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  1. Gina Gallego and Tim Maier Source : Télé Star n°661 (May 29, 1989) A few photos from the collection of Karen Kelly. Thank you for sharing.^^
  2. 210320062651263517.jpg


    Facebook page about Tim Maier (RITUALS) https://www.facebook.com/TimMaierActor

  3. Unfortunately Tim checked out of show business some 27 years ago and hasn't been heard from since. Yes, he's a good actor, very talented. Here's his filmography.
  4. I've created a video montage with the closing credits of Rituals.
  5. Tim Maier, Wesley Pfenning and Christine Jones Source : Rivogliamo "Capitol" https://www.facebook.com/Rivogliamo-Capitol-145651828815729/
  6. Thanks. July 2, 1985 Soap Opera Digest. I received it today. Question : What do you like best about your leading lady ?
  7. I've bought online an old TV magazine edition 25-31 March 1989 (Télé Star n°651). There is a French article and a quiz about Rituals. Excluding weekends and public holidays, TF1 broadcasted two episodes per day of "Rituals" from February 13, 1989 to July or August 1989. The ruthless stars of Rituals : Every day, earn $1,500 or more by answering a question on "Rituals"
  8. I contacted TF1 two months ago. This French channel broadcasted "Rituals" from the February 13th 1989. I've received a response to my email that it was'nt possible to access on the 260 episodes (copyright). So, I've contacted Telepictures Productions (Warner Bros) but not reply yet.
  9. Unfortunately, I didn't never watch it, I was too young and I don't think it was broadcasted in France. Yes, there is just the theme music :
  10. Thank you for the topics.^^ I'm looking for the first episode "Keepers of the ring".
  11. Do you know "King's Crossing" ? It was an American nighttime soap opera which aired on ABC from January 16 to February 27, 1982 on Saturday night at 8:00pm for seven episodes. Cast : Bradford Dillman, Mary Frann, Linda Hamilton... The troubled Hollister family retreats to a small California town. But life doesn't get any easier as Paul's alcohol abuse puts a strain on his marriage to Nan, and teen daughters Lauren (Linda Hamilton) and Carey get entangled in romances.
  12. Hello My name's Nadine and I'm from France. I've created a Facebook page about Tim Maier (Jeff Robertson Chapin) : https://www.facebook.com/TimMaierActor Do you have any informations, photos, videos about him, please ? Do you know what happened to him ? I find nothing since his last movie in 1994. Thank you for your help ! At the time of Rituals, I only have a video (Mary Beth Evans appearances on Youtube). [
  13. I've bought it on eBay. This is an original vintage TV Network photo that was sent to network TV affiliate stations to promote "Rituals", and includes network press information either on the back of the photo or on a separate press information sheet.
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