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ATWT News Flash: Winston Shot Luke

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On screen, Colonel Meyer may have shot his son, Noah's, boyfriend, Luke, in order to keep the two apart. But in real life, actors Daniel Hugh Kelly (Mayer), Jake Silbermann (Noah) and Van Hansis (Luke) were all smiles at the opportunity to shoot outside the studio.

Of course the blog that invents all sorts of lies to hide P&G's incompetence would be the source of this plot detail. Not once on-screen was the cause of Luke's paralysis mentioned. We were never told if a bullet injured his spinal cord, etc. Perhaps Alina can explain Meg's miraculously restored fertility too.

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The shot Winston fired was clearly AFTER Luke was pushed away, and presumably went down the hill. It was a lousy job of editing, but that's the reason no one's ever said anything about a bullet harming Luke's spinal cord. And it kind of proves she doesn't actually watch the show...if she did, she might have asked for a clarification from someone.

Is it just me, or is this On screen, Colonel Meyer may have shot his son, Noah's, boyfriend, Luke, in order to keep the two apart just a really bad use of our friend, the comma? Note to P&G...you get what you pay for. :)

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