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  1. d_wsb

    New Art!

    all my new art has been updated and posted here: art link
  2. d_wsb


    moved to: http://z10.invisionfree.com/The_Ice_Princess
  3. http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/10/22/jo...-greys-anatomy/ Joshua Jackson Joins ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. I love him!
  4. d_wsb


    thank you it was actually a full page ad that i re-arranged to suit a banner
  5. d_wsb


    ok so all i got is one? let's just say i'm not update on my Y&R pics at all.... yet
  6. d_wsb

    GH avatars

  7. aww. well mama devane's getting it too..lol now we just need robert. great ep
  8. ummm how did i miss this? wow great stuff jen!
  9. must you leave me hanging here? great writing guys. so much core family history. I love it! take a note Guza/JFP/Frons
  10. me spreading my tracy <3333333333333333333
  11. d_wsb


    my first OLTL stuff.
  12. I really dont know what to think for this season. I really liked Addison and Christina & Burke's relationship... probably the parts I most enjoyed to watch.
  13. d_wsb

    GH: Vets

    Well it's not ALL vets but just my ode to Alan Quartermaine & vets, there was never a reason to kill him off!
  14. d_wsb

    GL & ATWT

    ok I haven't forgotten about you CBS lovers.. your probably sick of my GH stuff by now. have a nice weekend! -dee
  15. d_wsb

    PCE: Episodes 78-80

    oh i love it! skye/Aj vs. emily/jason.. i'm so on the skye/aj's side! aww love scorpio house. I really like maxie & robin scenes and i knew it was brenda!! though i love VM will give it a chance.. love J&B just as much as S&B. "nobody leaves.."
  16. other than i want to smack lizard's face every time I see her on my screen and can't believe i cheer evil sam but hey what can you do?
  17. ms. Q i love the banner.. those women are the best on GH and they dont know at all how to write for them! i like all those characters i'm sick of carly, lulu sam & liz.
  18. d_wsb

    Lucky & Liz

    scrolling down memory lane.. some L&L2 i made in the past
  19. d_wsb

    NS & GH

    Thanks for your comments oh J&R.. I dunno but I'm not liking scrubs at all, lately.
  20. Finally an episode that I enjoyed like all month. Maybe because it was free of lulu & carly i think or it was good to see all the mid-younger set used. Kinda an ensemble feel and it wasn't total jiz'ed up. you rock karen harris, the real HW of GH! i wonder how long their happiness will last?
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