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AMC: Wednesday

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Great show so far, save the obvious Courtney Bugler stuff. First, Erica's "like Dancing With The Stars?" line and the Krystal/Tad circles of love necklace thing that ABC is pimping on all the soaps.

Anyway - Jack/Erica I'm enjoying.

My favorite set, the yacht club, is being used heavily today - and that makes me happy. I love how Colby declared she's 'over' Josh. And her attitude and overall maturity has made me a huge fan of hers. I hope she is able to get Sean away from Ava - although I'm enjoying the Ava/Aiden stuff. I hope Di comes to help out...

Hannah/Josh - I love these two, and I'm sad that Hannah is leaving.

The Fusion stuff is just ok today - Ryan and Greenlee talking....eh. I'm happy that Ryan is 100% about Annie - I don't want a love triangle here.

Stuart! :)

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Krusty!?! LOL

Kendall's maturity has really impressed me. I enjoy Kendall so much more nowadays with these new writers. That scene with Kendall/Annie/Babe was great. Speaking of Babe - her and Kendall being all huggy and nice to each other - well I actually enjoy it. The way the writers have matured the girls and let them all get over the McT storylines is a good move. They might as well - I wouldn't want to have to remember the character dynamics written by her in this last year. Babe isn't annoying anymore anyway.

Did Krystal just tell Stuart that it hurts her that he still loves Adam, which implies she wants him to leave him? I enjoy Krystal, but not today.

I love that Joe is on - but I'm weary of this Martin men celebration scene....

Balance is back too - we have Aiden/Di/Ava, Colby/Sean, Josh, and Krystal/Tad/Stuart/Joe back...and JR/Amanda/Adam are on break. It seems like every other episode people and storylines are back - not an everyday thing. Very refreshing.

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Krusty, LOL cause she's a Krusty skank ;)

Colby & Sean :wub:

Aidan & Di :wub:

Krusty is absolutely hilarious! I love the names you get for these characters...Fannah, YIB, and now Krusty.... :)

Aiden/Di scenes! Much needed - and they are in my favorite set! The yacht club has the best lighting and atmosphere - and everyone looks hot and fresh. Di/Aiden - I like that Ava is making them fight - fighting and relationship friction just validates a couple even more. Gives them something to work through and a chance to come back together. Its something that Ethan/Simone never really had...and that is why, for me, they weren't a 'real' couple.

I like what Colby is saying about her father. I love this girl!

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Lily HAS a father and a damn good one. Zach can be a brother to her

True she has a father, but Zach has been a father figure. He gets Lily. He trusts her and vice versa. She helps him out with things and vice versa. Seeing Zach will Lily makes me hope Kendall has a little girl....Amelia Bianca :)

LOL I can't take credit for the names ;)

YIB is my favorite though :lol:

I am really liking the Kendall & Annie vibe. Let them be the new, improved and (IMO) better "Kenlee"

The names are funny. I do have a question though....

YIB? Young Ignorant Bitch?

YIB? Yelling Incompetent Bitch?

Lol, I dunno.

And I love the Kendall/Annie friendship. As well as the Kendall/Babe friendship. The fusion women have gone through a lot of [!@#$%^&*] and it's nice to see them not be so petty with each other anymore.

WTF came up with "Kenlee" anyway? Was that the writers (of old) making reference so the silly couple names fan give them?

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I loved the ending - with Annie coming out from behind the curtain to reveal she's going with them. Greenlee didn't look too pleased. I'm spoiler-free now, so the previews have me worried! I wonder what's wrong with Annie...

I need some time to get over Tad and Jamie's actions these last few months, but that last scene with Tad introducing Jenny to her cousin Josh - that was touching. I'm glad Josh and the Marten men are getting over their differences. I was surprised that Jeff wasn't there. We haven't really had much Jeff Martin screentime ever since Jack/Erica are doing their own thing...and believe me, I'm OK with that. I can't stand Jeff Martin, but was still surprised he wasnt there with Joe/Jamie/Tad/Josh today.

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