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AMC: Tuesday

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Did anyone notice that AMC has a new director...Anthony Morina?

Anyway, this Kendall/Zach/Alex stuff is intense. Be careful Kendall!!! I don't want you to get hurt. Ohhh these visions Zach is having - very mysterious and good. Love it.

I'm so happy that Erica found Babe. But of course Jeff runs her out before she can say anything too weird to Babe. I loved Erica's reaction to the fake hospital sounds and everything else. God, of course Jeff has to turn Erica on Jack and tell her that Jack was in on all of this to, and HE'S lying to her. Jeff is annoying the heck out of me.

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OH I like this version of Alexander Cambias! I hope they find a way to keep this guy around, even though he's gotta either die for good or go to jail for good. haha - oh well. I'm loving these Kendall/Alex scenes. They work well together and Alicia is doing great too.

Ohhh Babe is so close to figuring this all out.

I wish the PV boys would stop blaming Zach - they are wasting time.

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