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Brokeback Mountain


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Guest Degrassi87

this is.... i dont even know... the movie i really cant wait to see. ive been fallowing it for sometime now.. ir ead summen about it in a magazine a year ago i think and ever since...

Jake was also on the cover of OUT. he did an interview with them about the movie.

and by the way, this i belive is where Hethe Leger met Michelle Williams. (they are married with a child now...). and Ann Hathaway (disney's recent princess movies) is also in it. i love all four so i cant wait to see them all.

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Jake Gyllenhall literally makes me weak in the knees just to look at him. Seriously, just looking at him, I swoon. Those big, expressive eyes. I saw him on TV a few weeks ago, I think he was on The Today Show, snuggling up close to a cat or something, and he was grinning while he held it up close to his face and his big, expressive eyes were fluttering open and shut -- good God I wanted to jump through the screen and pounce him!

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