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All: Characters you will root for-no matter what????

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AMC: Kendall, Zach, maybe Adam

GL: Lizzie

DAYS: Sami, EJ

OLTL: I hate who Todd has become, but I don't hate the character at his core.

GH: No one. Which may surprise some, you might think I'd say Jason &/or Carly, but honestly, I'm indifferent towards Carly, and I'm no fan of the current balls-less Un-Jason Morgan right now, and haven't been for quite some time.

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Well... given good writing we shouldn't have to consider this, because usually strongly-written and concieved characters don't just do stupid [!@#$%^&*] out of the blue, however... hmm it does raise a good question.

B&B: Stephanie Forrester

Y&R: Victor - honestly, he doesn't make me mad or irk me he makes me laugh my ass off all the time. I cannot take Eric Braeden seriously for a single instant... haha he's just this hilarious caricature... However, I don't know if I'd 'root' for him as much as just watch him haha

GL: Reva... I love me some Reva and Dinah

ATWT: Barbara - usually

and probably Dorian and Blair


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Exactly, although I did hate AJ. But maybe if he came back now, I'd root for him, simply because I want to root for anyone who isn't Un-Jason.

Damn, and Victor on Y&R. I would have said Victoria, but not since the re-cast, only with Heather T.

Frick, and Jeffrey O. on GL. I don't know what it is about Bradley Cole, but I have to like this character no matter what asinine thing he does.

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