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DAYS: Thursday, March 1

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goodbye farah! she actually did a great Job during those scenes,as well as Judi(her acting on those faux-flashbacks was incredible).Not going to miss Bonnie at all tho..would love to see adrianne back!

also loved the final scene with Max and Mimi.I dont want to see him with abby tho..dont like his character and dont see any spark there.

Loved the willow scenes today..she did a good job when she talked to Jed(who cant act at all)

good abby/nick scenes..I love their realationship.

what else? was bored with the Lumi/EJ scenes and S&K - as usual.

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I might be in the minority on this one but I don't mind the understated exits that have been happening, onscreen, in Days lately because at least they are leaving the door open for most of the characters to return to Salem someday and they won't have to bring anyone back from the dead to do it.

I mentioned the onscreen exits as understated but at least the actors are given a sweet off-screen party.

I've seen worse. On AMC they didn't even give Brooke English, after nearly 30 years, an exit SCENE much less an exit story line. Goodbye party? Forget about it! From what I understand most of the cast and crew didn't even know that was her last day. Heck, I'm not sure SHE even knew it. It sounded like she found out later when she didn't get any more scripts. I guess AMC took enough flack for mishandling the situation that they are going to bring her back for a stint but I don't expect to do more than exit her out properly.

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I think in Mimi's case it would have made more sense for her to just disappear without being mentioned again. She could have gone to visit Connor or something, and that's it. It's wierd that they built this whole story for Bonnie and Mimi to leave, especially since Mimi killing her father and Bonnie taking responsibilty for it could have been interesting. I really hope that Victor paying Bonnie's bail has something to do with the Philmi baby. Best case scenario for me would be if Victor decides that Philip isn't worthy to be his hier and he raises the baby as his replacement. I'd love to see a Kiriakis family feud.

I really liked Steve and Kayla's scenes - they were well written and beautiful acted. You could tell it was killing Kayla to have to turn Steve in, but she knew she had to. I always like S/K's scenes in isolation, but in the context of the whole show and their SL I have major problems. We should have seen all the fallout from the kidney removal - John brought to the hospital, Kayla explaining to the police what happened, Marlena's reaction. Everyone in Salem should be talking about this.

The actor who plays Jed cannot act at all. I can't understand why Willow's brother needs to be here. I'm loving her craziness right now, but she needs to be better developed as a character and as part of Salem before her family is brought in.

Abby bores me. They need to have her do something besides obsessing over Max.

I love EJ and Sami - I don't want them as a couple after all that's happened, but they have great chemistry and I enjoy them as enemies. I need the EJ/Sami/Lucas story to move, though. They've been having the same conversations for too long, and I'm tired of Sami being blackmailed...she should just tell the truth already and let the chips fall where they may.

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