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PSNS Spoilers: Huber gone until May


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Siena Goines (ex-Callie, Y&R) will be taking over the role of Valerie Davis while Daphnee Duplaix is on maternity leave.

Liza Huber will be on maternity leave until April and back on screen in mid May.

Eve shares a baffling discovery with Kay after performing surgery on Fox.

A hung over Noah is flustered when he wakes up in Paloma's bed.

The Bennetts mourn Grace.

Charity returns.

Miguel's fight for Kay lands him in hot water.

Fox meets his match.

Fancy receives shocking news.

Theresa isnt dreaming anymore.

Miguel is arrested.

With Gwen out of the picture, Ethan prepares to move in with Theresa.

Theresa realizes her dreams are finally coming true.

Jared tells Theresa he wants her back

On Friday February 2, you do NOT want to miss a scandalous reveal!

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Okay....I watched the first few episodes of Passions during its, like, 3rd month. Did they really kill off Grace??

She was supposedly killed in a bus explosion in Europe, but knowing JER, she'll almost assuredly be back sometime before the show ends.

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I wonder what the scandalous reveal will be?

Chad's not revealed until Valentine's Day hmmm

Me too, but at this point, I am not holding out much hope. Spoilers/previews always seem to be a letdown. Nonetheless, I still want it to pan out well.

also, very much antcipating the two day stint from the Scissor Sisters....woot, woot!

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Oh, don't look so shocked, LoL. It would be poetic justice for them. :lol:

LoL...i don't like Ethan and Teresa together, despite being a rabid fan of theirs years back, but that's still nasty to think about them getting... :lol:

A long break from you would also be divine. :)


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