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Regarding the synopsis Paul posted, Soap Opera Digest was posting 3 weeks worth of story at the time. The synopsis Paul posted covers the weeks of May 14-18, May 21-25, May 28-June 1, 1979. This is the first batch of Ann Marcus' own material as the week of May 7-11 covered the end of Holloway's much derided Brewster saga. In one of his April columns, soap columnist Jon Michael Reed announced Ann Marcus' work would start appearing in early May. The SOD synopsis prior to this one would have covered Holloway's final week(s), Marcus' arrival, and detailed the conclusion of the mysterious dealings of Reverend Richard Brewster and his connection to Bambi Brewster.

Ann McCarthy's Bambi Brewster was the center of the bizarre tale Jean Holloway wrote for "Love of Life." I was actually shocked to see Ann McCarthy as Sam on "Texas" when the series was being shown on the AOL P&G Channel. McCarthy was talented and charismatic as Sam, which is probably why Marcus kept her rather than dumping the character. Marcus continued the Bambi/Tony/Paul triangle that Jean Holloway had created. Marcus put her spin on it by introducing Kim Soo Ling, Tony's lover from Vietnam. Kim had been a nurse who tended to Tony during the war and had his baby. Kim arrived in Rosehill to convince Tony to help her locate their son, Tran. Tony even blew off his nuptials to Bambi in order to do so. Bambi and Tony's story continued to play out into the final week when Kim departed Rosehill.

From what I've read, Marcus' story seemed more cohesive than subsequent writers, but she did have a bit of a rough start. The highlight of the summer was Given more time, or a better time slot, I think Marcus' "Love of Life" would have caught on. Cathi Abbi was also a solid producer from what I've heard. It's a shame she never was given a shot EPing another serial.

Van had worked before. I believe she was a newsreporter when Labine wrote. It should also be noted that Van returned only recently to the show after a brief break; I assume Audrey Peters had been on vacation. In the story, Vanessa had spent the past several weeks in Switzerland tending to Lynn Henderson after a skiiing accident. However, Lianne Wilson also lamented the fact she was the ONLY female resident at Rosehill Hospital, so at times the show could be a bit much.

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Sorry if this was already posted, but it's a (paraphrased) synopsis of LOL from December 30 1978's SOD. This was Holloway right?

Andrew is worried that his son Andy is reverting to his "lying" self about a friend in Europe, as Andy used to have an imaginary friend when he was a child. Meanwhile, Mary tells Lynn that she is seeing Andy Marriott. Lynn is happy for her and says she is attracted to Cherie's "amore" Kentor, The Fox -- who is secretly Andy Marriott. Andy, as part of a scheme, gives Mary a huge sapphire and diamond ring worth 3K and asks her to pawn it. When Mary goes to a jeweler he tells her its worth 5K. She mentions Andy to him, and when she tells Andy she mentioned his name, he accuses of her trying to ruin him and takes the ring and dumps her. Cherie runs into Andrew at the hospital and mentions knowing his son Kentor. Andrew again thinks Andy is still a liar. He confronts his son and asks if Andy has found a job yet to pay back the money he owes. Andy says no, but in a week he will have the money he needs.

Meanwhile Vanessa decides she has no chance with Bruce and agrees to go with Andrew for a vacation to St. Thomas, no strings attached. Everything seems to be going OK, but Meg has been eavesdropping and doesn't like any of it. She warns Bruce of the trip. Bruce wonders if he wants to lose Van for good. He goes to her place to stop her and she's asleep, as she had already decided not to go to St. Thomas. Bruce and Van reunite in a "tearful embrace." Meg feels sorry for Andrew and calls him up, saying she respects him for letting Van go and relates her experience with loving her daughter's husband.

Bruce has leukemia and the doctor tells him all he and Van can do is pray for a miracle.

Bambi begins dating Al Barton and Ray is jealous. Bambi still has feelings for Ray and tells his wife Arlene that if Arlene ever leaves Ray she will be there waiting. Meanwhile Arlene has feelings for Tom, a past love, and although she isn't totally sure, she agrees to be with him and ask Ray for a divorce, but Carrie asks her if that's wise. She overhears Ray telling Carrie he only wants to make Arlene as happy as he can, and this makes Arlene doubt her decision again.

Elliott knows Betsy was upset by something in Ben's book and tells her he won't let Ben take advantage of her, he will take care of Ben in his own way. Elliott reads the book and realizes it's based on real life, not fiction and that Betsy must have told Ben about her marital issues with Elliott. He's angry with her as well as Ben. He doesn't want to go to the book party but Betsy feels she must go, and she does, behind his back. He warns her never to do anything like that again.

Ben and Mia are thrilled with the success of the book party and plan to go on vacation for a few days. He calls Betsy and Elliott about changing his visitation plans for Suzanne and Elliott says no way, not after what Ben has done to their family. Betsy is horrified. To get back at Elliott, Ben picks Suzanne up on the day of visitation and plans to keep her for the whole weekend. Betsy agrees but Elliott is in the dark.

When Suzanne returns, Betsy is upset, because Ben says that Suzanne calls Mia "mommy." Elliott takes advantage of Betsy's bother and says they should test Ben by saying he will offer Ben complete custody of Suzanne six months a year, Ben will have to prove his dedication to Suzanne, not to being around Betsy.

Zak meets with Lynn at Scirroco's and plans to take her to lunch.

This issue also had a photo of John Travolta's parents, who were apparently big LOL fans, on set with Lloyd Battista (Ray) and Birgitta Tolksdorf (Arlene).

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I don't have as much information about 1978 as I do 1979. I use newspaper columns to pinpoint timelines for "Love of Life." The paper I originally used only started running Jon Michael Reed's column in February 1979. Since then, subsequent papers have put their archives online.

In October 1978, "Love of Life" aired its 7,000th episode. Jon Michael Reed covered the event and announced Cathi Abbi had just taken over and Jean Holloway had been announced as the headwriter. While not inexplicitly stated, it sounds like Holloway's work hasn't aired yet.

I haven't been able to completely pinpoint the weeks in this SOD, but I think it is September/October 1978, which is Gillian Upton's period. I think Holloway's material begins in November 1978 because half a dozen characters are written out in a matter of several weeks.

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Thanks. I have one from 1977 too, would anyone be interested in seeing that or is 1977's stuff already known?

Do you think Upton was any good? I have to admit that when I was reading it it didn't sound like Hollaway, as none of the stories seemed hysterical or, as Schemering called it, "Somerset Maugham gone wild."

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Feel free to add the stuff about 1977. I've been meaning to getting around to look at the "Love of Life" stuff from 1978 and 1977. This will give me a reason.

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This is from March 1977, so I guess this might cover late 1976? I don't know how it works.

Ben is more than ever resolved to make sure that Suzanne never lacks her father. He has goals now: to get a job and to win Betsy back.

His first goal, considering his prison record, is easily achieved. A sporting goods store has hired him. His next goal receives an unexpected setback when he calls to tell Betsy about his job and Jamie answers the phone.

Ben is crushed, he feels a fool. He has no idea that Jamie just dropped by to give Betsy her copy of the annulment papers, that, in fact Jamie is leaving for New York. Ben does not know that Betsy's heart still belongs to him, no matter how hard she tries, she cannot forget him.

Felicia wishes she had Di's faith, her easy communication with God. Taking Di's advice, Felicia visits the hospital chapel, where she vows to do anything to help Charles recover. When Eddie finds her there, and tries to talk to her, to offer his help and - yes - to remind her of their love, she wounds his heart deeply when she says she feels sure God is punishing her for loving him. THis new burden of guilt is too, too much for her to bear.


Lynn's mother calls Bruce in answer to his letter. The first call is taken by Lynn, who puts the phone down in tears because her mother has expressed a strong desire to have nothing more to do with her. Bruce takes the second call himself. After a peremptory discussion with the woman, Bruce says he sees now, why Lynn has the problems she has. Overhearing, Lynn is overjoyed to hear Bruce express deep concern for her welfare, and a true respect for her innate goodness and sweetness. She hugs him in gratitude after he says he wants to apply for papers that will make him her legal guardian. Lynn is truly loved, now.

Arlene is afraid to declare herself completely to Tom. She is falling in love with him and his obvious affection for her seems too good to be true. She lacks the confidence to realize she has all the important qualities he is looking for. She is just happy being with him. As for Tom, he walks on air at the sight of her.

The sale of Beaver Ridge is set in motion. Meg hopes to entice Rick by being a social butterfly. He is too concerned with matters of business to think anything about her, except a vague mistrust of the sale...it is going too smoothly. There must be a catch.


After Betsy admits there is no other man in her life, Ben presses her to admit that she still loves him. The most she will commit herself is to allow him a chance to prove he will not hurt her again, to prove that he is really a "new" Ben. He is elated, sure he can win back the love of his sweet Betsy.

Ian Russell has signed the deal, but Rick must come up with $100,000. Where can he raise that kind of money?

At the final signing, Meg must suppress her tears. Rick is embarrassed and reminds he he is married to Cal, now. She makes a private vow that he WILL forget about her daughter someday.

Ian offers Arlene the job as hostess at Beaver Ridge, if she wants it, without telling her he has bought out Meg. Banking on her basic feelings of inferiority, he reminds her that this would be her chance to "show all of them" - especially Meg. It gives Arlene pause...THAT would be just nifty.

Ian also decides to get a line on Arlene's "friend" by finding out that he is Dr. Tom Crawford and asking for a cardiac examination. It is obvious to Tom that he is being investigated and he finds it disturbing and insulting. It is small help when Betsy suggests that Ian is jealous of him.

Ray Slater's celebration of the big deal is short-lived when Ian tells him to arrange accommodations for two in Puerta Vallerta for New Year's Eve. Ray still wants Arleen for himself, and he tries to convince himself that she would never go away with Ian. Her mother would not like it.


Di says her touching farewells. She has decided to join the mission society as a trainee, hopefully in Peru. All her past heartaches have, she feels, worked to shape her, destining her for this work, for this deep, deep happiness she has found at last. Johnny is especially hurt by Di's leaving. He feels abandoned and frightened by the change. Di does her best to tell him that life IS change, but love can be changeless, if it is strong enough.

Eddie tries again and again to change Felicia's mind about that vow, but she is adamant, though heartbroken. At Van's for dinner, she is startled by a call from the hospital. There has been a change in Charles's condition.


For the first time in her young life Lynn is safe and happy. Bruce tells her he is now her legal guardian, and she cries with happiness. She is truly home.

Ben is becoming impatient with Betsy. He wants to stop this cat and mouse game she seems to be playing. She gives him a present and asks him to stay for a bite to eat. She is hurt by his refusal, but unable to give him an answer to his invitation to Meg's party. She is afraid to commit herself.

Carrie is elated when Arlene admits that she is falling in love with Tom. He is just the kind of man she has always wanted for Arlene.

Arlene is overjoyed when Tom suggests they got to Meg's party, but then the bugaboo of what to wear beings to work and she goes to Rosehill's most exclusive store to find something smashing and affordable. It seems hopeless until Ian comes sauntering in, feigning surprise to see her. He secretly arranges for her to have a designer original. He knows Arlene much better than perhaps even her mother. And he is a man who is relentless in his pursuit of what he wants. Will he succeed?

Ian is also determined to get controlling interest in Beaver Ridge - for his gambling operation. He plans to let Rick sweat out the money angle, then do a deal - a trade of shares for cash.

Meg is happy to hear that Rick plans to buy Cal the Mill House that she wants, even though he needs so much money for Beaver Ridge. She sets a chance to drive a wedge between them and she presses her advantage by pointing out to Rick that Cal is spoiled, with a childish, romantic idea of "poor." He will not admit it - least of all to Meg - but he is worried.


Charles is released from the hospital in time for Christmas. He is very happy, thinking Felicia is now truly home. Felicia does her best to pretend happiness, but her heart is heavy and broken.

Eddie is saddened, remembering the idyllic happiness he shared, so very briefly, with Felicia.

Charles continues to press Felicia for more information about her stay in Danvers. He is like a dog worrying a bone, he cannot let it go. Felicia continues to equivocate, letting him think she was with her Aunt Mavis, but very soon she may have to divulge her guilty secret. Johnny has decided to remain with the Sterlings, and Charles wonders, now if Felicia kept in touch with the boy in her absence. More damning evidence may soon come to light...Felicia has been unwell lately. Van suspects what is wrong, and Felicia is faced with yet another problem. If she is pregnant, how can she explain that to Charles?

Meg's party plants seeds of both great joy and great heartache.

For Ben and Betsy, it is a new beginning. They dance, they laugh, they kiss. She will even go away with him for a skiing weekend.

It is a different story for Arlene, thanks to Ian, who has put his plan to "acquire" Arleen into full gear. Tom has a devastating conversation, alone, with Ian. Ian says Arlene is merely playing with Tom. There are ladies and ladies, says this smooth manipulator, and Arlene is one of the latter, whose acquaintance he made, for a price, at a Key Club run by Ray Slater, a "Front man" for many activities.


Tom is sickened by these disclosures, and he cannot make himself confront Arlene, so he coldly drives her home and never calls.

Knowing that something is wrong, but not what, Arlene decides to call him and remind him that he was the one who wanted them to level with each other always.

The complications mount when he decides to go see her, for Ray Slater has just dropped by to see Arlene, too. Tom's face turns to stone and he leaves, accepting Ray's presence as proof positive of Ian's assessment of the girl he loves.

Rick is suspicious of Ian's offer of a trade, money for controlling interest of Beaver Ridge. He declines, but what will he do?

Cal's unhappiness grows. She feels she doesn't know Rick nearly as well as she thought she did, and the idea that Meg might understand him better makes her very uneasy. She has been thoroughly confused by Meg's counsel of how to deal with Rick, how to tread lightly about money because of his pride. Cal is even afraid to tell him she wants to have a baby.

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This is from around Dec 77

Arlene insists on taking the witness stand! She confesses that she did indeed have a gun with her when she lured Ian to the penthouse, and that she fully intended to shoot him! But as the jury recoils in horror, Arlene continues to unfold her story, and it is not the lurid, sordid picture which prosecutor Earl Merrick painted. Instead, it's a story of a love-starved and basically moral woman who was trying to force herself to kill Ian -- the man who had tried to hire Ray to kill her mother! And being brought up as she was with a strict sense of moral standards, Arlene could not go through with her plan. Instead, she drops the gun as she is overcome with hysterical crying, and crumples to the floor!

When Dory later gives her summation; she reminds the jury that Arlene is on trial for murder -- not for having an affair with a married man. She also reminds the jury that the coroner's report showed merely that Ian died from injuries sustained from a fall down an elevator shaft. The idea that Arlene pushed Ian is purely conjecture on the part of the prosecutor. Indeed, with a penthouse in the midst of construction, it's entirely possible Ian tripped -- that his death was an accident!

But what is Arlene to do, even if she is proven innocent? Her doctor has confirmed that she is indeed almost five months pregnant, and, though she asks for one, he refuses to give Arlene an abortion! He says it would kill her! Arlene is hysterical. She is certain Tom will never marry her if he knows she is carrying Ian's child.


Ben seems to be spending a great deal of his time (much to Mia's aggravation!) thinking of Betsy! Ben again asks Mia if she is certain that nothing happened that morning Betsy walked in on Mia and Ben -- Ben with his arms around Mia, and Mia wearing Ben's shirt! It seems Betsy (understandably!) couldn't believe that Ben was merely comforting Mia -- his platonic friend!

Rick, meantime, is getting quite fed up with Cal constantly calling up and cancelling plans at the last minute because she and Michael must stay late at school!

When Van and Charles discuss the sad but real possibility that Arlene may go to prison, Mary, baby Eddie's nurse, makes a disturbing statement! She says that if fate has it in store for you to go to prison, you go! It doesn't matter if you're young or pretty -- or even innocent! What does Mary's past hold?

And now that the case is over, Dory breaks down and cries. She really believes, now, that Arlene is innocent, and is afraid she didn't do enough for her. Edouard, however, is there to comfort Dory...

With the trial for the murder of Ian Russell finally over, the jury retires to deliberate. Will Arlene be found guilty -- or will she be acquitted? Dory gave a very honest, deliberate, persuasive summation -- but will that be enough to pull Arlene safely through?

Meg, meantime, certainly has her sticky fingers in everyone's business! First, she has lunch with Ben and Cal at Beaver Ridge, and cannot resist making snide remarks to Cal as to the whereabouts of hubby Rick! Indeed, she quite pointedly questions Cal as to why Rick hasn't shown up to have lunch with them!

Tricky Triangles

And what kind of games are these few young people of Rosehill playing with each other? First, Mia invites ex-hubby, Andrew to Christmas dinner at her place! What does Mia want? First it's Andrew she wants, then Ben, then back to Andrew, and now Ben! Indeed, Mia is decidedly upset when she learns from Andrew about the Christmas party at the Sterlings! And at another session with Ben, Mia, through her constant prodding, finally, gets Ben to admit that the character in his book, Annabelle, was, in part, fashioned after Mia! What is this character Annabelle like?

Michael, meantime, studying with Cal under the Christmas tree, is again beset by memories of holidays past! This time, his memories are again of himself as a young boy -- and again he seems to be watching a woman who seems to be a prostitute -- but this time, it seems the woman is his mother!

Meg, meantime, continues to dampen everyone's holiday spirit! First, she warns Ben against Mia, and then, her behavior and constant snide innuendos anger Cal so much, till she finally blows up and says her mother should get a man of her own!


Finally, the jury has reached a decision! But what a decision! They have found Arlene guilty of the murder of Ian Russell! Everyone is in shock! Finally, collecting her wits, Carrie sends Ray to get Tom, who has been tied up at the hospital with surgery. Poor Tom! No words can describe his complete look of hope and utter despair... Oh, his beloved Arlene! How could he let this happen to her? He rushes to her side, and they embrace... Later, Tom visits Arlene in jail. He gives her a Christmas present, and, as he holds her close to him, sings soft songs of love to her...

With the jury's verdict now in, the judge then sentences Arlene -- to 25 years in prison! Of course, Dory immediately readies for an appeal, but what kind of chance will Arlene have for a future acquittal? And, meantime, she must begin fulfilling her sentence! Poor Arlene! And what will she do about the baby? The doctor has told her that there is no way the baby can be aborted, as she is now going into her sixth month! But Arlene is not ready for a baby emotionally -- especially Ian's baby! Oh, what will she do? Finally, needing someone to talk to, Arlene tells Carrie that she is pregnant, but warns her not to tell Tom...

Mixed-Up Mia!

Mia, meantime, tells Wendy that she is very happy with her relationship with Ben! But how can that be when he continually rebuffs her? Indeed, how can she be happy with her relationship with Ben when she is still pursuing Andrew? Ben obviously wants to untangle himself from the clinging vine that is Mia, despite her pretension of being the purely business-like editor! When Mia tried to give him a puppy for Christmas, he gave it right back to her! Finally, when little Susie gives Ben a bag of jellybeans for Christmas, and expects a present in return, the two give the little girl the puppy! Still, Mia is very happy with her Christmas present from Ben -- a music box which plays "Somewhere, My Love"...

Meanwhile, over at the Sterlings, Andrew tells Bruce and Van that Meg roped him into coming to their New Year's Eve party. Bruce understands Andrew's not wanting to start any kind of a social relationship at all with Meg; but Van tends to play the role of matchmaker, trying to reassure Andrew that he would enjoy Meg's company... (Meg had first asked Ben to escort her, but he declined saying memories of last New Year's Eve with Betsy were too painful for him to do any partying...)

Unspoken Feelings?

Later that night, at home, Andrew can't seem to get Mia out of his mind. He remembers the other evening when Mia pleaded with him not to divorce her, and then, sorrowfully trying to accept the reality of it, she then pleaded with him to just put his arms around her and comfort her and stay the night with her... Thinking about all of this, Andrew calls Mia. Once she answers, however, he realizes he really has nothing to say, so he finally just says that Meg roped him into going to the party, though he doesn't want to. Finally, at a loss for words (though emotions seemed to be running strong between the two) Andrew bids Mia goodnight.

Lynn, meantime, continues her overtures of friendship to the secretive, aloof Mary. Though Mary still seems frightened and hesitant, Lynn is able to draw her out of her shell somewhat -- enough so, in fact, that Mary lets it slip that ever since she was a baby, she had heard about Rosehill! A surprised Lynn asks how that could be -- did Mary know someone from Rosehill? But Mary is now tight-lipped, and leaves immediately...

It's New Year's Eve in Rosehill, and it's a bitter-sweet time for all concerned. Arlene, most of all, has quite a cross to bear from the old year. She is now being moved from the local jail to prison, to serve time for the murder of Ian Russell! She and Tom have a loving, tearful farewell; but for Arlene, the farewell is something she fears will be permanent. Over five months pregnant with Ian's baby, Arlene has yet to tell Tom! She is putting off the inevitable as long as possible, for once Tom finds out she is pregnant with Ian's child, Arlene is certain she will lose Tom... Carrie, however, knows Arlene's secret, but she cannot persuade her daughter to confide in Tom. What will happen when Tom finds out?

A Man Around the House?

Meg, meantime, so envied for her wealth and glamour, is in a less than enviable position. New Year's Eve is so often a time when people reassess their lives, and the new year finds Meg alone, lonely, and desperate for male companionship! She is so desperate, in fact, that she tries to get Ben to escort her to Bruce and Van's party! When Ben refuses, saying New Year's makes him miss Betsy more than ever, Meg sets her sights on Andrew! Andrew really doesn't want to go with Meg; but she can be a very persuasive and domineering woman, and, somehow, Andrew finds himself roped into it. Later, when Van and Bruce discuss Meg, Van actually suggests that not only would Andrew be good for Meg, but Meg would be good for Andrew! Bruce can't quite accept that, but Van says, if Andrew had Meg, he would have someone to take care of him!

Later that night in bed, an amorous Van makes romantic overtures to Bruce. She is surprised to discover that he has his pajama tops on. Bruce is wearing his pajamas to hide the needle marks from his extensive medical test; but, as he still hasn't told Van of his terminal illness, he simply tells her he is "christening" his new pajamas, just as she is "christening" the negligee he got her for Christmas! Still, Van senses something is wrong when their attempts at lovemaking are aborted early on because Bruce doesn't have enough energy! Poor Van is understanding, of course. She is very worried about Bruce. And Bruce is upset at this new symptom of his illness -- being unable to fulfill his wife's sexual needs.

News From Abroad!

And Mia, also, spent a very upsetting New Year's Eve. She didn't hear from Ben all weekend! She is furious, until Ben comes over with the latest chapter of his book completed and in fine form, they even kiss, wonderingly, exploringly, passionately!

But the next day, Ben gets a call from Betsy in London! He is so excited. He entertains thoughts that she misses him and is coming back to him. But when he asks her if she's coming home, she says that all depends on the arrangements of her "friend." To Ben, that "friend" sounds like a boyfriend, and that means rejection to him. Ben is again thrown into the depths of despair, and poor Mia guesses why! Oh, what will happen when -- and if -- Betsy returns to Rosehill?

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Thanks Paul Raven. I hope I didn't post anything you were going to post, I always enjoy the recaps you post :)

So Bruce had leukemia for most of 1978?

You could tell in the earlier 1977 stuff that Ian was probably going to end up dead. I didn't realize that was how it would be though.

Did Arlene lose this baby?

So Carrie was Arlene's mother. Did she ever have any other stories? Was she just a talk-to?

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Carl,thanks for the thanks! I love discussing the classic soaps and learning stuff from other posters.

Carrie Lovett,Arlene's mother was played by Peg Murray,who subbed for Constance Ford on AW for several months when Ms Ford had pneumonia. I think Carrie was just a 'talk to'.

Arlene had the baby-a girl she named April Joy.

I would guess some of the characters written out were Rick,Cal,Eddie,Felicia, Charles and Lynn(although some may have been dropped earlier)

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In November 1978, Dr. Joe Cusack died in a car accident the night of his engagement party to Wendy Hayes. Two weeks later, Wendy later revealled she was pregnant, and that is the last mention I find of her. Eddie Aleata married Dory Patton in November and immediately departed for France, I assume the took Dory's daughter Kirsten (and son Kevin) with them. Lynn Henderson went to Switzerland to care for her sick dad. Mary Jane Owens and Andy Marriott went to Los Angeles once Andy was clear of murder charges.

Sometime in 1978, Jonathan Moore stopped appearing as Charles Lamont. He wasn't written out, he simply ceased to exist and with him went Charles, Jr. and Johnny. Cherie Manning, a member of Upton's younger set, disappeared at some point in the fall of 1978.

As Paul mentioned, Felicia was dropped much earlier than 1978. I think she died in June 1977 right before Betsy Crawford ran off to England. Rick and Cal left in June 1978 with Rick's son Hank with the intentions of opening a restaurant in Canada.

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Cherie was mentioned briefly in the December 78 SOD, as dating Andy Merriot's dual identity. I guess she wasn't a very important character.

Do you think any of these characters staying around would have made a difference to the show? For some reason I thought Cal and Rick were there until the end, I'm not sure why.

I hope the recaps helped fill in a few blanks...

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Some info on LOL performers

Andy Marriot was played by Christian Marlowe,son of Hugh Marlowe (Jim Matthews AW) and KT Stevens (Vanessa Prentiss Y&R)

Lynn was played by Amy Gibson who turned up on Y&R in the 80's as Alana Anthony

Sherry Rooney played Dory Patten, She met and married John Aniston (Eddie) on the show.

Joe Cusack was played by Peter Brouwer, who became Brad Hollister on ATWT in 1980

Cherie Manning was played by Elizabeth Stack,daughter of Robert Stack

Her mother Faith was played by Gretchen Walther who was one of the many Patti's on SFT

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Most of the characters written out were such peripheral characters who were given major storylines. Dory Patton came on as the lawyer during the custody battle over Felicia's baby and then was suddenly vying for the affections of both Eddie and Tom. Eddie struggled to maintain story time since his arrival. Dory's legal assistant Wendy Hayes romanced Dr. Joe Cusack, who worked at the hospital but often had little to do. Mary Jane Owens came on as a nanny for baby Charles and later was linked romantically to Michael Blake, who I think Meg paid to break up Rick and Cal. Lynn floundered in various romantic pairings. Most of the characters didn't work because they had no substantial ties to the canvas.

Personally, I would have kept Lynn Henderson and Andy Marriott. Lynn was practically a daughter to Van and it would have been interesting to see her involved in the Amy Russell storyline and her reaction to Steve Harbach. Lynn's strained relationship with her parents and her battles with alcohol were enough demons that the show could have revisited down the line. Upton created Andy in the Ben Harper mold, a rich playboy who often got himself into trouble. It would also have been interesting to see Andy's reaction to his father's relationship with Lianne Wilson. There were a number of younger females on the show in the last year who Andy could have slept his way through. Later on, I probably would have brought back Cal and her stepson, Hank, since Hank was Bruce's grandson. I probably would have either killed Rick off or left him in Montreal.

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I agree with your choices DC. I am surprised that neither Alan or Barbara reappeared in the 70's. It seems odd that such core characters were written off never to return. Was Alan ever married?

Lynn was obviously created to give Van and Bruce a 'child', much the same as Jo on SFT became 'mother' to Bruce Carson.

Going back,I wonder why Van never had children, Was this ever addressed? It would have been a good story had Van become pregnant and to play out the reactions of Barbara and Vivian.

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