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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward

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Unfortunately, I haven't heard of "Rituals" floating round in tape trading circles. Severa years ago, one youtube poster posted some audio of the final episode including Christina's final speech and the opening and closing theme music.

Do you care to share what happened in the final episode? I know sisters Sara and Christina had both shared romantic feelings for C.J. Field. C.J. seemed to have genuine feelings for Sara, while C.J. and Christina's relationship was built on their mutual hatred for Carter. Their rivalry exploded in this episode and Sara ended up shot by a mysterious assailant. In a prologue, Christina confessed to the crime from a nunnery several years in the future. Diandra Gallagher had given birth to her baby girl and the child's life was in danger. Did the baby have a name? Also, do you know who Michelle Davenport's parents were? She was the young lady who was dating Jeff. Sara and/or CJ seemed to know who Michelle's parents were, but I've never seen anyone listed in summaries.

The promos are definitely from early in the show's run. I think Mary Beth Evans came in November/December. The first promo featured clips from the opening episodes featured on youtube. The second promo seems a bit later, but stil fall 1984.

Keel's version of 'Rituals' was filmed. A pilot was shot featuring a fairly faithful adaption of her novel. I own the novel. The male lead Judd was sleeping his way through the campus for two decades. There were no Chapins. There was a token wealthy family with an aging grandmother, a bitchy mother-daughter duo, and the British illegitimate daughter no one knew about. Philece Sampler and Barbara Crampton played Priscilla and Sandy, who I think were half-sisters in the book. Overall, the book was focused on the young female students involved with the professor. Someone thought it wasn't going to work and scrapped the concept.

Kin Shriner was sold on the original concept. I've read he and Philece Sampler were the only two leftovers from the original concept. I've never read who Shriner was suppose to play in the original pilot. I think Shriner was probably sold on it being less 'soapy' in the sense it was set in a school of the arts rather than a traditional soap opera setting.

In the story, Logan Williams was only set to stay a year in Wingfield. I suspect George Lazenby had a one-year contract. When Taylor's mother Katherine passed, Logan was declared executive of the will and per the stipulations he had to stay in town a year to make sure the family behaved. Logan and Taylor were the show's it couple in the beginning, but, in the summaries, Taylor slowly faded into the background after Tina Louise came on. Logan and Taylor both left town in February/March right before C.J. arrived on the scene. It's a shame since Logan/Taylor/C.J. would have been a triangle that made sense.

The Lacey/Dakota/Mike story they cover in the Yearbook played out from May 1985 to the show's conclusion. Prior to this, Lacey and Mike had looked after a little girl named Katie. Katie's dad Larry had lost his wife and worked on an oil rig. Lacey and Mike tried to adopt the child, and Lacey and the baby's father had a bit of an attraction. Before the tumor, Dakota was paired with Brady Chapin. Brady and Dakota were caught up in the Eddie Gallagher drama. I believe Eddie stalked Dakota or something.

I love how the photos or Lacey and Mike are from the same photo shoot.

Wesley Ann Pfenning played Christina and Sara's other sister Lisa Thompson. Lisa arrived in May on the run from the authorities. The FBI was looking to obtain information from Lisa, who had been a hooker. Lisa was a schemer like her sister Christina and married Carter Robertson in the show's final episodes. I believe she blackmailed him over something.

I believe Diandra and Mike were the parents of Diandra's baby, but I'm not sure when or under what circumstances this child was conceived.

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I thought I was the only one who remembered Lazenby for those Emmanuelle things...

I'm not sure I have the end synopses but I'll post what I can find. I also have Schemering's writeup somewhere, although you've probably already seen that.

Here's the Charlene Keel interview, from the July 16, 85 Digest.



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Speaking of Philece, she said in an interview when she was Donna that she was disappointed in her Rituals role, that she thought the character was, essentially, boring. I wonder if that's because she'd expected the Priscilla role.

From the July 30, 1985 issue.


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July 5 Digest.

Following his investment in the Hammer Gonzales fight, Jeff is approached by a man who claims to have similar ideas about making quick money. Although skeptical of Keifer, Jeff questions him further. "I'm tellin' you, with your dough and my know-how, we got it made," Keifer smiles. Intrigued, Jeff decides to put up $5,000 for one of Keifer's scams.

Nicole's sessions with Dr. Coleman take a dramatic turn when she finally admits the real reason why she's so angry with Jeff. "Are you afraid he's going to turn out like Eddie?" the therapist asks. Distraught, Noel nods. Later, never suspecting Jeff's involved with Keifer, Noel assures her estranged boyfriend that they can still be friends.

Ulterior Motives

Carter has more than a platonic relationship in mind when he gallantly volunteers to take Lisa apartment hunting. After a phone call from Bree, a friend in Washington, Lisa is only too willing to find a way to amuse herself in Wingfield! Eavesdropping on her sister's phone conversation, Christina is amused to hear words like "subpoena" bartered around. Since it looks like Lisa will be hiding out in their dreary little town until the problem blows over, why not take Carter up on his offer, Chris suggests sweetly.

With Lisa safely out of the way, Chris returns to her subtle but persistent pursuit of C.J. Ironically, Carter makes it easy for his ex-wife to endear herself to Field by threatening to destroy C.J. with something from his past. "I'm through playing games!" Carter informs Scott, who relays Chapin's warning to C.J.. After meeting with Carter, C.J. realizes he's serious. But Mark is the only thing on Field's mind, so C.J. asks Chris to find out what Carter's up to.

Cherry, now calling herself "Cherie" in honor of her new singing career, is speechless to come upon Koty's appointment book - which includes a list of doctor visits and numerous tests. Meanwhile, Koty continues to agonize over the pain her death will eventually cause Brady. Unaware of Koty's conflict, Brady attempts to make love to her again. "I can't!" Koty cries. Frustrated, Brady admits he can't go on this way. Taking a deep breath, Koty numbly proposes that they stop seeing each other...

Mike is stunned when he runs into the Imperial Leader right outside C.J.'s office! Equally unnerved, Stalworth accepts Mike's explanation that he was visiting the "Jew" to discuss his sculpture commission. Shocked by his close call, Mike has another crisis to deal with when Lacey discovers his dangerous scheme.

Julia and Lucky may become the next victims of the Crusaders, following a kiss which surprises both of them. Later, it's Stalworth himself who has to worry about incurring the Crusaders' wrath. Following McKee's advice, C.J. informs his "good friend" that he knows the truth about Stalworth's relationship with the racist organization! He'll do everything they've asked, Field tells Bob, as long as he helps Mike get Mark out of the compound alive....

Jeff is ecstatic when Keifer stops by to say that his $5,000 investment has paid off to the tune of $20,000! Excited, Chapin presses Keifer to tell him everything. After reluctantly explaining how he and another accomplice substituted horses at the last minute, Keifer watches Jeff's reaction. Satisfied that Chapin believes him, Keifer excuses himself to make a phone call. "Al?" he whispers, "the kid fell for the oldest scam there is. He's hooked...He's not going to be a problem," Keifer sneers.

Keifer isn't the only one who realizes that Jeff's addicted to life in the fast lane. As time goes on, Noel becomes increasingly turned off by Jeff's extravagances - even when her boyfriend presents her with a huge diamond ring! Stunned, Noel can only murmur that it must have cost a fortune. Never guessing that Jeff purchased the ring from winnings following a $50,000 scam with Keifer, Noel still refuses to accept it.

Stung by Noel's rejection, Jeff follows up on his plans to change his life by moving into the Willows with the rest of the Chapins. Like Jeff, Noel also has plans which, much to everyone's amazement, including going to college.

Julia's neutral stance on the takeover bid becomes unfeasible as the takeover bid struggle gets dirtier. Torn between her two families, Julia can't decide whether to side with her father or mother on the issue. Sensing this, Carter challenges Julia to test C.J.'s love by throwing in with the Chapins. Meanwhile, Christina is fascinated to hear Dan Youngblood's story. Convinced that Carter had some secret motive for bringing the ex-alcoholic horse trainer to town, Chris vows to get to the bottom of it.

Amid her sleuthing for C.J., Chris takes time out to make Carter an offer he can't refuse. Unless Carter signs over the property he owns next to Haddon Hall, she's going to let C.J. deliver the commencement address this year. Stymied, Chapin agrees. Later, the Chapins put an end to their marriage once and for all and sign the divorce papers. Even before the ink dries, Chris drops by Gallagher's to size up the competition for C.J. Furious, Sara responds to Chris's questions by ordering her out!

When Diandra and Lacey meet to share the concern about their husbands' involvement with the Crusaders, Lacey admits she's worried about something else. She wants to explore the possibilities of using a surrogate mother to give Mike a child, Lacey announces. With Diandra's support, Mrs. Gallagher goes so far as to discuss the matter with a lawyer, Al Carson.

Mike isn't thrilled to hear that he and Stalworth will be working together to spirit Mark out of the camp. Swallowing his contempt, Gallagher devises a plan. After hiding Mark in a crate, he and Bob inform the Crusaders that it's filled with ammunition to be delivered to another group of terrorists. Suddenly, Stubbins shows up. "Put down that box!" he shouts, as Mike and Bob freeze....

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July 16 synopsis from Digest.

Overcoming Stubbins's objections, Mike and Stalworth manage to load the crates of ammunition - including the one in which Mark is hidden - onto a waiting truck. Suddenly, members of the Crusaders emerge from their hideout, announcing that Mark has escaped. As Stubbins opens the boxes, he discovers Mark.

Although the extremists want to kill the kidnapped boy, Stalworth argues that Field has kept his end of the bargain by pulling out of the race for governor and selling his newspaper interests to a right wing group. In the meantime, the FBI agents who surround the barn move into firing range. But Stubbins, unswayed by Stalworth's pleas, announces that the punishment for betrayal is death! The self-appointed leader shoots a fleeing Stalworth in the back.

The Siege is Over

Stubbins is about to execute Mike and Mark when the FBI agents order the Crusaders to drop their weapons, and Tom outfires Stubbins in a gun battle. The radicals are quickly captured and an exhausted Mark is returned to his parents. To show his gratitude, C.J. plans a substantial promotion for Tom, who surprises Diandra by being less than enthusiastic about Field's offer.

With the threat to his son's life removed, C.J. calls a press conference and announces his candidacy for governor. Field then buys out all of Carter's stockholders, a scheme he would be unable to accomplish without Michelle's reluctant assistance. Everything seems to be going C.J.'s way until Carter confronts him at the Hunt Club and warns him that his candidacy might be threatened by "some items" from his past - unless he backs off from Chapin Industries...

As Brady's preoccupation with the race and Tiger continues, he and Koty drift further apart. Trying to make up with her, Brady takes Dakota to dinner and invites her to attend the Charleston stakes with him. She surprises him by accepting, but only if he'll agree to separate rooms.

Relieved to know that Mark is safe, Julia is shocked to learn that Clay Travis has returned to town. She attempts to meet him secretly, but Lucky follows her to the motel where Clay is staying and breaks into the room when Travis starts to get abusive. In the meantime, Julia learns that Clay pretended to be dead as a means of escaping from the police.

Paying a late night visit to Christina, Clay accuses her of framing him for Eddie's murder, but she quickly convinces him that Carter is a better target for blackmail. Turning on the charm, Christina claims she's always been attracted to Travis, admitting that she encouraged Carter to pay him off the first time. Convinced he has her as an ally, Travis leaves, but Christina immediately rushes over to the Willows to warn her ex-husband...

Following Mark's safe recovery, Mike returns to his artistic pursuits. Completely involved with the commission for C.J., Gallagher has a hard time thinking of anything else. But now that all the excitement is over, Lacey's more determined than ever to follow up on the surrogate mother idea.

In Al Carson's office, the Gallaghers listen intently as he explains the screening process for the program. There are no guarantees that a surrogate mother won't change her mind about giving up the baby, Carson cautions. "I think we need more time to think it over," he tells his disappointed wife.

Julia is still stunned by the discovery that Clay is alive. Unsure of how she feels about her ex-lover, Julia turns to Lucky for support. Once again, the good friends are drawn together, much to everyone's increasing concern. After a showdown with her father, Julia agrees with Lucky that they have to face the truth. "I care a whole lot about you," Julia says softly. "And I care a whole lot about you," Lucky replies. "More than as just a friend?" Julia manages to ask. "Much more," Lucky finishes.

Both Carter and Christina react to Clay's return from the dead by trying everything to force him out of town.

Following some not so subtle pressure from Chapin, the D.A. makes sure that two police officers pay a visit to Travis, warning him to leave Wingfield. Undaunted, Clay insists he's not going anywhere until he settles all his scores.

Fairly confident that Clay wont be a threat, Carter turns his attention to his pursuit of his beguiling ex-sister-in-law. For her part, Lisa's enjoying her little game. After checking in with Chris, Lisa assures her older sister that everything is working out just fine. Smiling, Chris reflects that pretty soon they'll have Carter just where they want him.

Thanks to her sessions with Dr. Coleman, Noel realizes that she has to do something more with her life. Convinced that she must become more independent, Noel breaks it to Jeff that she doesn't want to see him as much anymore. Hurt and angry, Jeff uses his girlfriend's rejection as an excuse to throw in with Keifer, whose latest money-making scam involves bribing three jockeys to make sure Saratoga King wins the big Charleston race. Even though he's selling out his own uncle, Jeff agrees to put up $100,000. Later, it's a neck to neck race, until Tiger gets bottled up - as planned - and loses the race by a nose!

Following Tiger's defeat, Brady is even more devastated when Koty announces that she tried to seduce Jeff! Witnessing her lover's pain, Koty agonizes over he lie, reminding herself that it will save him future pain. Meanwhile, Carter puts his own plan into action. Field rigged the race, he tells Youngblood. Outraged, the trainer publicly accuses C.J. of the deed. "And you killed my daughter," Youngblood adds, choking with emotion. Hearing this, C.J. freezes, as Chapin looks on in triumph....

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Christina Jones actually played Charlotte in the pilot. I had forgotten there was a Jenny in the book. In the pilot, Stephanie Braxton played Jenny, who ran a truck stop restaurant. If the show had gone in syndication, I assume Braxton would have been replaced as she and Paul Avila Mayer headwrote "Search for Tomorrow" when the show would have started production. I find it interesting that Charlene Keel suggests Taylor/Julia/Logan was the same as Charlotte/Pris/Judd. In the books, Pris and Judd become lovers before Charlotte can reveal Judd is Pris' biological father. Of course, by this point, Pris has fallen pregnant by her father and leaves town when she realizes what has happened. In the show, Julia was twenty-one and it had been twenty two years since Logan and Taylor had broken up and Taylor had married C.J. I suspected Logan was actually Julia's daughter, and this seems to validate that idea a bit more.

Charlene Keel's piece is particularly shocking to me in terms of its honesty. Keel expresss her disappointment in the final product, and people involved give legitimate reasons why the show wasn't working. I don't think the idea of doing DYNASTY five days a week was a bad idea. The wheeling and dealing between C.J. and Carter could have gone on for a long time as long as they strengthened the characterization and followed through on storylines. I realize Tina Louise and Jo Ann Pflug didn't work out, but the show really should have found someone to play Taylor. Taylor had history with both Carter and C.J. to play with as Carter was only revealed to be her half-brother a short time before her departure from town. Similarly, writer Logan could have been recast and kept along to allow the Julia storyline to play out.

Thanks Carl for all of these.

The synopses are nice as they certainly flesh out details I had found. C.J. Field had remarried after his divorce from Taylor. His second ex-wife, Margot, arrived in town to announce their son Mark had been kidnapped. Mark had been kidnapped by a hate group, the White Knights/Crusaders. Mike Gallagher went undercover to save Mark from these men. This is all covered in the synopses. I don't know what happened to Mark or Margot once this storyline concluded, but I haven't seen them mentioned in any synopses once the storyline concludes. Later, Aaron Field arrives on the scene, I believe he is C.J.'s brother. In one of August summaries I have, C.J.'s brother clears him of the problems involving one of C.J.'s factories.

I'm surprised Jeff and Noel were involved as Christina Robertson and Sara Gallagher were sisters. I wonder if Christina wasn't Jeff's biological mother but rather a stepmother? Jeff Robertson/Chapin must have had trouble sleeping around if he was related to most of the canvas. Making Christina Jeff's stepmother would have opened Jeff's possibilities up. Or Jeff and Noel were the precursors to Jammy...

Clay Travis was Julia's boyfriend post-Bernhardt Krauss. In the opening episodes, Julia was sleeping with an older man, Bernhardt, in his villa in Acapulco. Julia was furious when her grandmother's will required her to stay in Wingfield in order to get her money. Bernhardt came to town to be with Julia. Taylor didn't like Bernhardt and Julia's relationship. In order to break Julia and Bernhardt up, Taylor set out to seduce Bernhardt so her daughter would see he was wrong for her. This was the plot point which drove Jo Ann Pflug off the show. Pflug refused to play a character who would seduce her daughter's boyfriend. Tina Louise came in and played out Taylor's scheme and stayed with the show. Bernhardt later married Patty Dupont, one of the co-eds. Julia got involved with a thug, Clay Travis. Christina schemed with Clay to get her hands on the Chapin family jewels. Clay ended up stealing money and/or blackmailing the Robertsons. When Eddie was murdered, it appears Christina set Clay up for murder, but eventually Noel was revealed to be the killer. Clay was probably off the show two monthes. I'm not sure he was around long after his return. There was little mention of him after his return.

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I have some more synopses I'm going to type up, if you can read them and give your thoughts. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say. I'm shocked at the part of the book you mention with the woman who is pregnant with her father's child. I can't see that making it to the air. The only time that was done on a soap was with Angel on ATWT, and that was through years of rape.

Do you know if Noel was initially a bad girl, and was then redeemed? I can't tell based on that promo. Do you know when Dakota was recast?

I wish I could see Tina Louise - I thought she was very good on Dallas.

You're right about the Digest article. It's very honest, and also very fair-minded. I miss that type of writing in soap magazines.

Here's a 1979 interview with Charlene Keel.

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From the July 2, 1985 Digest. I know Philece and Gregg worked closely on DAYS but still a bit odd that he showed up for this. Perhaps they wanted to tempt the winner into giving up the money in exchange for some time with Gregg. Not a bad offer...


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I was going to just type the recaps out, as scanning takes up room in my Photobucket account and I don't want to go over my limit, but then I realized that my next 4 recaps are all consecutive and might be better off scanned and read right after the other, instead of the wall of text. These also come right after the 2 July recaps. I'm sorry about the choppy cropping.

July 30.


August 13.


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I have some more synopses I'm going to type up, if you can read them and give your thoughts. I really enjoy hearing what you have to say. I'm shocked at the part of the book you mention with the woman who is pregnant with her father's child. I can't see that making it to the air. The only time that was done on a soap was with Angel on ATWT, and that was through years of rape.

Do you know if Noel was initially a bad girl, and was then redeemed? I can't tell based on that promo. Do you know when Dakota was recast?

Prisc, Philece Sampler's character in the pilot, ended up having an abortion after she departed the story. I think she also became a stripper after leaving Woodbriar. One of the girls, I think Dabney ended up marrying a good guy law student/lawyer and had a baby. I had completely forgotten about Dabney entirely. I feel like she was a dull character. I couldn't remember London's name, but I remember her mother arrived at the school in a limo after a night of drunken debauchery. Sandy, Barbara Crampton's character in the pilot, ended up sleeping with Judd McBroom as well and she was one of the good girls. I remember I found that rather shocking.

In the beginning, Noel was the sort of Erica Kane/Rachel Lucas to Dakota's Tara Martin/Alice Matthews. Brady was a drug addict who squandered his life at Yale and returned for his mother's funeral in shame. This triangle could have played out for a while especially since it wasn't reliant on Haddon Hall. Noel had aspirations throughout the show's run. She always wanted more than her humble roots would provide. Initially, this was shown as a bad thing and she was a schemer manipulating Brady in order to prevent him from being with his true love Dakota. When Noel offed Eddie, Noel was more of a victim. There was some sort of romance with her court order psychiatrist, Dr. Coleman, but Sara seemed to deem this inappropriate. By the end, Noel was an aspiring singer.

Dakota had aspirations as well, but she was the good girl. She was filming a movie in the beginning which had some soft core elements to it. Cherry was worried the film would ruin Dakota's career. At some point, I think Dakota ended up in Los Angeles around December 1984 or Janaury 1985. I assume this was related to her career. From what I can gather, Mary Beth Evans came in around late November/early December 1984.

The initial syndication deal was for six months. After the six months, a lot of stations dropped the show and no one carried it in primetime. I think the murder mystery gimmick was smart on the show's part. If fans were paying attention, they were going to be angry the show was dropped just as they had a chance to win some cash. On the otherhand, if no one was watching anyway...

SOD was a biweekly publication at the time, right?

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Yes, it was biweekly.

How long did Rituals go past the initial deal?

Thanks for filling in those gaps. Did you see the pilot? I'm also surprised they had that much promiscuity.

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The show ran for a year, but the initial pick-up was six months. Around Christmas 1984, the show was picked up for an additional six months. One of the articles I read talked about how the news was announced at the cast's holiday party. Before the show was cancelled, it sounded like it was going on a production break. The press made it sound like the final September 1985 episode was like a season one cliffhanger, which is why Sara was shot in one of the final scenes. The indication was the shooting would be resolved when the show picked up production. Since it was cancelled, they filmed a final conclusion with Christine Jones giving a speech from a convent.

The plot I was referring to was in the book. Maybe I shouldn't have referenced the actors who played the roles in the pilot. I don't know much about the plot of pilot other than what was posted in that article. Another poster once typed up some casting information from a February 1984 SOD about the "Rituals" pilot. Most of what I was referring to happened in the novel, but I found it all bit racy. At one point, one southern college turned down an offer from the production team to film on their campus because they deemed "Rituals" too inappropriate.

I dawned on me today that Sondra Currie (C.J.'s ex-wife Margot, Rituals) and Monte Markham (Carter, Rituals) would end up playing related characters on "The Golden Girls." In season two, Currie played Blanche's stepmother Margaret and, in later seasons, Markham played Blanche's brother Clayton.

I love these synopses. Thank you so much, Carl. Previously, I assume Tiger was a person but now I'm assuming Tiger is a horse. Given it was the 1980s, I figured Tiger was the name of jockey or rock star based on what I had read about Tiger's involvement in Jeff and Brady's story. When I read Tiger's leg was broken, I felt sympathy for the character, but when Brady smothered him for having a broken leg I was floored. Then, it dawned on me Tiger must not be human. Yikes!

The Gallagher family stuff sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn't it? The ambigious date rape situation with Noel/Brady seems bizarre and a bit in poor taste. Diandra seems kind of vile by telling Tom the baby could be Mike's. I'm not certain of those circumstances, but the Mike/Tom/Dakota/Lacey story seems rather complicated. Had the series continued, I wonder how all of this would have been handled. Mike Gallagher probably would have to be recast as the show is gung ho on the Dakota-Mike pairing. I wonder what would have happened to Lacey? Tom ends up suffering from radiation poisoning after the incident at Brownsville so I assume that would cause trouble for Diandra and Tom for some time. I think it might have been best to save Noel and Sara and write off the rest of the Gallaghers.

The business angle seems interesting, the Lucky/Julia pairing is fascinating, but the show needed more romance. The older pairings seem very interesting with Christina acting as a spoiler to both Carter/Lisa and C.J./Sara. Taylor returned in the final weeks so I wonder what plans the writers had in mind for her. I know C.J.'s brother Aaron pops up. Maybe, Taylor was going to hook up with her former brother-in-law.

I will comment tomorrow on the rest of the summaries. Thank you again, Carl. These have been a real treat.

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I know what you mean about Tiger. When they kept saying "Koty" I kept thinking this was a character I didn't know. Then I realized it was Dakota. And when I see "Noel Gallagher" I think of Oasis :lol:

From what Philece said, she didn't like the role of Lacey, so I wonder if she might have been written out around the same time Kin was leaving.

I didn't realize Monte played Blanche's brother!

Is it me or is it crazy that a woman with an inoperable brain tumor would be a surrogate mother? I don't mean to be offensive, perhaps this has happened in real life, but wouldn't you at least see her medical records? The Gallaghers didn't know any of this and she just went along for nine months hiding a brain tumor? Then she starts dreaming of a life with Mike. Is this some sign of her tumor?

Thanks for telling me more about the pilot and the actors cast. I didn't know Barbara Crampton was involved in this. I guess this wasn't long after she was killed off DAYS. Do you think Corday helped her get the job? Then MBE went from this to DAYS.

The pilot does sound racy. I wonder if they would have been better off trying this on Showtime or HBO.

I have another somewhere from April I'll type up when I find it.

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I found the next synopsis (September 24). I'm not at my scanner right now so I'm going to type it up.

Following her tryst with Larry, a guilt-ridden Lacey does her best to prevent Mike from guessing the truth. But Burns is determined to win Mrs. Gallagher for himself. Before Lacey can stop him, Larry stuns Mike by announcing he is in love with his wife. Never suspecting that Lacey and Larry have been lovers, Mike is speechless when Burns goes on to say that Lacey feels the same way about him. "We made love," Larry adds. Furious, Mike confronts Lacey.

Amid tears, Lacey admits everything. But she doesn't love Larry, she loves him, Lacey tries to tell Mike. Despite his wife's desperate pleas, Gallagher storms out of the house. Later, Koty overhears her two friends arguing and realizes that she's partly to blame. She was just trying to help, Koty assures Lacey. Suddenly, Lacey puts everything together. "You're our surrogate mother," she says in disbelief. Later, Mike adds to Lacey's shock by deciding to move out. Meanwhile, Koty's doctor discovers the truth about her brain tumor and advises a therapeutic abortion!

Tom is Contaminated!

Like everyone else, C.J. is aghast to learn about the leak in his Brownsville plant. Adding to Field's concern, he receives word that Tom has been contaminated. While Scott and Christina wrack their brains to prevent disastrous political ramifications, C.J. rushes over to Sarah about her son. Devastated, Sarah breaks down in her lover's arms. Back at Chapin Industries, Carter contacts Cavanaugh. "No one was supposed to get hurt," Chapin flares. Unconcerned, Cavanaugh demands his money for arranging the leak, but Carter refuses to pay!

Diandra is shaken to hear from her doctors that her baby is due sooner than she thought. That means the baby could be Mike's! Adding to Diandra's agony, Mike informs her that he and Lacey are through. "Lacey and I are washed up...for good," Gallagher emphasizes, leaving Diandra to wonder how this latest development will affect her own situation. Meanwhile, still in isolation, Tom begins to shown signs of improvement.

Carter is intent on parlaying the radiation leak into a winning position for the Chalon bid. Equally determined, Chris vows to make sure her ex fails. Unfortunately, Chapin has an iron clad alibi for his association with Cavanaugh. He was simply offering the man a job, Carter smirks, producing a contract to prove it. Later, Chris fears that her efforts on C.J.'s behalf may be for nothing. Field seems to be very serious about Sarah!

Brady is incensed to find his signature stamp in Jeff's desk. His own nephew may have set him up, Brady rages. Meanwhile, Gates's investigation into Wingfield's underground gambling operation keeps pointing to Jeff. Subjected to a grilling session down at police headquarters, Jeff almost confesses. Hearing this, Keifer warns Chapin to keep his cool, or he'll end up like Tiger and the jockey!

Carter is furious when Brady accuses Jeff of forgery and embezzling. After threatening his half brother, Carter drags an admission from his son. He'll take care of everything.

Lacey is still reeling from the news that Koty is carrying Mike's child. With Larry so available and willing, Mrs. Gallagher turns to him. Later, Lacey has a change of heart and visits Dr. Lewis. "I talked to Koty and we both agree she should have an abortion," Lacey lies.

Dr. Lewis is confused when Koty stops by to inform her that she wants to keep the baby. The doctor has some bad news for her patient. There's a chance that Koty's pregnancy is accelerating the growth of her tumor! Badly shaken, Koty will only agree to have radiation therapy.

Mike is alarmed when Koty faints after an afternoon of ice skating - especially since they're growing so close. Calling to ask about Koty's condition, Gallagher is speechless to learn about her brain tumor. Rushing out, Mike's stopped by Diandra. "The baby is yours, not Tom's!" Diandra manages to say.

Julia is even more concerned about her relationship with Lucky when Taylor orders her to break it off. Steaming, Julia orders her mother to back off. Julia and Lucky reconcile following his acceptance to Columbia Law School. There's just one problem - Lucky has to leave for New York immediately!

Noel now finds herself being pursued by two men. Forced to choose, the aspiring singer lets Kevin down as gently as possible. Delighted, Brady has some good news of his own. His producer loved Noel's video and wants to hear her sing in person! Adding to Brady's good humor, Robert Farnsworth, a handwriting expert, concludes that Jeff - not Brady - signed the phony checks which cost Chapin Industries $250,000.

Carter and Jeff will soon be getting their just rewards as Taylor threatens to drag her step-nephew into court. Meanwhile, Lisa is "detained" by the FBI in connection with her old days as a high-class hooker. Grasping for straws, Lisa makes Agent Baldwin an offer - information linking Carter to the Brownsville "accident" in exchange for a clean slate!

Brought in for questioning, a nervous Cavanaugh decides to cooperate with the police. Much to Detective Gate's frustration, Carter is too clever to let Cavanaugh trick him into incriminating himself. Instead, Chapin seems to be on a roll. Having locked up the Chalon contract, Carter sabotages C.J.'s debate by producing Dan Youngblood to inform the viewing public that Field murdered his daughter!

Gates is determined to bring Carter to justice. Wiring Cavanaugh, Les brings him to the Willows. Again, Carter outfoxes them. Undaunted, Les takes Chapin in for questioning. "You're making a big mistake," Carter warns...

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