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Soap Hoppers - 3 or more roles

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Rena Sofer

Amelia 'Rocky' McKenzie Domeq - LOVING

Joyce Abernathy - ANOTHER WORLD

Lois Cerullo - GH

Patricia Barry

Addie Horton Williams #2 - DAYS

Peg English - AMC

Carla Faust - ATWT

Sally Gleason - GL

Isabella Alden - LOVING

Laura Wright

Carly Corinthos - GH

Cassie Layne - GL

Ally Prescott Alden Bowman - LOVING

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Thom Christopher

Col Dax (GL)

Dante Partou (Loving)

Carlo Hesser (OLTL)

Earl Merrick (Love of Life)

Noel Douglas (The Edge of Night)

Anthony Herrera

James Stenbeck (ATWT)

Tim Branigan (The Secret Storm)

Mike Kaslo (Search for Tommorow)

Jack Curtis (YR)

Dane Hammond (Loving)

Helen Wagner

Nancy Hughes (ATWT)

Trudy Palmer (GL)

Trudy (Valiant Lady)

Lisa Peluso

Lila (AW)

Lila (ATWT)

Ava Prescott (Loving)

Billie (OLTL)

Wendy (SFT)

Libby (Somersrt)

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Frank Runyeon:

- ATWT (Steve A.)

- Santa Barbara (Michael)

- General Hospital (Simon Romero)

- Another World (Ed McClain)

John Wesley Shipp:

- Guiding Light (Kelly Nelson)

- ATWT (Doug Cummings)

- Santa Barbara (Martin Ellis)

- OLTL (Blanchard Lovelace)

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Richard Muenz

Joe Novak (RH)

Jean-Luc (GL)

Dr. Kessler (AW)

Nancy Addison-Altman

Jillian (RH)

Marissa (AMC)\

Deborah (Loving)

Deborah (The City)

Kale Browne

Michael (AW)

Sam (OLTL)

Dr. Berman (Days)

Michael Fairman

Nick Szabo (RH)

Richie Graham (RH)

Harry Silver (GH)

Sunset Beach

Bruce Gray

Owen Madison (EON)

Wyatt Coles (AMC)

Warren (Somerset)

Mark Wilcox (Y&R)

George Blyth (GH)

Santa Barbara

Philip (Generations)

Judge Reilly (Passions)

Judge Morissey (B&B)

Warren Burton

Eddie Dorrance (AMC)

Jason Dunlap (AW)

Warren Andrews (GL)

Philip (Santa Barbara)

Dorothy Lyman

Opal (AMC)

Gwen (AW)

Elly Jo (EON)

Rebecca (Generations)

Bonnie (BB)

Countess Dorothea DiLyman (Days)

Michael Zaslow

Roger (GL)

David (OLTL)

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing


Lee Godart

Eliot (EON)

Kent (AMC)

Andre (RH)

Bela (SFT)

Franco (ATWT)

Lois Kibbee

Geraldine (EON)

Elizabeth (OLTL)

Emily (Somerset)


Tony Geary

Luke Spencer (GH)

Bill Eckert (GH)

David (Bright Promise)

Jed Allan

Don (Days)

Ed (PC)

Edward Quartermaine (GH)

Anna Stuart

Donna (AW)

Mary Smythe (AMC)

Temporary Vanessa (GL)

Toni (The Doctors)

Gina (GH)

Charles Keating

Carl (AW)

James (PC)

Damon (AMC)

Niles (ATWT)

Denny Albee

Drew Marsten (AW)

Peter Janssen (OLTL)

Steve Guthrie (EON)

Alan West (AMC)

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Frances Reid

Portia Faces Life

The Edge of Night

Days of our Lives

Peter Reckell

As the World Turns

Days of our Lives

Vincent Irizarry

Guiding Light

Santa Barbara

All My Children

The Young and the Restless

Joseph Mascolo

Stefano DiMera (DAYS)

Domino (GH)

Massimo (B&B)

Lauren Koslow

Lindsay (Y&R)

Margo (B&B)

Kate (DAYS)

Wayne Northrop

Roman (DAYS)

Rex (PC)

Alex (DAYS)

Joan Van Ark

Janene (DAYS)

Gloria (DAYS)

Judith Chapman

Anjelica (DAYS)

Gloria (Y&R)

I know there are more

Also ... what about daytime actors heading over to prime time or vice versa???


Susan Lucci (Sheila Foley, DALLAS)

Steve Kanaly (Ray Krebbs, DALLAS) went to AMC for a brief stint

Kimberly Foster (Michelle Stevens, DALLAS) went to AMC

John James (Jeff Colby, DYNASTY & THE COLBYS) went to AMC as Jeff


Eileen Fulton (Lisa, OUR PRIVATE WORLD)


Susan Flannery (Leslie Stewart, DALLAS)

Lesley-Anne Down (Stephanie Rogers, DALLAS)

Lorenzo Lamas (Lance Cumson, FALCON CREST) went to B&B as Hector

Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing, DALLAS) went to B&B as Priscilla; also was on MELROSE PLACE & MODELS INC.


Peter Reckell (Johnny Rourke, KNOTS LANDING)

Kristian Alfonso (Pilar Ortega, FALCON CREST)

Wayne Northrop (Michael Culhane, DYNASTY) went from DYNASTY to DAYS to DYNASTY to DAYS two or three more times, with a stint on PC thrown in somewhere, too

Leann Hunley (Dana Carrington, DYNASTY)


Jane Elliot (Judy Trent, KNOTS LANDING)


Joan Collins (Alexis Carrington, DYNASTY) went to GL as Alexandra

Michael Sabatino (Chip Roberts, KNOTS LANDING) has been to DAYS, AMC & GL


Hunt Block (Peter Hollister, KNOTS LANDING)


Kathleen Noone went from AMC to KNOTS LANDING (as Claudia Whitaker) to PASSIONS

Louise Sorel (I guess she would go here since her last role was on PASSIONS, but we all know she belongs with DAYS) was Bess Riker on KNOTS LANDING


Joan Van Ark (Valene Ewing, KNOTS LANDING) went to Y&R as Gloria

Ted Shackelford (Gary Ewing, KNOTS LANDING) went to Y&R as Will


Dack Rambo (Jack Ewing, DALLAS)

Susan Sullivan (Maggie Gioberti, FALCON CREST)


David Selby (Richard Channing, FALCON CREST)


Timothy Patrick Murphy (Mickey Trotter, DALLAS)

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Some additions/corrections to the lists.

David Forsyth was also TJ on Texas

Mark Derwin played Adrian on Y&R

Andrea Evans was Patty on Y&R

Charles Grant was Grant on B&B

Timothy Gibbs was Dash on SB

Judith Chapman played Natalie on ATWT.Sandra on OLTL and filled in as Jill on Y&R

Susan Seaforth Hayes also played Carol on The Young Marrieds

Anthony Herrera was Mark Galloway on ATWT

Dorothy Lyman was Julie on A World Apart

Tony Geary was George Curtis on Y&R

Jed Allan as CC Capwell on SB

Frances Reid was on ATWT as Grace Baker

Joseph Mascolo was Ed Lucas on Where the Heart Is

Sure I've also left some out so please correct me.

Latest contributions

Ilene Kristen

Delia RH

Georgina OLTL

Norma LOV


Debbi Morgan


Chantal GEN

DA(Can't recall characters name)B&B

Josh Taylor

Chris DOOL

Jed Y&R

Roman DOOL

Leslie Charlson

Alice ATWT


Monica GH/PC

John Aniston

Eddie Love of Life

Martin SFT

Victor DOOL

On the daytime/primetime topic

Morgan Fairchild

Jennifer SFT then Jenna/Dallas Jordan /Falcon Crest Constance/Flamingo Road Racine/Paper Dolls then back to daytime as Sydney on The City

Jaime Lyn Bauer Y&R then Bare Essence and back to DOOL

Partrick Duffy Dallas to B&B

Jack Scalia was on Dallas and Berrengers before AMC

Deborah Adair was on Y&R then Dynasty and back to DOOL

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Barbara Berjer

Lynn Franklin, From These Roots (1958-1961)

Claire Cassen, As the World Turns (1965-1971)

Barbara Norris Thorpe, The Guiding Light (1971-1981)

Bridget Connell, Another World (1985-1996)

Nancy Addison Altman

Kit Vested, The Guiding Light (1970-1974)

Jillian Coleridge, Ryan's Hope (1975-1988)

Marissa Rampal, All My Children (1989-1991)

Deborah Brewster Alden, Loving (1993-1995)

Deborah Brewster Alden, The City (1995)

Elizabeth Hubbard

Anne Fletcher, The Guiding Light (1962-1963)

Carol Kramer, The Edge of Night (1963-1964)

Dr. Althea Davis, The Doctors (1964-1969, 1970-1982)

Estelle Chadwick, One Life to Live (1983)

Lucinda Walsh, As the World Turns (1984-present)

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Denise Alexander

Lois Clear Horizon

Susan DOOL

Lesley GH

Mary AW

Sister ? SB

J Eddie Peck

first on Dallas as Tommy

then Hawk DOOL

Cole Y&R

Jake AMC

Dack Rambo also played Tim on Never Too Young and Wes on Paper Dolls

Judith Chapman was also Anjelica on DOOL

Barbara Crampton

Trista DOOL

Leanna Y&R

Mindy GL

Signy Coleman

Celeste SB

Hope Y&R

Terri/Annie GL

Michael Corbett

Michael RH

Warren SFT

David Y&R

James Storm

Gerald DS

Sean SS

Larry OLTL

Mike DRS

Neil Y&R

Bill B&B

Robert Gentry


John A World Apart

Phillip AW

Giles OLTL

Jordan GEN

Ross AMC

Dr Hunt DOOL

Eileen Davidson

Ashley Y&R B&B

Kelly SB

Kristen etc DOOL

Joe Gallison

Bill Matthews AW

Tom Edwards OLTL

Steven RTPP


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