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Favorite Supercouples

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Who are the best supercouples ever? The ones that burned with passion. I am asking because I have a bet with a friend of mine on who the best are and I want to ask all of you who you think.

I think the stage was set with Luke and Laura. They defined the Supercouple.

Close behind is Days Bo and Hope and GH Sonny and Brenda.

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Luke and Laura

Anna and Duke

Frisco and Felicia

Brenda and Sonny

Karen and Jagger


Bo and Hope

Roman and Marlena

Patch and Kayla

Jack and Jennifer

These are the only ones that really draw me in, but the top 2 for me are Luke and Laura, and Bo and Hope.

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The majority of mine come from Days. I do love Luke and Laura though.

My all time favorite is Bo and Hope followed by:

Steve and Kayla

John/Roman and Marlena

Jack and Jennifer

Sami and Lucas

Doug and Julie

Mickey and Maggie

Carrie and Austin

Tony and Anna

Shane and Kimberly.

I may be missing a few but I think I have them covered for the most part.

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Shawn and Belle

John and Marlena

Bo and Hope

Tom and Alice

Mickey and Maggie

Shawn Sr. and Caroline

Abe and Lexie

Jack and Jen

Lucas and Sami

Austin and Carrie

Eric and Nicole

Stefano and Vivian--LOL! I always imagined them together! :lol:


Josh and Reva

Richard and Cassie

Mallet and Dinah

Ross and Blake

Philip and Beth

Alan Michael and Lucy

Buzz and Olivia

Coop and Ava

Gus and Harley

Jonathan and Tammy :(


Jake and Molly

Holden and Lily

Jack and Carly

Simon and Katie

Isaac and Bonnie

Ben and Jessica

Andy and Emily--I always pictured these two making a perfect match someday! :P

Mike and Rosanna

James and Lucinda

Hal and Emily

Cal and Emma--I would've liked these two together, but they're related! :lol:

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Wow. I never knew that. That was back...when? Early-Mid 80's? Beacuse I didn't catch my first glimpse of DAYS until the year when Carly got buried alive. And even then, I had no clue about it. My babysitter watched it, so I was forced to. :lol: I never watched religiously until the Ghoul Girl years. :lol:

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John & Marlena

Bo & Hope

Jack & Jennifer

Austin & Carrie

Lucas & Sami

Shawn & Belle

Steve & Kayla

Doug & Julie

Mickey & Maggie

Brady & Chloe (yes...I know, lol)


Josh & Reva

Danny & Michelle

Richard & Cassie

Phillip & Harley


Jack & Carly

Holden & Lily

Simon & Katie

Tom & Margo

Jake & Molly

Craig & Rosanna


Luis & Sheridan

Luis & Fancy

Chad & Whitney (ONLY when DS was Chad, though)

Miguel & Charity

Julian & Eve

Fox & Kay (ONLY when JH was Fox)


Kevin & Lucy

Ian & Eve

Jamal & Alison

Frank & Karen

Jack & Livvie

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They got married in a hot air balloon in 1998. Vivian fell out of the hot air balloon and into the lake below... it was beyond ridiculous. That was during the same time that Stefano planted a mood-altering chip in Vivian's tooth so that he could control her actions by remote control. Vivian knew something was up when she started picking up radio signals and could hear music playing from her teeth.

Yes, my friends, that was Sally Sussman Morina. Thank God the hack is gone.

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