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AMC/GH/OLTL/PC: SID's "Perfect 10's"

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The Perfect 10 Storylines:

OLTL: Al Becomes Michael

AMC: Bianca Comes Out

PC: The Fifth Chair

GH: Laura Goes Nuts

OLTL: Nora Vs. Lindsay

GH: Lucky's Death

AMC: Erica Falls For David

OLTL: Viki/Niki/Jess/Tess

GH: Sonny Goes Wild

AMC: The Baby Switch


Perfect 10 Couples:

AMC: Dixie & Tad

GH: Brenda & Jax

OLTL: Natalie & John

GH: Brenda & Sonny

PC: Livvie & Caleb

GH: Carly & Sonny

AMC: Gillian & Ryan

OLTL: Blair & Todd

GH: Liz & Jason

AMC: Greenlee & Leo


Perfect 10 Scenes:

GH: Alexis Cracks at Kristina's Funeral

AMC: Leo Dies

OLTL: Bo Busts Nora's Husband

PC: Caleb & Livvie's Wedding

GH: Luke Tells Lucky About the Night He Raped Laura

AMC: Ryan's Wedding

OLTL: Viki Realizes She Killed Her Dad

GH: Sonny Leaves Brenda At the Altar

AMC: Gillian's Spirit Kisses Ryan

OLTL: Patrick's "Death"


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Erica's pairings since Dimitri have all lacked spark, except David and Erica. At the time I was indifferent to them. I mean I enjoyed them and watching their story play out but now after I've lived through Chris, and the Jackson merry-go-round and now Happy Fetus Family, I long for the days of David and Erica. But now he is gone :(

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I hated David and Erica becoming a couple. I couldnt stand him and hated him with Erica who I did like. I could barely wach her during that time bc was so swarmy. Its ironic that I actually did love them during the 2003 redux and was hoping that they'd reunite but unfortunetly that idnt happen. I actually loved David then and he and Erica working together was one of the best parts of the Cambias murder story for him

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Make what you want of this, but until August 5th 2003, the day that David told Erica he believed that Bianca was raped, D&E hadn't so much as breathed each others name, let alone spoke in 17 months. MMT was rehired in May. We had David and Bianca by July, and D&E by August. I'd say, MMT was planning, something.LOL

I remember numerous insiders, here and other boards telling me and the J&E fans that (and they'll lie and tell you otherwise) whichever fanbase yelled the loudest, made the most nosie, proved their couple the better couple, was going to win. MMT gave two interviews and pretty much said D&E were going to start to feel things they weren't supposed to. VI said the same thing, about D&E starting to be confused when their kisses (during the ruse) started to feel real. So, IMO, we were headed for at the very least a triangle. What happened? I don't know. I'm not sure anyone really does. The J&E fans will tell you they won, but I'm not so sure about that. D&E were magazine darlings at the point. They were on almost daily from September-December. The net was buzzing. There was 7 fan letters in a 9 month span (August 2003-May 2004 (one of mine included)) published. Did D&E hold their own, damn striaght they did. Why was the triangle I scraped? Good question. Makes you wonder how wise a decision that was, seeing J&E now. D&E could have at least done the same thing...only better and more entertaining. :D

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I know if they would of kept david around and he was put with erica again, the show would be much better off. I'm sick of amc pairing erica with these weak actors that can't hold their own with erica, can't stand on their own as a character, and pretty much are only on when she is(jack, chris and jeff).

I hated when Al became michael, they should of never killed off al and his mom.

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