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GH Discussion, Week of Sept. 1st-5th

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It's a crying shame.

GH was my favorite soap. For years! The Labine years in the early 90s sealed the deal for me. I did love (believe it or not) Sonny/Brenda, Lois/Ned, Lucy/Kevin, the Quartermaines, the Spencers, the Joneses (I loved watching Tony and Bobbie's marriage disintegrate for YEARS), the Nurses Ball event every year, the talented kids (Jackson and Tamblyn!), the beloved vets (stories ABOUT Alan/Monica/Bobbie/Tony/Luke/Laura, and to a lesser degree, Felicia/Mac).

But damn if that Guza hasn't gutted the show of everything that made me love it. There is no morality. No respect for history. No preservation of the future (who thought it was smart to kill every Quartermaine from the next patriarch Alan, to a legitimately integrated African-American Quartermaine Justus, to the younger generation of AJ/Emily?! Thank God Tracy's kids were smart enough to leave town before they died too! Not to mention the next generation's Scott, the generally well-received Logan Hayes!).

I also love MOST of the actors on the show, but the storylines and manipulation of the audience are just so offensive that I can't stay tuned into this show. It's criminal.

To make myself clear, I'm not opposed to the new. I am actually interested in the dysfunctional Zacchara clan, but don't think it was necessary to kill all those viable Quartermaines to make room for them, there could have been a better balance.

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Awesome post! 1000% in agreement.

I'm not anti-Zacchara (although I still maintain that Brandon Barash looks like a potato with sideburns), I'm anti a souless and emotionally dead soap. Which is what GH has become under Guza's watch. On paper, the Qs, the Cassadines, the Zaccharas (who could have been business partners of Helena's), the Spencers, the dispirate Jones/Scorpios should all be interacting together, feeding story. Instead, they are wallpaper. Or six feet under.

I loved Sonnny/Brenda, too, although I will give Guza props for writing their relationship as it actually was -- an emotionally abusive one. However, does every relationship have to be so painfully dysfunctional? So misogynistic? Or so saccharine-dull? Lucky & Sam are an exception, but that is probably in spite of (instead of due to) the writing. Why is it that I feel that Guza disdains the characters he is writing for?

Genie Francis should be pulling me back into the show. At the moment, though, I'm not even caring for Laura, and I love GF. Nothing about the show is speaking to me on any level.

P.S.: Unpopular opinion, but I'm not sure if I were Liz that I would want to unwrap my legs either.

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Honestly - i dont mind GH in its current state. The only thing keeping me from watching daily is its boring. I know where its going 6 months ahead of time without spoilers.

i actually like the Z family I like the abusive relationships. I love the cast.

im just... bored. even Maxie Jones' level of awesomeness cant keep it fun to watch.

Of course not. How could she with people like Tammoin Suresucks over at Y&R :rolleyes:

the emmys have proven themselves to be a joke.

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