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AMC: SOD Scoops

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SOD Spoilers courtesy of Proteus at SZ:.

Coming: Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick (Themselves): The hosts of the syndicated talk show "The Morning Shoe With Mike and Juliet" pop up to interview Erica and Jack about their failed marriage on May 29.

Jill Larson (Opal): Tad's mother is on hand on May 24 when the Martins embrace Krystal as a member of the family.

Going: Stacy Haiduk (Hannah Nichols): Haiduk, who joined AMC in March in the non-contract role of Zach's childhood sweetheart, puts in her last appearance on May 24 when Hannah leaves town after a shocking final encounter with Zach. "I hope she comes back," offers Kaye. "I like strength in a woman-and think it's nice for [Zach] to have someone other than Kendall with emotional interest in him."

VCR Alerts

Ryan makes a surprising confession to Annie on Monday, May 28. On Tuesday, May 29, Greenlee and Annie face off over Ryan. "Annie will kick her ass if she tries to make any trouble!" huffs Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) of her characters take on Greenlee. "Ryan is hers now and she's not going to let anyone or anything come between them."

What Will Happen:

Krystal sets out to do battle with Adam.

Someone is very anxious for Jack and Erica to call it quits for good.

Greenlee won't give up Ryan without a fight.

How is Annie coping with Greenlee's return? Melissa Claire Egan observes:

"Ryan's doing everything he can to make her feel safe and loved, so although she's a little freaked out, I don't think she really views Greenlee as that much of a threat."

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