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  1. Gina Gallego and Tim Maier Source : Télé Star n°661 (May 29, 1989) A few photos from the collection of Karen Kelly. Thank you for sharing.^^
  2. 210320062651263517.jpg


    Facebook page about Tim Maier (RITUALS) https://www.facebook.com/TimMaierActor

  3. Unfortunately Tim checked out of show business some 27 years ago and hasn't been heard from since. Yes, he's a good actor, very talented. Here's his filmography.
  4. I've created a video montage with the closing credits of Rituals.
  5. Tim Maier, Wesley Pfenning and Christine Jones Source : Rivogliamo "Capitol" https://www.facebook.com/Rivogliamo-Capitol-145651828815729/
  6. Thanks. July 2, 1985 Soap Opera Digest. I received it today. Question : What do you like best about your leading lady ?
  7. I've bought online an old TV magazine edition 25-31 March 1989 (Télé Star n°651). There is a French article and a quiz about Rituals. Excluding weekends and public holidays, TF1 broadcasted two episodes per day of "Rituals" from February 13, 1989 to July or August 1989. The ruthless stars of Rituals : Every day, earn $1,500 or more by answering a question on "Rituals"
  8. I contacted TF1 two months ago. This French channel broadcasted "Rituals" from the February 13th 1989. I've received a response to my email that it was'nt possible to access on the 260 episodes (copyright). So, I've contacted Telepictures Productions (Warner Bros) but not reply yet.
  9. Unfortunately, I didn't never watch it, I was too young and I don't think it was broadcasted in France. Yes, there is just the theme music :
  10. Thank you for the topics.^^ I'm looking for the first episode "Keepers of the ring".
  11. Do you know "King's Crossing" ? It was an American nighttime soap opera which aired on ABC from January 16 to February 27, 1982 on Saturday night at 8:00pm for seven episodes. Cast : Bradford Dillman, Mary Frann, Linda Hamilton... The troubled Hollister family retreats to a small California town. But life doesn't get any easier as Paul's alcohol abuse puts a strain on his marriage to Nan, and teen daughters Lauren (Linda Hamilton) and Carey get entangled in romances.
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