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Well, it certainly couldn't be a current character because it wouldn't make sense, even for JER. The only current characters it could be is Vincent or Valerie or something.

I said Pretty all along because she is a Crane and the person behind this had it out for everyone so that fit the bill. I like that it's Pretty and there is potential but what I do hate is that it is predictable and that he just blew the damn secret to TV Guide. That takes away all suspense right there.

JER should be out of a job on that fact alone.

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While I agree with that sentiment in many cases, it's not the same here or with Passions at all.

This show has yet to resolve most of it's original stories and it's been 8 years. The last 2-3 years have been hit or miss (mostly miss). It's lost it's identity and it has become too much about controversy and trying to get a rise out of censors. It's too much about shock and awe and not the stories and characters.

I like the show too. I gave it ample chances, even when many were ragging on it, but no more. You can only be burned so many times by a show and the fact that we all know that no changes to the regime can or will be made makes it hard. JER doesn't care about the fans. He admitted that much in interviews. He lives to make them angry. He just writes his show regardless of reaction, ratings, and the like. That has been the show's big problem in recent years and it will be the show's problem as long as it's on. That is why fans are entitled to feel jaded when it comes to Passions, probably more then any other show. It's just the way it is.

I wish it luck on DIRECTV even though I can't see it.

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