviously the legacy Erica will leave behind). But since then it went to Lily, which wasn't that far off, since she was Erica's stepdaughter at the time, and still possessed many of the qualities that made Bianca a beloved character... but now COLBY?! A newbie Colby who has barely won over fans yet? I don't understand.

I like Jack's new pic, but I think he needed to take over the fly-away shot and that it should be reserved for "beloved" characters that are connected to Erica Kane.

How I would have done it (even if I had to leave Richie and Josh in):


Kendall (following Erica!)


















Opal* (deserves inclusion)






Jackson (revised, fly-away)


With this flow, the opening leads off with the "stars" (as much as it pains me to identify the sextet as such), has mainly youth in the middle, and ends with mostly veterans.

I like Jake and Taylor's shots, but yeah, Randi does look most beautiful of the new ones. Of course we're lucky she's not required to act during the opening credits.

I led Colby into Palmer's shot so that they can just slip Peter in there between them whenever he lands a contract.

As for Frankie being separated from Angie/Jesse, usually when a soap has 3 or more african american characters in an opening, they don't lump them all together in one spot, not wanting to appear "segregated".

There was a brief fan backlash back in 1994 on General Hospital when they introduced the Ward family. Mary Mae (Rosalind Cash) was introduced to the opening credits first, and then when Justus (Joseph C. Phillips) and Keesha (Senait Ashenafi) were introduced, they were all three given a group shot in the opening. The viewers wrote in asking why all three african american cast members had to share one shot in the opening. Within one month, they edited the opening to give Mary Mae Ward her solo shot back, and gave cousins Justus and Keesha Ward a paired shot, which they shared until Senait Ashenafi left in 1998 (Joseph C. Phillips finally got a solo shot then). It was clear that the opening was edited specifically for the purpose of separating the shots, since there was no other update to the rest of the opening at the time. No exits, no new cast members, nothing. I think since then, they've (at least ABC soaps) tried not to group all the non-white characters together in opening credits when there was more than two on contract. If you recall, Livia Frye was not linked to Danielle Frye in the opening while they were both with the show, even though they are related. Usually romance trumps blood ties when linking African-American characters in the AMC opening (Danielle/Reggie, Jesse/Angie, Frankie/Randi).

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I kinda understand that about the AA characters lumped together. I have never heard that GH fact before. But, I liked them together like that because they're a family. And, I thought it was actually sweet that J&A and their son were put together. :) Since they were reunited after 20 years. <3

Oh, and I also agree with your idea of how the opening should be. :)

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I'm with you, and it makes logical sense to connect characters through romance and family. It's more a response to the climate of daytime that makes it so rare for us to see diversity on the canvas, that the audience is that much more sensitive to how that diversity is displayed, right down to the details, like the opening credits.

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I agree on all counts EXCEPT for Ruth. If it were Mary Fickett in the role, I'd feel differently, but Lee Meriwether has never been portrayed by AMC as a respected vet. I enjoy her and believe in her as Ruth, but she's been just a placeholder for me, and sometimes I've wished they'd have let Ruth pass away off screen the last time Fickett decided she wouldn't appear anymore.

Kendall's shots have always looked to me like the "establishing" shots leading UP TO her actual shot. You know, walking toward the camera until BAM! There's Kendall's sexy, saucy face!!!! But they lead up to nothing, and her face is obscured by all the treatment over her shot.

Tad I don't think deserves an update. He'll likely start dying his hair again eventually. And Michael Knight is so camera-phobic anyway that they probably couldn't drag him to the studio to film new shots that will make him look OLDER. But Annie needs to look more menacing. No more polly-Annie in the opening. And I wouldn't mind new Krystal or JR footage. Bobbie Eakes looks ten years younger now than she does in the opening.

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I dont like that Frankie has been seperated from Jesse and Angie. I thought he was taken out at first when I didnt see him. He and Randi seem out of place at the end.

LMAO at Erica bitching about Adam. That was too funny how she was ragging on him. Kendall was actually likeable in her scenes with Erica. Loved her suggestion that Erica offer to marry him again. If only.

omg Kathy came across so evil today, when she knocked Krystal off the ladder. I hop she doesnt land on Jenny like the cliffhanger alluded too. I had a feeling she'd do something to physically harm them. The girl is seriously messed up in the head and needs psychiatric help before she gets worse. Im surprised Angie didnt suggest something when she witnessed Kathy's outburst Ignoring her issues isnt going to make it go away. She needs to have them dealt with

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I know Kathy needs help with her psychological issues, but I really want her to cause permanent physical harm to Krystal first! I loved watching her shake the ladder today.

Erica/Kendall were great together. Kendall is actually likable when she not obsessed with Ryan and Greenlee.

I also loved how many characters were on and how they all interacted. When was the last time Erica had a scene alone with Ryan?

Adam had me laughing with Colby & Pete and again feigning ignorance when JR told him about Bella. This Fusion party should be fun at the very least.

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Erica was amazing today. "Cheap and easy? I'll have to go with Babe's picture!" :lol: :lol: :lol:

Glad they finally updated the opening. I too think it's a bit odd that they put (nu)Colby of all people as fly-away picture. But what can ya do?

OMG Kate has some serious issues. I know I'm going to get attacked for this, but I kind of feel bad for Krystal! LOL.

But yeah, great episode today.

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