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Did you miss Mac on "Today?"

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    • I did some investigating while awaiting your response, and it appears that when our SSL certificate is up for renewal every few months (the lock in your address bar; not me paying a renewal fee, just the certificate updating via a 3rd party provider), not all browsers will update with the new SSL certificate information which from a user standpoint might cause some visitors to be warned that our website is vulnerable to possible viruses. Cloudflare, which handles our SSL certification and has done so for years, I believe, recently addressed this issue and is currently putting out a fix throughout its network to prevent something like this. That being said, please send an email in the future instead of posting on the message boards. We're actively working on a new help section that will combine support services for both the SON Community and the website that will also be available to alert us of such matters.
    • Seems like the idea was that Tucker had somehow improperly gotten the will altered to ensure Devon inherited the *billions*.  But really Colin was playing a trick to get the will switched so Cane would inherit the *billions*.  Devon thought Tucker had engaged in some trickery and signed over the *billions*, and then Colin left with the money, laundered it (?) and then redeposited it in Devon's account -- or something like that.  It was too stupid for words.  
    • It was in 2019 so I sorta forget now but, I think he and Joll separated at that point. He hired Amanda to come in, pretended to be Chance and challenged the will. Forget how but it was changed, made to look like Cane inherited the billions not Devon  
    • Ok.. Another illogical poorly written story. Wasn't Colin happily married to Jill, a very wealthy woman? Why would he steal Devon's money and more importantly how? I guess on a show where you can take over a company because you want to in a matter of weeks, getting access to a billioinares fortune isn't such a stretch.
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