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DAYS: Thursday, March 1

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EJ's remark about acting like an immature 15 year old school girl struck me as odd but then I remembered something that Sami had told him.

Back July after Austin had first proposed to her and EJ was prodding to tell her the truth Sami said this:

"Carrie has her initials carved all over this town and her name on a few bathroom walls. I spent my life living in her shadow. It makes me stuck as a fifteen year old. That's when everything changed. I lost my mom when I was young and then she came back when I was fifteen. I thought my life would be perfect from then on. Of course I was wrong. But for a couple months I couldn't have been happier. And that's when I met Austin. He makes me feel safe and secure and loved and that is all I have ever wanted."

Austin, the love of her life, otherwise known as DALLAS. :P

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Very good show. Huge rebound from yesterday.

It's funny how sweeps ends and Days starts moving things and it's only been one day.

JE rocked. She broke my heart. I liked the way we saw Nick reveal the truth about the ring and then Bonnie came and we saw the memories as Bonnie dictated what happened. FF was alright but it looked like they were tossing water on her face. She had so many emotional scenes to do last year and this year and never performed in them so maybe she had all those tears bottled up but they did come off looking fake. I did think she overdid it a bit. I liked her acting in the flashbacks though. That scream was pretty good. I also liked how they had her looking like when she was a teen. Good continuity. Now Max is free for Abby :D .

I can't stand Jed. The actor isn't very good and the character is just way too generic. He is nothing special. I did like him learning about his sister. The little Abby/Nick exchange was good. Nice to see Maggie too.

Steve and Kayla were in their element today. The angst was so there and I loved it. SN and MBE were spot on. MBE has come alive of late and SN broke my heart with Dteve's wanting to protect Kayla and how he broke down. Kayla calling the cops on him was sad and just a nice twist. It was chilling when he said she signed his death warrant and this time he won't be coming back. Loved it.

Tomarrow looks good. Bo and Hope get some action again so that should be good to watch.

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Yeah it was a sloppy sendoff. I mean, they episode was good but the sendoff would've been better if we saw them featured more.

All the exits under Hogan seem just tossed in. It's almost like he doesn't want the people to leave or doesn't want to write the exits. Maybe he doesn't care for those who left or didn't want them to leave? Whatever the case, I do not like it but I won't totally pin this on him.

I do think the surrogate thing will be used down the road for something. They mentioned Victor paying Bonnie's bail. That was a little too random so something is up. It could be used down the road to bring Mimi back or something.

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It's not just Hogan though, so I don't get it. Obviously he's the writer and in the end, responsibility is his ... but its just weird how Days does this. I'm trying to actually think of someone who actually got a send off when they left.

Lili disapeared

Billie got a final scene, it was rushed though - does she go to Paris or the ISA

Craig never got a final scene

Nancy sorta got a final scene in Chloe's first last episode - mostly because Patrika took ownership of that scene and made it hers, not because it was written (Dena Higley ... I hate you so .. *spit* )

I won't even discuss the Salem Stalker debacle ...

Rex was pretty much thrown off the canvas (and apparently out of existance ... Kate never mentions him or Cassie when she talks about her kids)

Cassie disapeared after coming back with the others

Jan disapeared into the background, forgotten in a coma ward (thankfully, though)

Nicole faded away, despite them having lots of notice

Where's Mickey?

Philip's exit was rushed, 2 episodes, but it was atleast good

Patrick didn't get anything with any finality

Mimi walks out the door to leave town

Bonnie will never be seen again

The only people I really remember getting proper exits in the time I've watched was Mike & Carrie, Billie in 1999, Austin's first firing, Philip in 2001, Greta, Chloe, Chloe & Brady, Jack & Jen.

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Drew you are so right...Its not just Hogan that doesn't do lead up to exits..Its most of the writers Days has had recently...Brandon for instant just left the day he found out Abe was his father, when so much more could have been done (that was higley).........Rex left the day he found out about the abortion, and hardly got an exit...and Nicole just dissapeared off the show after randomly hooking up with Roman (both under JER)...finally Carrie/Austin got married and left in the same episode, Lexie and Tek are barely featured then they crash their car and leave the show all in one episode, and now Bonnie/Mimi leave with hardly any buildup...(under Hogan)...

Its definitely a Days thing...I'm wondering if Corday doesn't want the exiting cast members featured much before they leave, so its easier for the fans to forget about them when they are gone...

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Speaking of sudden exits, I'm still ticked at the way they wrote out Neil Curtis several years ago. "I have patients to see . . . many patients." And we never saw him again. Or Don Craig, who went to mail a letter and never came back?

In recent years, it was stupid to bring Cassie back to Salem and then just pretend like she never existed. It was stupid to have Nicole hook up with Roman, never to be seen again. Talk about weird. It was stupid to bring the Wesleys back for Chloe's wedding and then slip them out the back door without a proper goodbye.

But one of the worst offenses was when they brough back Arleen Sorkin as Calliope, turned her into a wedding planner, didn't let her give a damn that Marlena was marrying some nut (the real Calliope wouldn't have stood for this!), and then forgot about her before the weddings even happened. (I can't remember Alex and Marlena's wedding, but I'm pretty sure she was not at Shawn and Mimi's.)

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