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OLTL: Thursday, January 4th episode

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Well, today's show a mix of good and bad.

The good:




The bad:




The so-so:




I also didn't mind the interruption today for the swearing in of Nancy Pelosi. Being a fellow Democrat, I wish her the best of luck and congratulate her on her accomplishments. I know some people have moaned and groaned about the pre-emption, but I feel it was justitifed. After all, history was made today. After over 200 years, a woman has been elected as Speaker of the House. She is also now second in line for Presidental succession too, following only the Vice President. So I didn't mind the interruption because of that, and because it cut down on the time I had to look at ugly, smug Michael Easton and John McBain.

On a side note, did anyone catch Dorian's mention of Cassie? Probably just a passing comment, but I thought it was interesting.

Asa...you just gotta love that old coot! LOL

For those of you who think Cole is a horrible character, remember what Starr said: "It's not like he's Osama Bin Laden or anything." :lol:

Roxy telling Natalie that John would be "looking like a fried oinion ring," and that the doctor told Natalie she could "get down and germy without killin' the guy." And the Dr. Roxy sex talk with Natalie, telling her that she needed to get laid and that she was the fried Lt.'s girlfriend, and that dust on the lightbulb would not be the end of the world. LOL

Roxy cracks me up. She is great.

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Rex/Adriana are getting beyond annoying with this Tommy mess. I think it's more Adriana to me than Rex, this would have been a good side storyline if he was just involved dealing with it. Adriana and her "sense" of duty is annoying as hell here.

And Natalie... zzzzzzzz

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I wish Adriana didn't know the truth because it annoys me that she's betraying Blair. She just lost a child and Adriana knows she wants to find Todd's son, but can't be bothered to tell her the truth. Not that I'm looking forward to seeing Tommy ripped from M&M's arms or anything. That is going to be so sad. They make the cutest family.

I loved Jess and Nash today. I liked it when he was asking Tess to come back.

Doesn't Asa owe Dorian an apology? I could have swore he lost the bet the other day.

Clint needs to get off the fence. I think he's giving Dorian false hope.

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I think the show is pretty good lately! And Scotty, I am with you on Nancy Pelosi ... I love her, but I'm just so happy that history has been made where a female Speaker is concerned.

I have been noticing more days without John and Natalie, which is wonderful as I can't stand those two characters. Natalie had to rush off from her family once again on New Year's, big surprise.

The Jessica/Nash stuff is contrived as hell, but I don't mind 'cause I get to see Nash strip. However, one of my least favorite elements of ALL SOAPS is the whole "Will they die?" silliness, because like anyone would.

I love Blair, Todd, Rex, and Adriana.

I like seeing Asa and Matthew.

Viki and Dorian have been entertaining; I never get sick of them. I still don't buy Clint being so fascinated by the woman who has done so much to his family, and I sure don't buy Dorian being into Clint over DAVID VICKERS, but I like seeing Vik, Clint, and Dorian in a storyline that makes some semblance of sense and involves them as the principal characters.

Roxie is hilarious.

I've been watching a few times a week, and I haven't been overly annoyed by much with the exception of Natalie's characterization.

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    • Hahaha! Honestly, I couldn't understand the reason why these two forces had a scene together anyway. Was it a way for the writers to throw in a comedy one-liner by having Lady Whistle Tits tell Colin that he's been a naughty, naughty, naughty boy?

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    • ^And I don't have any problem with that. 
    • No such luck.  Colin threatened him and broke Leo's phone.  I don't even blame Colin.  After listening to Leo babble for long periods I think it's actually a normal human reaction to threaten Leo and break his phone.
    • Rep. Maxwell Frost trashes Florida Gov. Rhonda DeSantis with F-bomb  
    • I think the show could have easily pivoted Karen back to Jason if Jagger left and had her deal with college and the fall out from Scott being her father (even though I don't think Kin was on the show at the time lol).  I definitely think Karen had enough material for story without Jagger for a year. I could also see why they wrote her out due to the build up of the Karen/Jagger romance and the fact KMc was old enough to carry her own teen story.   Karen wasn't necessary anymore.  I do think it would have been nice for Karen to be around for Stone/Robin.  I have always found Jagger/Karen's absence fairly glaring in an otherwise near perfect story. I agree Brenda hugely benefitted from Jagger/Karen leaving.  She could get development/focus, she could be paired with Sonny without constant reminders of the Karen relationship, and it allowed Brenda to be aged up into adult stories fairly easily with her main peers not around.   I think Brenda could have lasted without Sonny.  She is another character you could easily pair up with AJ/Jason until Jason has his accident and then pair her up with Ingo once he was cast.  Since Ingo was hired for Lois/Rena I'll go with the assumption he would have been cast regardless of what Brenda was doing.  Obviously, no telling how successful she would have been, but I have no problem seeing Brenda still being a major player in 90's stories without Sonny.   Vanessa/Brenda really didn't have much competition in her age range at that time. I do see the comparison with Casey/Julia. As far as Julia, I think she got lumped in with all the other Monty failures at the time even though she seemed to have the most potential.  I have never understood the reasoning not to re-visit Julia at any length especially in the 90's.  
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