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All: Best and Worst of 2007

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In your Opinion what was the Best and Worst of 2007?

Best Soap: Bold and the Beautiful

The reason why I chosed it was because they were consistant the whole year. I love that Ashley came to LA! :D

Worst Soap: Guiding Light

Nothing to watch over there!

Most Improved Soap: One Life to Live

Ever scince the 10,000 episode everything went up hill! :D Return of the VETS. Great storyline and a great Head Writer to go with it.

Best Storyline: OLTL's Marcie vs Todd

Worst Storyline: DAYS' Vendetta

Best News: Megan McTavish was fired

Worst News: Passions is cancelled

Best Departure: ATWT's Alexandra Chando

Worst Departure: Y&R's Victoria Rowell

Best Head Writer: OLTL Ron's Carvilart

Worst Head Writer(s): AMC Barbra and James

Best Couple: ATWT Noah/Luke

Worst Couple: Y&R Nick/Phyllis

Now lets here from you! :D

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Best Soap: Young and Restless by default

Worst Soap: From what little I see of it, AMC

Most Improved Soap: One Life to Live

Best Storyline: OLTL's Marcie vs Todd-Agree through the court case....The Marcie on the run part of it needs to be over yesterday. I'd pick Y & R's From the Ashes as the best storyline.

Worst Storyline: Jessica and her liver transplants and OPP.

Best News: Dena Higley was fired.

Worst News: Ratings for all soaps.

Best Departure: OLTL's Marty

Worst Departure: GH's AQ

Best Head Writer: OLTL Ron's Carvilart

Worst Head Writer(s): Megan McT

Best Couple: Y & R's Michael and Lauren

Worst Couple: Days' EJ and Sami; OLTL's Nash and Jessica

Adding some categories:

Best Theme Song: Y & R

Best Use of Music: Y & R, One Life

Worst Soap Baby Name: Bree on One Life, Fen on Y & R

Best Baby Name: Johnny on Days

Cutest Soap Kid: Jamie-One Life

Most Annoying Soap Kid: Mikey on GH, Starr on One Life(this year only)

Cutest Soap Baby: Tommy McBain on One Life, Fen on Y & R

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Best Soap: One Life to Live

Worst Soap: All My Children, Young and the Restless

Most Improved Soap: One Life to Live

Best Storyline: GH's Hostage Crisis - though they lost some points by just copying this in November.

Worst Storyline: Kinda hard to narrow it down - Anything on AMC, Out of the Ashes - Y&R, Vendetta - DAYS, Black and White Rip Off Ball - GH,

Best News: Ed Scott comes to DAYS

Worst News: Ratings for all soaps. (agree)

Best Departure: Jett, Jeremy, Willow - DAYS

Worst Departure: Renee Jones - DAYS - Why bother bringing her back and not giving her any sort of send off? I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that things got kinda messed up when James Reynolds had to have heart surgery but after he was back it work they just blew it.

Best Head Writer: OLTL's Ron Carlivati. (agreed)

Worst Head Writer(s): everyone else.

Best Couple: GL's Ashlee and Coop

Worst Couple: DAYS Max and Stephanie (she is the daughter of the woman you call your sister and the granddaughter of the woman you call mom - its gross no matter how you slice it).

Added Category

Most Overrated Couple: ATWT's Luke and Noah - the fact that before Noah even aired I saw banners and the like claiming them as the best couple to ever walk the face of soaps got tiring.

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Best Performance: Deidre Hall - Marlena's breakdown on Friday the 19th of October. The breakdown and the talk with Belle was hands down the best this year. Rivaled by her performance during John's actual death on the 17th, but Friday's shows wins for me.

Best Soap: -

Worst Soap: General Hospital - Days Of Our Lives for the first three quarters of the year.

Most Improved Soap: As The World Turns... I'm enjoying it, I'm only up until mid November though...

Best Storyline: John's Death

Worst Storyline: DAYS' "Vandetta" with EJ/Sami and Santo/Colleen included in that.

Best News: -

Worst News: Dena Higley to re-join Days Of Our Lives

Best Departure: DAYS' Drake Hogestyn - it was sad but John's death was beautifully done, and I hope he returns soon :)

Worst Departure: Y&R's Victoria Rowell

Best Head Writer: From what I hear - OLTL's Ron Carlivati has turned that show around...

Worst Head Writer(s): AMC/Esenstein-Brown, DAYS/Sheffer

Best Couple: DAYS' John/Marlena

Worst Couple: DAYS' Sami/EJ-Colleen/Santo -

--- I can't root for the rapist and his victim no matter how much chemistry they have or no matter how much they try to push them down my throat.

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Best Soap: Bold and the Beautiful

Relatively consistent, the whole show is based on talented actors, fast paced storytelling, glamor, camp...absolutely fabulous. I think B&B has found its footing thanks to Kay Alden. The show is back.

Worst Soap: All My Children

Once one of daytime's best soaps, this show is a royal mess. An absolute disgrace to the genre. And all thanks to that son of a bitch Brian Frons.

Most Improved Soap: One Life to Live

Ron Carlivati breathed some life into this once disastrous sudser.

Best Storyline: John Black is Dead.

Every member of the DAYS cast hit it outta the park. The show has been very poor this whole year. This storyline is a bold one which will affect the show for years to come.

Worst Storyline: 'Out of the Ashes...this whole year of The Young and the Restless

Lynn Marie Latham cannot write a successful soap, let alone the grand dame of daytime, Y&R. She has failed and Out of the Ashes proved it.

Best News: Eileen Davidson goes from Y&R to B&B

Without missing a beat this talented actress hopped soaps to sister sudser B&B and added some real juice to the happening in LA. Y&R's tremendous loss is B&B's gain.

Worst News: Jackie Zeman is taken off contract.

Personally, this news hurt. I will never watch GH again because of Zeman's removal from contract. I simply cannot go back to a show that would treat someone of her immense talent, loyalty and kindness with such disregard. My favorite ABC Daytime performer reduced to recurring status. Pathetic and unforgivable.

Best Departure: Megan McTavish and Dena Higley (and hopefully that plot driven bitch LML)

Enough said.

Worst Departure: Y&R's Victoria Rowell

One of daytime's more outspoken divas. Rowell was a special part of Y&R. Her exit was both unfortunate and distasteful.

Best Head Writer: Brad Bell & Kay Alden

It turns out that Kay Alden + a Bell = magic. Bill Bell's right hand woman since 1974 brought new energy to a stagnant B&B after an acrimonious split with her soap home of 33 years, Y&R. Y&R's crushing loss turned out to be B&B's greatest gain ever.

Worst Head Writer(s): Lynn Marie Latham, The Young and the Restless

This plot driven bitch took a sledge hammer to daytime's finest program, reducing it to a pile of sh*t in less than a year. Ego driven, moronic, unrealistic and a downright awful soap writer. Hopefully the rumors of her ouster are true and Y&R will be able to recover.

Best Couple: Noah & Luke, As the World Turns

Love em or hate em they are groundbreaking.

Worst Couple: EJ & Sami, Days of our Lives

One of the worst pairings in recent memory and this gruesome twosome is still being crammed down viewer's retinas. The fact that EJ raped Sami doesn't help matters. A total dud.

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Best Soap: Days of our lives

Worst Soap: All my children and One life to live

Most Improved Soap: Days

Best Storyline: John's death

Worst Storyline: Touch the sky

Best News: Edward on Days

Worst News: The rating of Days but now is getting up

Best Departure: Jett & Jeremy

Worst Departure: Michelle & Danny on Guiding light

Best Head Writer: OLTL Ron's Carvilart

Worst Head Writer(s): Hogan Sheffer but now he is getting better

Best Couple: DOOL Sami/EJ

Worst Couple: Y&R Jack/Sharon

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Best Storyline: Luke & Noah's romance, ATWT. Yes, the show is being a wee bit stingy with their airtime; and yes, their viability as a couple is threatened with each new, cliched plot-twist the writers throw at them; but you have to give ATWT credit for giving this hardened cynic the first thing to root for in a very long time.

Worst Storyline: The Brady/DiMera feud, DAYS. What if you threw a vendetta that had little-to-nothing to do with the people who have been damaged the most by it, and nobody came?

Best Actor: Tuc Watkins (David, OLTL). That is, when he's around. ;)

Best Actress: Kate Collins (Janet, AMC). That is, when she's around. (We just can't hold onto the good ones anymore, can we?)

Worst Actor: Cameron Mathison (Ryan, AMC). And it will be this way until he is gone and stays gone. Then, it's Eyal Podell's turn.

Worst Actress: Nicole Forrester (Cassie, GL). I'd suggest the bland-as-oatmeal actress link up w/ CamCam for a morning chat-show...but, you know, Regis & Kelly are bad enough.

Best Newcomer - Male: Austin Peck (Brad, ATWT). It might not count, since Peck's been in the business for eleven years. Still, when was the last time you heard about a bonafide soap stud actually improving as an actor (and in a different role, at that)?

Best Newcomer - Female: Farah Fath (Gigi, OLTL). Seriously, DAYS, what do you do to these poor, misunderstood actors?

Worst Newcomer - Male: Who was that guy who played Cole on ATWT? Oh, God, he's so bad, I can't even remember his name.

Worst Newcomer - Female: Bonnie Dennison (SuDaisy, GL). Watching this sulken teenaged girl fold her arms and mumble her way through scenes reminds me why I'm glad to be out of high school.

Best Younger Couple: Luke & Noah, ATWT. See above.

Best Older Couple: Charlie & Viki, OLTL. It isn't the first time I've seen Viki get down-and-dirty and find love among us common folks, but it's the first time I buy it completely.

Worst Couple (Younger OR Older): Josh & Cassie, GL. Just as I had suspected, this relationship doesn't look right even on paper.

Best News Development: Sarah J. Brown Returns, GH / Dena Higley Fired, OLTL. LML's ousting from Y&R would make this list, but until it's confirmed....

Worst News Development: Eric Steinberg (ex-Ji-Min) Fired, Y&R. Ji-Min Kim was that rare, successful, Asian-American businessman who wasn't written to stereotype (not a Chinese restaurant or laundry in sight), and whose nationality was only secondary to his character. And Y&R fans, picking up on the chemistry between him and Jess Walton's Jill, actually looked forward to genuine, and genuinely steamy, relationship between the two. So, naturally, it made perfect sense to kill him off, in an all-but-forgotten whodunit. Makes about as much sense, in fact, as getting brained by a falling biscuit (hi, Victoria!).

Most Shocking News Development: Drake Hogestyn Fired, DAYS. Whether you like the guy or don't; or believe it to be true or not; you have to admit, it takes guts for DAYS, which is already on the bubble (to say the least) to go to such elaborate lengths.

Most Improved Soap: OLTL. No, I don't think Ron Carlivati is the Messiah, but in a very short period of time, OLTL has regained some intelligence. Then again, compared to the comic book that is GH, or the "See Spot Run" level of dialogue and character interaction on AMC, OLTL can't help but look Chekhovian.

Worst Soap: GL. From the abysmal production values, to the wooden acting, to the plots that were as thin as the walls on the show's aforementioned cheap-o sets, "the LIGHT," once the grandest in all daytime, truly dimmed this year on all fronts.

Best Soap: ATWT. To echo SOD's sentiments, this wasn't ATWT's finest year by a long (or even short) shot; but, IMO, they were the most consistent.

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I added a few at the end to round it out; hope you don't mind! As for my picks, I tried to share the love around, by I believe my ABC bias shows a bit- those are the shows I'm most familiar with.

Best Soap: Bold and the Beautiful

I don't think it's quite as good as as One Life during the second half of the year, but it has had probably the most solidly good year of all of the soaps. B&B has a great cast, and has had some wonderful stories.

Worst Soap: All My Children

Does this even require an explanation?

Most Improved Soap: One Life to Live

I think this one is hard to dispute. It's been amazing recently: Viki and Dorian are being used, there's humor, there are unexpected storylines. And I really like all of the new characters and the romances that are brewing.

Worst Storyline: GH- Jake's paternity/ Liz and Jason.

Best News: Passions moving to direct TV.

This move opened up a whole new world of opportunities for soaps.

Worst News: DOOL will probably be canceled.

Best Departure: Drake Hogestyn (DOOL)

I do feel bad for Drake. He was loyal to the show for decades, and it's always a shame to see a vet fired. But in my opnion, he was just a horrible actor. Really, truly atrocious. And John's death is the best soap death I've even seen. It really showed how (perhaps, surprisingly) talented the cast and writers of DOOL could be. Drake's departure was completely worth it, in my opinion.

Worst Departure: Cady McClain (AMC)

Killing Dixie Cooney Martin (by poisoned pancake, no less) must be one of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen on a soap.

Best Head Writer: Ron Carlivatti (OLTL)

This guy really gets what soap operas should be, in a way that I don't think any other head writers, aside from probably Brad Bell, do. He has brought humor, likable characters, and the vets back to Llanview. But even more importantly, he's creating refreshing, unusual stories. It is so rare to see a writer bold enough to bring so much of the cast out of Llanview, or creative enough to send them to a tiny town in Texas. And who would have expected the Langston story? I certainly didn't. In only a few months, Carlivatti has given Llanview the best drama I think it's ever had.

Worst Head Writer(s): Bob Guza (GH)

Okay, yes, I realize that GH isn't half as bad as AMC or Guiding Light. But it's also twice as infuriating, and for that, I blame Guza. He has kept the same characters (portrayed by some of the only weak actors in the entire cast) on the frontburner for over half a decade! Most soaps have their Mary-Sues, but Guza brings it to a whole other level. He shoves some characters down the audience's throats, and sacrifices others completely, and convoluted and repetitive storylines are killing this once great show.

Best Couple: Bill and Lizzie (GL)

The best couple, in my opinion, was a non-romantic one. This unexpected duo was one of the few bright spots in a very dark year for GL. They made it fun, fresh, and exciting.

Worst Couple: Liz and Jason (GH)

UGH. These two go on and on in circles. It's repetitive, and it's boring. They've left a path of destruction behind them, sacrificing Lucky, Sam, Alexis and Ric, and Liz's moral integrity all for this horrible, horrible coupling. It was not a worthwhile trade: they manage to be simultaniuously boring and infuriating. Blinky is always a boring screen presence, and BH, who I normally adore, seems anaesthetized in his presence. My hatred for the couple that ate the show truly knows no bounds.

New couple with best potential: Lizzie and Bill (GL) or Cristian and Sarah (OLTL)

Most wasted talent: Most of the cast of GH, but particularly Rick Heart and Nancy Lee Grahn.

Why don't these two have a real story? They're both so fabulous, but their characters are continually demonized or shoved to the backburner. It's a shame to see two of the very best performers on daytime so completely wasted.

MVP (female): Catherine Hickland (OLTL)

MVP (male): Peter Bergman (Y&R)

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Best Soap: Bold and the Beautiful

Worst Soap: Guiding Light

Horrible storylines,pod characters and awful sets

Most Improved Soap: Bold and the Beautiful

Best Storyline: Who shot stephanie?

Worst Storyline: Anything involving preacher Josh and his skanky wife Cassie, and Gloria Fisher :angry:

Best News: Lynn Latham may be gone :D

Worst News: Stuart Damon was fired

Best Departure: Emily Quatermaine

Worst Departure: Y&R's Victoria Rowell

Best Head Writer: Brad Bell

Worst Head Writer(s): GL David Kreizman

Best Couple: ATWT Noah/Luke

Worst Couple: GL Josh/Cassie :angry:

Worst EP: Ellen Wheeler

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BEST SOAP: B&B by far! Despite the dreadful Rick/Phoebe/Constantine love triangle, the show has been very solid all year, constantly getting better. Shane McGrath's mystery allowed Ronn Moss to show some range for a chance. Brooke's rape has been fantastic, leading into Stephanie's shooting which si the best soap mystery in YEARS (so far).

WORST SOAP: TIE--ATWT/Y&R. On ATWT we saw nearly every character destroyed, mainly the women, so many cast members have either been wasted or put in thankless stories. Y&R has managed to be extremely boring and unrealistic at the same time. Character, cast and behind the scenes destruction everywhere. This isn't Y&R..

Most Improved Soap: OLTL, although there is lots to still work on.

Best Storyline: Thorne and Donna's love affair on B&B. It had humor, romance, history and turned Jennifer Garies' filler character into a popular lead!

Worst Storyline: So hard! :lol: I'll go with Rick/Phoebe/Constantine on B&B. From the moment it began Brad Bell *knew* fans didn't want incest, so he said "Dont' watch." Fans took his advice and B&B's ratings began to slip. Then he threw creepy Constantine into the mix and B&B hit a record low in ratings. Doesn't get much worse than that!

Best News: Lynn Marie Latham OUT at Y&R!

Worst News: Victoria Rowell being run off the Y&R set. Dru's exit has meant the exit of Neil and Devon as well, who are now under 5's basically, lol.

Best Actress: Jess Walton, turning crap and scraps into gold.

Best Actor: Jon Hensley ATWT

WORST Actress: Tammin Sursok, Y&R

Worst Actor: Brandon Buddy, OLTL

Best Newcomer: Eric Steinberg, Y&R

Worst Newcomer: Tammin Sursok, she wins two!

Best Couple: Ashley/Ridge B&B. She along with the Shane mystery brought Ronn Moss back to life. He's back to sucking after the writers stupidly broke them up.

Worst Couple: Carjack, Kack ATWT

Potentially GREAT Couple: Lily and Dusty, ATWT. The character of Lily has totally been revived with this story.

Best Headwriter: Bradley Bell/Kay Alden, B&B

Worst Headwriter: B&E at AMC. They didn't even try and secure their job by giving the fans what they wanted initially. Crap from day one! LML is the runner up!

Most Wasted Talent: Jess Walton and Jeanne Cooper on Y&R. Jess Walton was leaving the show and LML got her to re-sign by promising her a huge frontburner story. That's how it was promoted, but ultimately two mediocre newbies (Cane and Amber) were the stars. It was also one of the worst history rewrites ever.

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I don't watch all the soaps but..

Best Soap DOOL. Yes it can be dull at times, but the John funeral and the resulting material for DH make up for a year of Sami and EJ and Shawn on the run in the south pacific. Plus, we got to see a bit of Shawn Sr, Doug and Julie, and the ever fabulous Kate in the forefront of the shooting story. If there was a better scene than Marlena/Stefano after Belle's marriage this year, I am not aware of it.

(of course the actual best soap is Edge Of Night on aolvideo.com, but I am sticking to new stuff)

Worst Soap. AMC. I wish I could say Kendell I hardly knew you, but unfortunately you are on every episode and every segment talking about problems I frankly don't care about. You made me stop watching AMC, and I detest your presence on what was once a great soap.

Best Story Noah and Luke vs Noah's father ATWT. With a side of Dusty and even Robin Mattson, this was the story of the year I think.

Worst Story-- the Text Message Killer GH. A serial killer should actually kill people, and 2 people over 4 months with no clues and no one actually looking for the killer hardly strikes me as "serial". Agatha Christie has nothing to worry about when it comes to the writers of GH.

Best Actor--I forget his name the guy who was Frank Ryan on Ryans Hope who was playing Noah's father. He owned ATWT this year.

Best Actress-- Deidre Hall.

Worst Actor--no idea

Worst Actress--no idea

Best Couple Noah and Luke ATWT

Worst Couple Kendell and Zach AMC

Wasted Talent. There is so much to choose. Stuart Damon GH.

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Horrible role??? Noah's father was the best role on the show! He got to do all these crazy scenes and get this great dialogue. I thought it was the best role on the show. A story is only as good as its villain, and he is why Noah/Luke aren't just a good couple, but why they starred in a great story at the same time.

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Best Soap: Bold and the Beautiful

It's had more HITS than MISSES this year than any other soap right now. Bradley Bell sure does know how how to pull out all the big stops for his soap's 20th year on the air. What can we expect when B&B turns 25 or even 30 for that matter?

Worst Soap: The Young and the Restless

WTF? LML has managed to make the the number one daytime drama, with it's class and character driven stories, and has turned it into some plot driven mess. Brian Frons and Jill Farren Phelps would be proud.

Most Improved Soap: One Life to Live

I agree ever since the 10,000th episode everything has gone uphill for the soap. Great episodes, sharp dialogue, amazing cast and stories. Thank you RC for reminding me why I fell in love with soaps and Llanview!

*Most Disappointing Soap: Guiding Light

I never thought I'd ever let this show go as a viewer, having watched it since the day I started elementary school. Congrats to DK and EW for making me do so. I have no emotional connection to this show anymore. The show started off promising this year, but has gone downhill throughout the year with ridiculous pairings and stories. Fire these hacks PRONTO!

Best Storyline: OLTL's Marcie vs Todd

What can I say, RC played this story out with all the right beats and hit it out of the ballpark.

Worst Storyline: Touch the Thighs....oops I mean Sky!

Best News: Megan McTavish is fired!

Worst News: Passions is cancelled

Best Departure: DAYS Drake Hogstyns(sp?)

Johm's death was Emmy material. Everyone involved was amazing.

Worst Departure: Y&R's Victoria Rowell

Best Head Writer: OLTL Ron's Carvilarti

Worst Head Writer: Lynn Marie Latham

Best Couple: ATWT Noah/Luke

Worst Couple: GL Josh Lewis and Cassie Layne

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