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Soap Hoppers - 3 or more roles

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Thanks for starting this thread, Paul Raven. It's fun. :) Plus, it's a nice way to remember both those who have died and those who just aren't working on daytime or as visible anymore.

Paul Satterfield

Spencer Truman (OLTL)

Paul Hornsby (GH)

Pierce Peterson (BB)

Robert S. Woods


Patrick London (wearing Bo's face)

Paul Stewart (Days)

Larry Pine

Roger Gordon (OLTL)

Randolph Lord (OLTL)

Barry Shire (AMC)

Woody (GL)

Joel Crothers

Miles Cavanaugh (EON)

J. Stanfield Lee (Santa Barbara)

Julian Cannell (Somerset)

Ken Stevens (Secret Storm)

Joe Haskell (Dark Shadows)

Jon Robert Lindstrom

Ryan Chamberlain (GH)

Kevin Collins (GH & PC)

Mark McCormick (Santa Barbara)

Paul Jarre (Generations)

Brady Chapin (Rituals)

And to correct my earlier comment, Mary Beth Evans was on Rituals, not Texas.

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Ellen Dolan

Margo (ATWT)

Maureen (GL)

Morgan Graves (AW)

Marie Masters

Susan (ATWT)

Missy Palmer (AW)

Hester (LOL)

Helen (OLTL)

Patrick Tovatt

Cal (ATWT)

Zane (AW)

Matt (SFT)

Richard (RH)

Elaine Princi

Judge Reeves (AW)

Dorian Lord (OLTL)

Linda (DOOL)

Miranda Marlowe (ATWT)

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Michael Sabatino

Chip Roberts/Tony Fenice (Knots Landing)

Lawrence Alamain(DAYS)

Anthony Armando (B&B)

Dr. Jonathan Kinder (AMC)

Phillip Vargas (Sunset Beach)

Peter Wentworth (ATWT)

Vince Russo (GL)

J.T. Cornell (Passions)

Crystal Chappell

Carly Manning (Days)

Maggie (OLTL)

Olivia (GL)

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Hmm...are you sure about that one? IMDb does list that credit, for 1989, but I saw all the 1989 episodes on SOAPnet and really don't remember her. And she's not on Eddie Drueding's AW Home Page; the only actress listed for that character is Donna Murphy (one of my favorite stage actresses), who was recurring from February 1989 to March 1991.

Either way, though, I think Ellen's great!

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Applcin,thanx for the thanx!!

This list really shows how actors rely on the soaps for steady work and that the shrinking number (esp in NY)has a big effect on opportunities for performers and behind the scenes personnel.

Stephen Schnetzer

Steven DOOL

Marcello OLTL


Robert Mandan


Jonesy DOOL

David Canary

Arthur SFT

Far Wind DRS

Steve AW

Adam/Stuart AMC

James Mitchell

Lloyd EON

Julian WTHI

Palmer AMC

Leigh McKlosky

Mitch on Dallas then

Ethan/Zack SB

Damian GH

Kurt Y&R

Krista Tesreau

Mindy GH


Andy SB

Fiona Hutchison

Gabrielle OLTL

Jenna GL

Celia ATWT

Peter Simon

Scott SFT



Darnell Williams

Jessie AMC

Jacob LVG

Devere ATWT

Griggs GL

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Guest solosinger13


DAYS OF OUR LIVES - Tanner Scofield

PORT CHARLES - Father Michael Morley/Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay


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He didn't exactly hop, but he had a major role on each soap, and he is my favorite actor ever.

Paul Anthony Stewart

LOVING as Casey Bowman

GL as Danny Santos

I look forward to his next soap role, hopefully on GH or OLTL. Are you listening Mr. Frons?

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David Bailey


Russ AW

Teddy RH

Alastair PSSNS

Larry Haines


Sid AW

Neal LVG

Parrick Tovatt

Zane AW


Matt SFT

Jacquie Courtney

Viola EON

Anna Our Five Daughters

Alice AW


Diane LVG

Russell Curry

Carter AW

Lt Boswell SB

David GL

Marla Adams

Belle SS

Myrna CAP

Dina Y&R

Claire DOOL

Anthony Addabbo

Jason GEN

Johnny/Rush B&B

Jim GL

Dinitri AMC

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