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ATWT: LUKE/Brad spoiler!

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Don't get too excited, they aren't giving him a storyline, just throwing him a little bone to prop Brad. :(

From After Elton:


Why I am so glad you asked! I've had readers emailing me all week with tips about the various queer happenings on a number of shows. When not retching, er, watching all that reality television, I have been keeping an eye on CBS' As the World Turns for the return of Luke. CBS reps promise that Luke will find love, or at least a boyfriend, this spring. We've seen little of Luke or the promised boyfriend thus far, but AE reader Joseph tipped me off that Luke does return soon. It turns out Luke has heard about ABC's The Next Best Thing and does a killer "Over the Rainbow" as Judy Garland.

Okay, that's not true, but it does seem as if the show only gives Luke something to do when it's gay-related. Case-in-point, ***SPOILER ALERT*** the week of March 12th, Luke reportedly loses a school prize due to a teacher's homophobia. Luke's formerly homophobic cousin Brad steps in and confronts the teacher. Don't get me wrong: Yay to ABC for continuing to deal with homophobia, but I wish Luke were interwoven more into other storylines. I know it might come as a shock to the show's writers, but my being gay only takes up 90 to 95% of my life. That leaves a whole 5 to 10% devoted to things other than impersonating Barbra Streisand!



Now my bitching begins! Why the freak aren't we seeing all of Luke's problems and triumps as school? Why do we only get to see it to prop Brad? The guy won them a Writers Guild award and no doubt saved Passanante's job and this is the thanks he gets. I truly cannot understand the logic other than the writers were using Luke and his gay story for credibility.

And I don't wanna hear how they say he's getting a love interest. At they rate they're going you know it isn't going to be anything big. They will give him something small, isolated and pushed to the side. The characters she cares about (Katie, Carly, Gwen, Will, etc.) go from story to story with no stops. If she cared about Luke he wouldn't be sitting on the sidelines for 8 months waiting for a story.

Look at the new location shoot this summer. Where is Luke? NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Now Luke is just another minority (like all the neglected black characters) which equals to zero screentime on this show now.

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Luke is getting a love interest very soon. They are already casting him, they are calling him Noah in the audition scripts, Luke will start to be more involved in things starting in April, that is what all of this stuff we have been seeing right now, and in the next few weeks will be leading up to. Alot of Luke's storyline will be dealing with writing. Here is the audition script for "Noah" http://nickersonhomes.com/noah.pdf

I am really hoping that they go with something close to what the script here is like, because it sounds pretty good to me.

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QUOTE(Chris B @ Mar 6 2007, 08:47 AM)
Yay to ABC for continuing to deal with homophobia, but I wish Luke were interwoven more into other storylines.


You know TIIC are desperate to keep Brad when they're having him interact with Luke, one of the most popular (or least hated) characters.

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