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SOD/SOW Covers - July 24 2007

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Thanks to my pal--

Josh Morrow got Performer of the week in SOW. :-)))

SOD Cover

Y&R: LEAVING! THE BIG GOODBYE (Nikki/Victor get the whole cover)

PLUS: Co-Star Mourns Y&R Death: "It's devastating"

DOOL: IDENTITY SWITCH SHOCKER! (refers to Tony being Andre)



SOW Cover:


DOOL 'EVIL TWIN' ALERT: IT'S NOT TONY! (pic of Tony and Andre)

AMC: Baby Shocker (pics of Zack, Greenlee and a baby)

GH: Lulu & Logan: It's Love! (pics of Lulu and Logan)



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LML and Adrianne's firing made me sick when it happened and still makes me mad. Actresses, such as Genie Francis, are held to this weight standard, while their male co-stars get old, paunchy and puffy without a peep. Uhg.

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You know, it just amazes me that Sony is letting this woman destroy this entire show.

Does she have pictures of the head of Sony screwing a goat?!

To fire that girl because of a weight gain is just downright evil.

I think I'll dance a jog the day she gets shitcanned.

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I think if Eric Braden and Melody Thomas Scott were leaving the show, we would have heard about it by now. What probably will happen is either Victor or Nikki will be leaving town for a while to "find themselves." Maybe they will even leave together to try and work their marriage out. They'll be back though. LML is stupid, but I doubt she's that stupid.

As for Adrianne Leon's firing over her weight gain, that sends a perfect message to the viewers, LML. BITCH!

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    • Yeah, they played it wrong with them last time including the idiotic engagement to Jax (a go-to Ron always goes for with returning characters for no reason and did with Scott and Laura in an equally ridiculous subplot around the same time - there was no way those two would reunite again). But Brenda raising hell in town, antagonizing Carly, reconnecting with A.J. and Robin, even the Michael tease all worked for me because it was about her being central, able to be plugged in anywhere and shaking up the canvas. That is what she is best at and what she can do. Sonny has to come to her where she lives and especially after what happened to their marriage.
    • I mean maybe RH and Vanessa would pop off in chemistry lol.. I actually wouldn't be surprised.   I honestly don't need Brenda in random pairings but I need some movement on Sonny's part to not be the worst.  Because I feel like the always put them back together on popularity with zero movement in the actual lovestory.  And I do feel like the show plays Brenda as so lovelorn for Sonny..which fine, but Sonny is a actual trash bag fire with like 17 kids from 17 moms so...........
    • Janet Wood can be found on page 105. I'll add more to an updated profile in the a.m.      Bobby Doran is on page 210. I added 2 movies there.  Maybe more pics Thursday. I'll add the Bob Bailey, Paul Ford and Jeanne Bates  info  after I add movies/ Broadway to them. Researched Paul Geary  and Jack Wells   +  Stephen Kay of GH and Days newcomer Helen Day.  @Bright Eyes  I'll have Max Ehrich and Cam Gigandet tomorrow, Friday the latest
    • Griffith and Amanda Beall said in that LA times thing that two characters have bunker sex, wonder if whatever Stark does leads to that.
    • I don't forego her having a fling or two, sure. But any kind of triangle or ongoing serious storyline where I'm expected to sit through four to six months of weekly spoilers like "Brenda considers her feelings for Austin," I'm calling SWAT. As for Cody, I have earmarked him for the fling that gets single mom Liz's groove back and then who knows what. I will never give up on Sarah. But no Claudia and no more fuckin' kids for Sonny.
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