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Daytime Actors Who Most Deserve to Be Unemployed

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I don't mean any offense to other posters who liked these actors, or to the actors themselves, necessarily, some of whom may have just been wrong for the role they were hired for.

Kale Brown

Tim Gibbs

Larry Lau

Jed Allan

Kamar de los Reyes

David Fumero

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I don't like to wish this on anyone but ....

Michael Easton . It looked good when he came to Llanview, but when Brian Frons expects him to be written into every scene.... and did he have to look so damn smelly all the time? He's a much better fit in Llanview now that he's not the body odor that engulfed it.

That Suresucks girl from Y&R as Colleen. BAD RECAST.

On Y&R - that French guy who just started - very attractive but unless he shows some real goodies, that accent has got to go.

AMC - Ryan / Cam Matheson - but only because he has other projects.

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No, he's not natural at all. I had to kind of tune him out while I was catching up on the Nuke storyline (which I've subsequentally lost interest in) last summer.

Ugh! Useless, useless... just useless!



I wouldn't be me if I didn't stress her.

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