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August 13, 2003

Executive Producer

Ken Corday

Co-Executive Producer

Stephen Wyman

Supervising Producer

Sheryl Harmon


Roy B. Steinberg

Directed By

Roger W. Inman

Written By

James E. Reilly

Dena Higley

Victor Gialanella

Peter Brash

Paula Cwikly

Rick Draughon

Renee Godelia

Fran Myers

Jeanne Marie Grunwell

Sofia Landon Geier


Gillian Spencer

Senior Coordinating Producers

Janet Spellman-Rider

Tom Walker

Coordinating Producer

Debbie Ware Barrows

Theme by

Charles Albertine

Tommy Boyce

Bobby Hart

Music Composed by

Ken Corday

D. Brent Nelson

Music Directors

Amy Evans

Steve Reinhardt

Production Designer

Dan Olexiewicz

Associate Directors

Roger W. Iman

David N. Kohn

Julie Brady

D. Mason Dickson

Production Associates

Denise White

Tonya Van Horn Peat

Michael Fiamingo

Jessica Judd

Production Manager

Elaine Withrow

Some Appliances Furnished by G.E.

Property Master

Robert Hayes

Special Effects

Pete Trzepacz

Art Director

Tom Early

Assistant Art Directors

Steve Nibbe

Jennifer Breuklander

Justine E. Mercado

Jessica DeVol

Assistants to the Producers

Nancy Lewis

Terry Ann Holst

Stuart W. Howard

Christopher Lewis

Larue Domingues

Anthony Escamilla

Production Finance

Cynthia Aamoth

Terri Lynn Doubet

David Potts

Jeff Voorhees

Assistant to the Headwriters

Renee Godelia

Writers' Assistant

Anne Toole


Andrea McKinnon

Web Producer

Allison Wait

Stage Managers

Francesca Bellini DeSimone

Joesph H. Lumer

Stuart W. Howard

Lisa Huston

Casting by

Fran F. Bascom, C.S.A.

Associate Casting Director

Linda Poindexter

Casting Assistant

Ronald Sperber

Rick Lorentz

Costume Designer

Richard Bloore


Sherrell Cuneo

Jim Pfanner

Connie Sech

George Cooper

Donna Oberman

Sharon Nichols

Kirstin Morlino

Makeup Artists

Gail Hopkins

Nina Wells

Gail Brubaker

Deidre Decker


Garry Allyn

Margaret Puga

Kimberly Salvatore-Davis

Technical Directors

J.C. O'Neill

Mike Caruso

Wendy Rotoli

Lighting Directors

Ted Polmanski

Jeff Barr


David Cone

Boom Operators

Harry Young

John Woods Jr.

Jacqueline Frazier

Wendy Rotoli


John Sizemore

Michael Mecartea

Lew Friant


D. Mason Dickson

Lugh Powers

David Mawhinney

Schooner Darrow

Post Production Supervisor

Jennifer Whittaker

Senior Video

Brian Jorgensen

Electronic Maintenance

Ron Hanff

Video Tape Operators

Ken Williamson

Jerry Berg

Executive in Charge of Production

Greg Meng

Senior Executive in Charge of Production

Gary Fogel


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    • Looking at that list, I highly doubt it.  That list is full of the most mainstream programming on streaming.  While I am sure DAYS does well enough, there is no way it reaches the kind of streaming numbers stuff like Wednesday and Yellowstone are getting.
    • Many have noted that Soap Opera Digest seems to be on it's last legs. A review of the publisher's website shows that they only sell 55,000 copies a week, to an audience with an average age of 54.3 and an income of 35K, which obviously does not make them competitive in advertising market.  Especially when one considers that even Ohio Cooperative Living sells 6x's as many copies per week. But, today's news that their parent company A360media sold the National Enquirer and The Star, which they've been trying to sell for years, leaves them with Us, Closer,and Life & Style (each which sells 3x's more copies per week), and SOD.  Which makes me wonder if SOD's finale may happen this year? Also, what's up with the cooperative community in Ohio that is so fascinating? Please register in order to view this content
    • One of my guys on my Team thinks that P&G directed him to write those crime dramas specifically to mimic what GH was doing. He also said the first was good & then they were ... I believe his exact word was  godawful. For some reason I cannot remember them! D'oh. How long till Catlin & Sally? Or is it Jake & the Loves next? As you can see, I am turned around. I believe all of this is on her Emmy reel that she won with.  Please register in order to view this content On 2-5-1991 Vicky was on the stand impersonating Marley. Cass did not know he was questioning Vicky. Marley had lied to Vicky & told her no rape occurred. Marley had been truthful with Cass that Jake had raped her. Marley admitted in court that Jake had raped her. Afterward, in her anger, Vicky destroyed the first women's restroom she came to. Thanks to Another World Memories on #SoapTwitter!
    • Tom King did a relatively good job writing for Lemay's existing characters.  But King's new characters were terribly ill conceived, and his writing for them was awful.  Had King been smart, he would not have written-off so may of Lemay's characters.  King eventually dedicated at least one fourth of the cast to badly written crime drama, which did not fit the style of Another World.  All soaps occasionally do crime plots, but King over-did it, plus the plots were not compelling.  And for some reason, the next two or three head-writers continued with the bad crime stuff.  
    • Oh, how I laughed at that.   You're not. Some people have been saying the same. And Twitter definitely has been arguing that very point along with the potential return of Mary to SLC given she skipped the second season reunion. It sets a standard and people are going to wonder...especially the housewives themselves.   Perhaps he will ask on that one on one. Please register in order to view this content
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