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AMC SOD SPoiler summary

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Kate Collins (Janet) - Janet first appears on 11/21.

Jill Larsen (Opal) - Opal lends Erica an ear on 11/8.

Plot Preview:

Adam drops the Stuart act & reveals that he wants a reunion with Krystal. Krystal is drawn to Adam, but the situation is complicated. Tad spies Krystal in Adam's arms & forbids her from bringing Jenny anywhere near Adam. To keep peace, Krystal has a restraining order issued against Adam, but by week's end, the duo is hitting the sheets again.

Late-Breaking News:

Greenlee's arrested!

Zach & Kendall's failure to communicate blows up in their faces, & in Greenlee's.

Kendall overhears Greenlee's comments & interprets them as Greenlee wanting to take Kendall's children. Kendall sets things up so that it seems that Greenlee is kidnapping Spike. When the cops arrive & find the diary entries, it seems that Greenlee is obsessed w/ Spike.

At the police station, Greenlee is stunned that her best friend could be so calculating & purposely menacing in retaliation for what to Greenlee was truly an accident.

When Kendall talks to Zach, she realizes that Greenlee was referring to her own possible children, not to Spike & Ian. It's because of Zach's revenge scheme that Greenlee had hope that her embryos survived & that she could be a mom. Kendall plans to admit that she framed Greenlee, but before she can, Greenlee, on Aidan's advice, pleads guilty. Aidan arranges for the court sprinkler system to go off, & in the ensuing chaos poses as a firefighter & carries Greenlee to safety.


Headwriters JHB & BE hope to launch AMC's next big social issue s/l in early 2008.

Sneak Preview:

Zach & Kendall fear Greenlee's next move on 11/12.

On 11/13, Kendall holds Zach responsible for the mess they're in.

Soaps' Hottest Bachelors:

AMC's Jeff Branson!

What Will Happen:

Kendall is shocked & amazed by the plan Zach set in motion against Greenlee.

Ryan confronts Zach & Kendall about their Greenlee set-ups.

Aidan sets out to rescue Greenlee.

Sound Off:

An anti-Jerica letter from someone who would love to see Jackson leave Erica for another woman.


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LMAO! This story is GREENLEE propping pure and simple. It actually makes me laugh out loud to think Greenlee's arrest on false charges would prop Zendall! Hmmm, let's see...we have big, bad, mean ol' Kendall trumping up false charges against poor, sweet, put-upon Greenlee. Greens will actually confess to the charges in order to get Kendall to like her again. How can you not FEEL for her?!?!

Oh! And then big bully Zach is taunting her with claims that he has her Rylee embryos. He's EVIL! How can you not want to cry your eyes out for the poor angel Greenlee?!?! The writers are making Zach and Kendall look bad in order to generate sympathy for the BUT I'M SOOORRRRRRYYYYYYY! baby maimer of Pine Valley. THAT is propping at it's finest.

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You know you should really credit your source when you post this, otherwise it's considered stealing, people do take the time to type this stuff out for us, and deserve credit........

Riiiiiiight cause as we know popular characters need propping cause their popular, oh wait......... :rolleyes:

Riiiiiiiiight saints of Pine Valley, ROFLMFAO thanks for the laugh I needed it. I guess I am watching a different AMC than you. The one I'm watching Greenlee is love and Zach and Kendall are EVIL for *gasp* wanting justice for their kids.

Same with Richie, he's EVIL for *gasp* for having the nerve to be pissed that he was sent to jail for something he didn't do


WORD, WORD and more WORD!!!!!!!!! :D

Remember now Greenlee is LOVE, cause she's the new Babe.

Let's not forget she's sorry and gets to ride the spotted dick everyday *gags*

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