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Best Mayors in America


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Who have been the best mayors in America, past and present? I will give my list


1. Dianne Feinstein

2. Gavin Newsom


1. Shirley Franklin


1. Antonio Villaraigosa


1. Michael Bloomberg

*Sorry but I do not like Rudy Giuliani*

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Well I'm glad you said that. I can't stand old Rudy. To tell the truth, I was living in New York in 2001, and Rudy Giuliani isn't sh!t. He didn't do anything special after 9/11 that any other mayor would't do. I went to ground Zero, 2 days after the attacks, and he was there, and truth be told, this man didn't have a clue what the hell was going on. When the camera gets on him, he would pick up some [!@#$%^&*] off the ground, and make some upset faces, but at 7 and 8 P.M when no one is looking and we are recovering, he is just chillin. I didn't expect him to help recover bodies, because he isn't a Dr., but it just threw me off how quick his mentality and attitude changes when the camera was on him. I'll go on the record and say, that if 9/11, did not happen, everyone would still hate Giuliani. Michael Bloomberg, who I have also met, is one of the only Republicans, I'd ever vote for. The man use to be Democrat, and he is just a cool little dude. I only have one bone to pick with Mike. Those cops who shot Sean Bell need to be locked up, without hesitation.

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