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Brenda Dickson Does It Again!

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Well, many of you know I love Brenda Dickson now after I discovered her "Welcome to my home" video and its subsequent parodies. i just happened to be bored and found she has a new post up all about how she got fired from Y&R. What follows is the craziest story ever. The post is written in a hard to read font so I cut and pasted it but it's real just go to www.brendadickson.com to read it. I sware I'm not Brenda or affiliated with her in any way. This post is just SO crazy I had to share it.

(Many of you are probably wondering what is going on. I am being put in jail (illegally) and raped of all my assets. Well, this is a repeat scenario. It has been done to me once before. Whenever I showed desire to resume my career, there are people in my life, it is organized crime, who will rape me of all my assets. Many of my fans have expressed the concern about William Bell firing me so here is the blog that explains it all. I am writing a book and there is so, so much more to tell.

I feel I must speak out, as the fraud in my life is much too great. I have endured far too much to keep quiet about this. Many of you have asked am I alright after the William Bell firing and blacklisting. The answer is "No, I'm not alright."

The comment about William Bell, yes, well. It seems that is an ongoing battle. There are people who proceeded William Bell who are still in my life. The answer is NO. I AM NOT ALRIGHT. When I did E! True Hollywood, I was in a "gag clause," about the attorney who represented me for the lawsuit against William Bell, the illegal firing and black listing, ill treatment and defamation of character. It was an $11 million lawsuit. I have witnesses, sworn statements, etc. that prove the black listing and ill treatment and that I was ill when fired. The bad press that defamed my character. The judge in that case never met me or them. My attorney, who represented me, worked for Y&R, and William Bell. He failed to mention it to me. My attorney was secretly negotiating all the below the line contracts for the Y&R for years (Joseph Kapleon and Mike Shelly). When I did E! True Hollywood, the attorneys had me sign a "Gag Clause" and a contract stating that they did indeed have a conflict of interest (once I discovered this) and I could not talk about it. In the contract they admitted the conflict of interest and said their insurance company would pay me. They had dragged that case out for 4 years. Again, I never met the judge. Nor did my witnesses. They stated that their insurance company owed me $1,000,000. That is all the insurance they had. Their insurance company never paid up. I believe they used the case to negotiate for all the below the line people they represented and possibly got a great deal and then dropped my case. They dropped all evidence and witnesses in my case. The judge didn't even know I was blacklisted. They dragged that case out for a total of seven years, which included going after the insurance they had promised me. My current ex-husband, Attorney Jan Weinberg, was handling the malpractice case against the Y&R attorney who falsely represented me. He just let the attorneys go free. Well over million people tuned out when I was fired and show dropped 9 rating points. I am told it is a million dollars a rating point (to my knowledge) to the stockholders of C.B.S. I worked almost every day. You do the math, at the loss, most of them people never tuned back in.

For many years the ratings sank after I was fired, then about five years or so into it all of daytime fell. The show had about 11 million viewers when I did the show in the U.S. It sank to 3-4 million where it remains today. When I was off the show for three and a half years, my first marriage, the show fell to 6th place and stayed. No one knew better than William Bell this fact and the network. (Note Wikipedia is no real database for the Neilson ratings, other than false data someone sends them. Their Neilson Ratings reports are totally false on Wikkie. For the record they state I did game shows before Y&R, the true facts are I sang and danced and did skits with Bob Hope. I did three hit plays. One with Jimmy burrows as director, creator of "Friends" and "Cheers," one with Bob Crane and one with Mike Nadder and Tennessee Williams. I did Episodic Television, F.B.I. Story, "Men at Law" with William Shatner and Jan Michael Vincent, "Love American Style," "Falcon Crest," "There Is A Boy in My Remockie" with Barbara Eden and many others, a film called "Death Master" with Robert Quarry. In essence, I worked before Y&R, second mis-print of Wikipedia, Jerry Douglas and I never fought. Again, a false statement by Wikipedia. They are entertaining to read as some of what they print is true, most not true). When I came back the second time to Y&R, within months the show was back up to number one. William Bell felt he owned me and even though my contract was up, he decided to ruin my career, and blacklist me so that my face would never appear on another show because he knew that audience would follow me to another show. CBS Network knew this as well. So, he fired me against my contract that said I had to be given notice (I only had a few days left of work on my contract). The contract said they must use me if I was ready, willing and able to work. I was ready to work after seeing a doctor immediately. Bell refused to let me come back to finish my few days left on my contract. He and his friends did that to create the illusion that I walked off the set and to ruin my career. Pictures were released of me in a gown stating I walked off the set and quit my job. They ran all through the wire service. A total lie. When I went to get an agent (as mine had had a heart attack), they stated they had talked to William Bell and there was a problem. I couldn't get even the smallest agent to represent me. I was top in my field, yet this was happening. I met and married attorney Jan Weinberg. I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, with lawsuits in tow to cover the damage, hoping to finally handle the matter and vindicate my career and the damage that had been done. I started a new life, stayed ten years. Only to discover the same people were in my life in fear I'd speak up and tell the truth. The same people did not want me back in Hollywood ever.

The attorneys (who supposedly represented me, really worked for William Bell and CBS employees) had dragged the $11 million dollar lawsuit out (and suggested I do no publicity then, a "Gag Clause" during E! True Hollywood, I waited 4 years to meet the judge, they knew I'd never see and another three to collect from their insurance company they knew I'd never get). I got nothing for the blacklisting and loss of my career. They where going to get involved in my divorce case to make sure I had no assets to fight back. Please read all of this sequence of events and as organized crime is in my life, which is what is happening in Honolulu now. It wasn't enough to strip me off my career, they wanted me with no assets to fight them, and never back in Hollywood with money or power. There was a connection into my lawyer ex-husband, Jan Weinberg. The current 2008, battle.

After going through the fight over my character image, William Bell wanted a character no one else wanted on the show. I couldn't fight City Hall. One producer would say to me right before I was ready to tape, "We have someone else to play our part, she has big ti - -, and is younger!" The whole thing was horrible. Another producer would take me to the Hamburger Hamlet and over drinks tell me they had someone else to play my part. I mean it as a constant negative flow of energy, all geared to upset and wear and tear you down. When I worked for Bell as a young girl, living at home with my poor mother as my character on the show, that was 10 years past when I came back in 1983. I drove a Rolls Royce, lived on Rockingham, traveled to Europe, wore clothes from Paris. I had developed a strong sense of fashion at an early age. I never related to that character. He kept surprising me. They hired a girl with a beautiful body, sexy, yet when I came to work, it was squash her hair down, bad lighting, weird ratted hair with shots way over the head to distort the face, and at one point they wanted to tape my breasts down. CBS runs a picture of me with the ratted hair and that fake lynx that looks like a cotton ball from an airell shot. At some point, I just began to bring in my own wardrobe. One producer would say, as they brought in an outfit I wore when my character was poor. this is what you used to wear. It was a scene written by Bell. It was, of course, totally inappropriate for the wife of a cosmetic king (I'd be shot in the dark with an up in the air shot. It was a scene from the old regimen, so they would make me look bad). The character had changed. The west coast producer Wes Kenny, had created an ensemble family. My character was to be a foil character for Jack Abbott. A villainess, an exact opposite of what Bell wanted. William Bell didn't want it that way. He no longer owned the show. He made no money off the ratings at that point. Wes Kenny was let go as the west coast producer. I believe it was over my part. William Bell used to call me at home. "Why aren't you crying?" I did my cry. He edited it out. Wes edited the show as well. It was exhausting. I do a crying scene over and over until I lost the tears. That would be the edit chosen. At same point, I did my own hair and make up, insisted upon a key light and no, I would not tape down my breast! If they didn't want them, they shouldn't have hired me. I was about to announce my second bathing suit poster to be released. That week it was to be released. William Bell made me a grandmother. Just couldn't win. I was in my 30's when Bell made me a grandmother. I wasn't ready for that part. So, in the end, the last few years, I wasn't the character William Bell created. I never was that character. It was much work to drum up this character he wanted. I'd grown up into a refined young woman. He had the character crying all the time. No one on the west coast wanted it, including the entire new cast of the Abbott Family. They wanted and needed what was being done, so the characters could interact with me. Finally in the end the character was more me, just me. I felt comfortable, happy (minus the villainess part, which I loved to play). The audience loved this character. But William Bell hated that character. When he fired me he said, "Suffice to say, we had a difference of opinion in character." Well, I was doing what the writers wanted and the audience loved. Someone else was coming up with ideas for me, and other writers. It was selling like hot cakes. So, the ratings were up. It worked and still he couldn't stand that. I was doing what was written in the script. the one and only reasons William Bell fired me is he hated the villain character I played, and he did not want my audience to follow me to another series!!!

William Bell came over to my condo once to meet his daughter, Loralee Bell. She wanted to be an actress so we had dinner. He looked at my place in Century City. It was strongly similar to my Geno City Hotel Suite. He said to me, "I'm going to move here." I said I don't know if any condos are for sale. It was a metaphor, of course. William Bell liked what I had created so much that he did move to Century City. The B&B opening was on my street. I was his muse. He created, you guessed it, opening "Bold and Beautiful." That was me. The office, the clothes. He took the idea for himself.

Meanwhile, he felt he could throw me away like used kleenex. Or could he? I think he knew somewhere in the following years just what a mistake he had made. Literally, millions of viewers clicked off their sets, never to return. They would lie about the Neilson but he knew, as they all knew. They had treated me horribly, and I worked so hard for so many years. Now they were going to steal my career and this was going to be forever. If I ever returned to Hollywood, they would have guns blazing and Attorney Jan Weinberg (my current ex-husband) was a part of the camouflage. And the picture, just as in my last divorce (I will talk about later). They were going to strip me off all my assets and did! What they didn't count on was the internet and the audience that loved me finding out the truth they hid so well...

The producers made no money on the rating points back then so they just ran the show for their own advantages, friends, relatives, etc. They made it difficult for me and others to perform. Bill Espery, the 1st Snapper character, punched his fist through a set wall and broke his hand. He subsequently left Y&R. I believe two components exist. One, the more contracts they could break, millions in their pockets. Also, a battle was waging on the set so the more allies (relatives, friends, family) they could hire their side, the better. The set was extremely unprofessional. I worked with actors who had an addiction problem, constantly on the set and unable to perform. One actor was so angry, he hit a director with an easel prop. The director deserved it, he was tripping actors all over the set, directing them to run all over the set so they could barely say their lines. This same actor walked off the set several times in anger from this director, as well as Terry Lester. Elain Davides would ran to her dressing room and not come out, stating she had diarrhea. This would be the director working the day I was ill and fired. Terry Lester would leave his multi-millon dollar contract for a bit part on Santa Barbara one year later, the rating was a disaster before he left. He had no one to play opposite, Terry had been suspended from walking off the set with this director. I guess he got tired of the constant upset. This same actor broke a fellow actor's nose. No consequence. No problem. Yet, William Bell would fire me for getting doctor's care after he overworked me and made me ill. One actor was out of the studio for 4 weeks, supposedly ill. Another out of the studio for two months with an illness. It was crazy. I gave my notice a year in advance. I just wasn't up to fighting two different characters and I didn't want to play a grandmother in my 30's. There were other problems. I was a highly professional actress forced to work in a completely unprofessional situation. I brought in well over a million viewers back to the network and I was treated like dirt. This fight over my character was going to be a never ending battle. The damage had been done. After they worked me every day and night for 30 days and on weekends from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., sometimes 8:00 p.m. (and when I got home, 15 to 30 pages of dialogue to work on). I got ill. Other actors had broken under this kind of stress. It wasn't just the hours but the huge memorization of lines when I got home. It was nerve-racking as they have you wait 11 hours fully made up to do a scene, so I waited all day fully made up. They would film actors, who barely worked, first, that were under no stress. It was clear they wanted to make it so hard you'd leave so some of their relatives and friends could be hired. The weekends, as they know, was the time to memorize and rest for those of us who worked every day. So, they were pushing a breakdown before my departure. I was diagnosed with a bladder infection and on medication, but by a gynecologist prescribed too weak a medication. He was not a urologist, so Ed Scott made an appointment with his doctor for 10:00 am monday morning. They knew I was ill. I was taken to the emergency hospital. I was fired on a monday trying to keep my medical appointment. I was in pain and needed to be under a doctor's care and needed a stronger medication. An appointment they made at 10:00 a.m. for monday. I left at 2:30 or 3:00, in pain, to see the doctor I had waited all weekend to see a doctor and all day to shoot my scene. It was agreed I'd be filmed first at 6:00 a. m. the first scene on monday. This same problematic director would stop my leaving to see a doctor and keep me there all day instead of filming me first, as agreed. I finally left in pain later in the day to get a doctor's help after he changed my blocking to run all over the set, in severe pain. William Bell would not let me come back to work to film after I saw the doctor. They were poised and ready with someone else to play my part. Their little plan was working. When I said to William Bell this is going to hurt my career, he said you don't have a career! He made sure of it. I would have stayed but is was an ongoing battle. I was still young. I could work elsewhere without the turmoil. I was a top actress in my field. Bell and his friends weren't going to allow that. In fact, they would make sure I never worked again and get involved in my personal life, my divorce to try to make me penniless, which they did.

Much of what is happening in Honolulu is connected to this. I believe the same war is going on. I can't forget the connections to attorneys which I will explain later. Could these attorneys be connected to a network? I sued William Bell for defamation of character, blacklisting, and intentional infliction of pain and other reasons I will not disclose at this time. I was divorcing my first husband. In a deposition of that lawsuit, William Bell said he went to visit my first ex-husband to get his mouth done. He was a dentist. I thought why would he go to visit my ex-husband while we are divorcing. He told me this in a break at the deposition. I had my attorney get this meeting with my ex-husband, in the deposition. Bell knew I had been going through a bad divorce. Now I realize he and his friends where part of it. He said he heard I needed spousal support. That my ex-husband found gold in his mouth? This was a veiled threat. He wanted the lawsuit dropped or he had interfere in my support. Boy, did he ever interfere in my divorce! After being fired in one day and my successful career destroyed, I did need spousal support. I did not get it. Nor did I get a dime of our multi-million dollar community property from my first husband, Robert Rifkin. This case is exactly like the Hawaii divorce to Jan Weinberg. Please read. Needless to say, I got no spousal support. In fact, my ex-husband, Robert Gay Rifkin, was able to commit a totally fake bankruptcy, failed to mention his $2.4 million income with Northrope Dental Plan. No one would help me. The attorneys maneuvered it so his income would be hidden from the Bankruptcy Court. This includes my attorneys. He claimed to make $5,000 per month just from his Beverly Hills practice. (He also had the Northrope Dental Plan). I taped a conversation with his boss at Northrope (his other income) he had gotten a raise, not lost his job, like he testified to. The checks of $2.4 million where subpoenaed by my attorney (reluctantly) at Thorpe and Thorpe law firm (Steven Knowles and bankruptcy attorney, Brian Davidoff). This was one year's salary. They never gave them to the Trustee. Neither did my bankruptcy trial attorney, Richard Moneymaker. They never used the cancelled checks in the trial to prove the bankruptcy fraud (although I put them in the Exhibit Books). They just reinstated an old contract I had for a condo and support in California. Sound familiar. Our property was far more substantial than the contract, just like in Honolulu. My first ex-husband was found guilty of nine counts of civil fraud and forging my signature. Because it was civil fraud, there was no prison time. The real bankruptcy fraud was completely hidden. Bell and his friends had gotten involved in my personal life. When I met with a Los Angeles Attorney, he told me the group of attorneys were called "The Jewish Mafia." I said I am part Jewish, why don't I know of them. He told me to read a book called "Operation Greyloard." It was a book about a sting operation by F.B.I. who taped the bribes going to the judges. I think it was 65 judges and 80 attorneys arrested and prosecuted who went to prison. He also told me about "Racketeering" for fees. In other words, our court system could be bought, which meant certain groups of people could manipulate the judges and courts. This is an incredible realization. This country, I so loved, was actually run by a few people! A group of attorneys and judges involved in organized crime. When called upon, they could do any court manipulation. This bleed into the State of California.

The judge gave a me a $1,100,000 (plus 10% per annum) judgment against my ex-husband, Dentist Robert Rifkin. The trial attorney liquidated the judgment through another bankruptcy judge (Judge Lax). Attorney Jan Weinberg (my current ex-husband) was handling that lawsuit against that attorneys for malpractice. He did try to turn the checks of $2.4 million to the trustee Martin Ritzner just as I did. He wasn't interested in the fake bankruptcy. It was all fraud. Even though I had a legitimate claim of malpractice, Jan let the attorneys go free by dropping the case of malpractice right before the trial. It was all prepared. He said he was worried about his daughter. Did they threaten him. I wondered. By then, the judgment, at 10% per annum, was worth $1,400,000 and millions of dollars of property (real property and other) not done in the "fake bankruptcy trial. It was conflict of interest case. My attorney, Moneymaker, sat down with my ex-husband and negotiated his fees (over $400,000). Then liquidated my judgment. I got nothing. I actually paid my ex-husband's sole and separate tax debts of over $215,000, which was a lien on my condo that I had paid all the mortgages. By working all these years on the Y&R. It was Robert Rifkin's sole and separate debt. Yet his name remained on the condo. The State of California, Attorney John Akin, knew I'd made all the payments that I had been defrauded. He also saw the checks and mailed them back to me. I was to get the condo in a signed divorce decree. I paid on it for years. This case would exactly mirror the case in Honolulu. That is what they wanted (minus the fake bankruptcy). They made me homeless. I got nothing of my multi-million dollar estate in Honolulu either, just as in California. We were multi-millionaires. My first ex-husband still lived in Beverly Hills, kept the $2.4 million income and also the Beverly Hills practice, all real property, etc. With me broke and homeless, I could not be a threat to William Bell or anyone with the truth. Without an agent, it would be impossible to restart my career. All that I had left was $200,000 (the money I earned on the Y&R), the Federal Bankruptcy Court held on to for eleven years, so I would be helpless (then Judge Choy gave it to my ex-husband). So, I was just made homeless. Just like this current case. Judge Choy didn't bother to create a false bankruptcy. He just bluntly gave all the multi-million dollar estate to my ex-husband and defrauded me out of support. He broke every law in the Honolulu book. It was organized crime. They are still in my life. As I created an internet web page, they don't want my face back at all, with the truth. Again, I would be faced with crooked judges leaving me homeless with a multi-million dollar estate all given to my ex!

I know what is going on in Honolulu is connected. That the organized crime are involved in my life, don't want me in Hollywood with the truth or any power. Although the Courthouse in Honolulu is corrupt as I talked to other victims there. This case is outrageous beyond any to date as absurd and fraud. I believe it is connected to Attorney Jan Weinberg's connections with my cases and the favors he did for all the attorneys (as he handled the lawsuit against William Bell's attorneys who represented me and their insurance company lt them go.) What actually happened is a movie and book. There is much more to this story.

I intend to get my half of my marital estate this time. Perhaps I would have to use the District Attorneys or U.S. Attorneys, or the Los Angeles FBI, as the Honolulu FBI does not care. Right now I am waiting for the Appellate Court.

If you read what is going on in Honolulu, Hawaii with Attorney Jan Weinberg, my ex-husband now, you will see a connection to my last divorce, where my contract was taken from me, as well as my condo, and all my property. The same problems I had in that case now mirrors in this case, which was exactly what they wanted. The attorneys did no actual work on the case, just as in Los Angeles, no depositions, no books or recordings would ever be looked at. Please read, as the reason for this blog is to set the record straight. I WAS NEVER IN CONTEMPT OF COURT.

This is happening in the United States. Please read carefully as this could be you. I was never in contempt of court. Judge Choy had no jurisdiction over the sale of a California property. He, illegally, crossed state lines and ignored the California law. By law, a California judge would be appointed to the "sister state judgment" to get a bona fide appraisal and a court-appointed realtor. He broke all the California laws and took away my "Due Process" to have a California judge sell the condo. Everything he did was illegal. It was a "False Arrest" and "False Imprisonment." Judge Choy had to have a signed summons to arrest me. I was not served with his warrant that, by law, must be signed, for him to be able to arrest me.

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I feel very badly for her. She clearly has issues of paranoia coupled with (I'd guess) a narcissistic personality...and by the time of this writing, it appears she has become quite unhinged. The length of that ill-structured diatribe is positively diagnostic.

I hope she can get help. Lest we mock her, this is true evidence of someone who needs mental health assistance.

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I remember her campy, but somewhat good work. She wasn't a bad actress, just kinda over-the-top. She was perfect for a Bell soap, and a great villan, but her claims about falling ratings are non-sense. Well, most of the article doesn't make any sense.

"Welcome To My Home" serves as proof that she was crazed in the 80's. LOL :lol:

That little movie is gold. It's like a cult classic for all the wrong reasons, and I think Ms. Dickson must have been blowing her nose a lot in the 80's or something.

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She's so delusional. I mean, does she really think that Bell created B&B based on seeing her condo? And I do not understand if she's upset that they made Jill a villain or happy about it? And the actor who threw an easel is Eric Braeden. She reveals it in a video posted on her site. Not hard to believe.

She is a cautionary tale for any actor in Hollywood who starts to get too big for their britches. You too can be in jail, broke and alone linging to your glory days. I do not take anyt pleasure in seeing her descent into absolute ruin. I do hope she gets some help and can make peace with where she's at now and can salvage her future.

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