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  1. This is the problem when you hire a bunch of schmactors who have no formal training and leave them rudderless.
  2. I hope they at least took it upon themselves to run their scenes in their dressing rooms instead of sitting around playing on their phones.
  3. I haven't yet but I came across this YouTuber's hilarious synopses/reviews of the various chapters.
  4. https://variety.com/2020/politics/news/antonio-sabato-jr-donald-trump-republican-hollywood-1203521208/
  5. Rags as in the rags (clothing) industry. This was never meant to be the actual title, it was just the name the Bells used while developing the show. Brad said in an interview that they knew pretty early on that they'd be going the, "The (blank) and the (blank)" route.
  6. I'm just being a stickler, but to see Shirley Knight in a clip under the banner of "They Started on Soaps" makes my teeth itch.
  7. That cracked me up and Linda's reaction was priceless. This brought back so many memories, I was in high school following all of the shows at the time. I had a few promos for The City on our long gone desktop and can still hear Darnell Williams announcing, "Morgan Fairchild is coming to The City, premiering November 13th." I thought for sure this would be a three minute segment, imagine 20 whole minutes devoted to the soaps.
  8. She also starred in A Darkness at Blaisden, a telefilm under the Dark Shadows franchise, which I believe was originally intended to be a series pilot. I loved this commercial which used to air during Guiding Light. Pure Marj.
  9. I saw Lisa's IG post and my heart sank. I DM'd Lisa a few months ago about Marj but she never replied. Same with LSV who I know from college. Marj has been on my mind off and on for a long time, and it's always a treat when I'm up at some ungodly hour and catch her on FOL or Hart to Hart. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 1997. I was a freshman at Marymount Manhattan College, only stayed a year, but apparently there was a soap opera course (that I didn't know about!) and I saw a flyer for a panel discussion with Marj, Richard Culliton, and Courtney Simon, who moderated. Marj was so charming and funny (she did her killer Kate Hepburn impression), and I got to ask her about GL and Capitol and being a frequest recast. After the panel, she came up and shook my hand and purred, "Well, you're quite the fan!" We chatted a bit more and I made her toss her head back and release that gorgeous laugh with an off the cuff impression of her Alex. As we filed out, she gathered with the other panelists and some of their guests and they made their way up the block. Wrapped in her long trench coat, I watched Marj light up a white 100 with flare and disappear into the night in a puff of smoke. This was not long after she'd been let go from GL and I'm so glad that she many more years of soap ahead of her. She will always be one of my very favorites, and I'll continue to steal from her whenever I feel a character is "having a Marj moment." 💖
  10. She was on for just a few months. She's the one who discovered Silver's body while swimming in the pond on Palmer's property ("I keep my eyes open for snakes!").
  11. She's also the wife of her GL castmate, Terrell Tilford.
  12. I'm so confused. She certainly replies to some posts, but then goes off on others as if they've dared to speak to her directly. She follows 0 people and seems like she wants her Twitter to be an echo chamber.
  13. 40th reunion on Entertainment Tonight this evening, check your local listings.
  14. Precisely! I can't stand a suck-up, especially an ignorant one.
  15. Yes, that jiggles the handle of my memory. I remember watching with my mother as she tried to explain to me how Clay was no longer Clay. In that second interview, Susan is saying without saying that they were looking for someone who looked like AW's Rachel. Of course they wouldn't mention this at an audition. I forget which poster said this years ago, and it may have been at WoST, but he said that some of Susan's early performances were so close in terms of mannerisms and delivery to Robin Strasser that he wondered if she'd been encouraged to watch her on AW.
  16. Dorrie Kavanaugh. I didn't know about the firing angle, I've just read interviews where Robin says she didn't want to be a recast. She had a change of heart when offered Dorian.
  17. She looks great! When did this set redress happen? I really like it but it doesn't feel like the Quartermaine family home, looks very OLTL.
  18. Thanks, looking forward to watching this! Do we know why Roya left Loving? I assume on good terms as she came back to fill in for Lisa. I don't remember, what was the span of time between Roya and Lisa? Did Ava go away for a while or was it rather immediate?
  19. In her archive interview, Ellen Holly speaks highly of Míriam Colón, a very talented unsung actress. Ms. Colón did receive the Medal of the Arts from Obama.
  20. Re: the OLTL commercial at 18:35, I didn't know that MKA was ever on the show. I totally missed this s/l. Would love to see more of the housing discrimination story with Tom and Livia (who is absolutely gorgeous here).
  21. 😆 She's my age. My parents said that I was absolutely obsessed with Barbara Mandrell and The Mandrell Sisters when I was little. I would sit right in front of the TV and be dead silent for the entire show, just staring. I especially loved the flashbacks to the younger versions of themselves.
  22. Robin said she left Louise a message once she arrived in Burbank. I think Robin was going to accept the offer with or without Louise's blessing and figured it was best not to reach out at all at the risk of looking disingenuous had Louise not given her said blessing. I just find it extremely suspicious that Louise was given such short notice to return. There are so many people involved on a television show, so many working parts, planning, and organizing going on behind the scenes. I can absolutely see someone being offered a last minute recast position but giving they're vet less than a week notice seems unusual. Also, you know damn well Robin would see red had she been unemployed and they approached another actress to play Dorian. It was different when they hired Elaine because Robin was happily out of Rauch's orbit and doing quite well in primetime out on the coast. This whole scenario never sat right with me only because I distinctly remember the interview where Robin talks about how she and Louise promised (even if jokingly) not to accept one another's parts. I dunno, I'd be interested to hear Louise's take, maybe she couldn't give a damn.
  23. Just think, Charlene's daughter Olivia turned thirty on the first. ("The first day of the last decade of the twentieth century.")
  24. When I found out my ex shared a birthday with AMC, I was certain I'd found the one. However, we were also cancelled.

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      And for that, your ex is officially a Friday Ho. @Cheap21, how much would you charge for a special edition of 50th Anniversary Hos?

    2. SFK


      I totally forgot about the Friday hoes! Damn, we used cut the [!@#$%^&*] up on this board... young, unemployed, all the time in the world to live post and continue to post for hours. 

  25. 😂 Totally. Lots of familiar faces in the cast to hold the interest of viewers who never watched the show.
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