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  1. I have some old DS videos i did way back in high school that yall can check out on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/Bootychow
  2. I actually thought it wasn't too bad. I remember the guy that Julia & Barnabas saw in the records office was wearing a Regis tie.
  3. QUOTE (Chris B @ Oct 7 2008, 04:35 AM) A doctor found out Barnabas was a vampire and created a person (think Frankenstein) that was supposed to cure Barnabas of his vampireism. The plan was for Barnabas to become the new man, but things went wrong and you had two separate people only Barnabas was no longer a vampire. In order to stay human Adam had to stay alive which was difficult considering all the trouble Adam caused. He was very child like and had to be taught all the different things that a human does. In the beginning it was great, but it goes on and on and is so boring. Then Adam wants
  4. Last night, I saw When a Stranger Calls and Brokeback Mountain . My friend and I werent satisfied with When a Stranger Calls so as soon as that finished we walked over to Brokeback Mountain which was really GOOD. I can't wait till it comes on DVD.
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