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Y&R: Week of July 28, 2008

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UGH. JT is the flesh equivalent of this smilie: :mellow:

I just get a blank rush of nothingness from this character and have since he first appeared on the show. Still don't understand why Mac (including original portrayer AshBash), Billy, Raul, Bobby and Britney were hastily written off the show just to make more room for this creep. Sacrificed on the altar of JT Hellstrom! A character with absolutely no links to anybody on the canvas!

None of his pairings ever worked (with the possible exception of Colleen #1), and after about 4-5 tries, you really have to ask yourself... is it all these actresses' fault? Or the one actor who is not making it work?

(And don't tell me JToria is the brilliant exception -- those two put me to sleep, too).

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