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April 19

Executive Producer

Ken Corday

Co-Executive Producer

Stephen Wyman


Roy B. Steinberg

Consulting Producer

James E. Reilly

Directed By

Herb Stein

Written By

James E. Reilly

Victor Gialanella

Peter Brash

Rick Draughon

Renee Godelia

Jeanne Marie Grunwell

Sofia Landon Geier

Jane Atkins

John Newman

Jodie Scholz

Dena & Mark Higley


Bruce Neckles



- Renee Godelia is an occasional breakdown and script writer

- Fran Myers returned as script editor on August 12

- Fran Myers not in credits on August 31

- Dena Higley listed as script editor on September 3

- Dena Higley not listed as script editor on September 20

- Dena Higley & Mark Higley last listed in credits as script writers on November 26

- Anne Toole’s first script was on December 13

- John Newman and Jane Atkins last listed in the credits as script writers on December 28

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