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PASSIONS: How will/should it end?

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Throughout July and August, I want Passions to go heavy on the flashbacks and not just do montages, but actual flashbacks to key moments, like Sheridan being buried alive.

I also want the following couples back together:









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I think PSNS should have some kind of twist ending. Either connected to Tabby or Endora. Or the show was just a story. Orrrr Endora playing with little VooDoo dolls. Or all a dream. Or something that is not the stereotypical storybook, happily ever after ending.

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Ethan and Theresa's wedding. They say I do.

Cut to: Tabitha's House. She's looking for her little witchling, Endora. She realizes she's gone to play with the friends in the basement again.

She finds Endora in the basement playing with little Theresa and Ethan dolls who are dressed to the nines standing at an altar. Tabitha reveals Endora and the friends in the basement have determined the fate of everyone in Harmony from the basement since day one. Tabitha scoffs that Endora has decided to give everyone the stereotypical perfect ending.

Tabitha tells Endora to grab her favorite doll and let's run along. She grabs the Timmy Doll.

When they leave, the rest of the dolls sitting at E&T's wedding burst into flames and the friends in the basement laugh maniacally!

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I definitely think it should end with Good vs. Evil, some humor, and lots of death. Well, maybe not G vs. E, 'cause I'd like them to flip it and reveal that Charity is the real evil.

Also, I feel like Sheridan and Luis should be reunited with Marty, and after their final little scene as a family we learn that Sheridan is really Beth post-plastic surgery. Beth should win.

If they have to go an it's-a-dream route, I think it should come back as Theresa's dream, story, whatever.

But the thing I really need to see is TC killing Chad. TC was predicted to kill someone way back in the day, why not fulfill that by offing Chad, an irritating void of a character?

As to how they actually will end it, I have no clue. I don't have high expectations and I'm certainly don't expect closure.

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