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Y&R: Eva Marcille Pigford (Tyra) is Actually a Decent Actress!

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I got a little teary-eyed. But all the moving around was so weird. When Ana came through the door, I would've liked her to hold her tight the entire time. Instead, she gave a brief hug and stepped off. That whole scene didn't seem organic. And Nash was only good when she told Devon she didn't want to be like him. The rest of her acting was stiff. Bryton's too.

So, I liked Eva's performance. And, surprisingly, I liked Nia's too. She's been really good with her expressing frustration and insecurity recently. I hope to GOOOOOD, she explodes.

But we know that won't happen. <_<

ETA: What's with all the, "Ana should talk to Lily," talk? They keep bringing it up like it's supposed to be some HUGE deal. WTF? We all know CK will nod her head, rub the little girl's shoulder, and start to whine, whine, whine. How is that gonna help the little girl out?

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Ana looks up to Lily, they established that a few weeks back.

IMO, Neil might be the most impartial person in all of this because he's not actually related to Ana. Perhaps Ana could confide in him. Or in Karen, as she seems to have a bond with her, too. Didn't Karen lose her mom as well?

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